Can the Internet make your Dream a reality?


We all ask that question.
If you own a website, that question lingers in your mind all of the time.
If it doesn’t, then you don’t know what you are doing on the internet to tell you the truth.
But whether you know what you’re doing or not,  they are dreams for each one of us on the Internet.


The answer is Internet Dreams!

Internet Dreams will talk and teach you about everything you need to succeed on the internet.


 Internet Dreams will teach how to blog, and the blogging articles that can help you.


With your blog, Internet Dreams will teach you how to rank that article with the right principals of SEO and get the maximum exposure!
Traffic Generation
Social Media
Internet Marketing
Web Design
Money Making
and much more…
It is all covered here!







About Internet Dreams

Who am I? Why am I doing this? But for real, I know who I am, and I sure do know what I am doing and getting into.


Who am I?





Internet Dreams aboutSamuel Pustea. That’s my name!


I’m just an American 18-year-older, who loves success. Loving success that brings you out of the ordinary and helping others with it.


How did the thought of blogging get into your head?

My first idea on blogging was to start a web design blog, and that would have been awesome. But as I was starting to write, something within me hinted me that writing and blogging was a passion waiting to be discovered.


I firmly believe blogging and writing involves some sort of creativity and growing. Being able to be creative and take an idea from nothing to something was a passion that I enjoy doing. With blogging and a blog, this was a connection with a passion that I was really longing for.


And the last thing that has taught me to take everything day by day is Bodybuilding. Ouuufff. As Darren Rowes said about blogging,


“Building blogs is like building muscles—in order for them to grow you need to use them.”

If I were to choose two of my favorite things to do in this world, it would be bodybuilding and blogging. I have been consistently training since about I was 15 years-old. Did you catch what I said? Consistent training. I made sure I did everything I could to be as perfect as it can be, including the diet that majority don’t even think about.


My friends, all the pain and hard work in the gym has paid off and is continuing to pay off in the upcoming days.



Training and blogging is a whole different thing all together, and to talk about all the details about those thing would be an overkill. But what you do with fitness and what you do in the gym, has taught me and you on the necessary and important steps in growing a following or a business.

As my role model, Greg Plitt has said,


Working out in the gym isn’t as much a transformation of your physical body as it is a transformation of your mental confidence.

I encourage anyone that has thought to accomplish something great in their life, to just think about what will be accomplished and how it can help others to do the same. Just the fact that you choose to do it shows a great example. As you read this, don’t think I know what I am doing and how things are going to work out. I don’t. That’s where faith and believing comes in.

Do You Have It?