Why I Love Blogs, But Hate The Religious Ones!

I am sure you peeps have seen the new viral hit of Youtube. The one talking about how he loves Jesus, but hates religion.

Form the Washington Post -

By the time Bethke woke up the next day, the video had more than 100,000 views. Eight days after the video posted, it has been watched more than 14 million times.

Jefferson Bethke is tha dude in the video who wrote tha poem. I have to say he quite talented.  I also like the fact that he standing up for tha real Jesus. I, myself am a Jesus dude. I totally get what he is implying in the poem. The church is a downright joke in our days.

Christianity is not how it was years ago. As something grows, it will also include the ones that don’t do what they say. Religion should hit the heart, not show off on how you’re such a good person.

This is what he says -

A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion. In the scriptures Jesus received the most opposition from the most religious people of his day.

I am not here to bag Christianity on anyone, since every human being has right to believe whatever he chooses. But he does make a point.

And with that, I had an inspiration to write a poem about the love for blogging and how it shouldn’t be a job. :)

inspiration writing

Just my thoughts. Please share with your friends!


What if I told you blogging is my new it?
What if I told you choosing to blog for money, is just a little part of tha habit?
Because bloggers don’t become rich overnight,
And just as you met your honey, which is money,
Doesn’t automatically mean you have found the real life.
If blogging is so great, how come many have fallen on the way?
Why does it build great relationships, only to see them slowly fade away?
Telling fellow bloggers that only one way counts,
But when in fact it took a bunch of ways to build up that account.
Like don’t tell me it only takes SEO,
To become the next big, famous CEO.
Blogging always teaches patience,
But to some, it gives them a headache, quickly becoming patients.
Taking a pill for the quick fix,
All they do is just come back to fall to the same conflict.
Just like all the pricks that fail,
I am calling those folks pricks, who don’t try again to prevail.
Because the problem with blogging is the fact that some bloggers don’t accept,
That most people reading their blog, need help with their next step.
Like lets put up all this worthless content to our blog,
And hope that visitors reading it are calling us the top dog.
Being the blog is like a museum full of showcases,
Should your articles be your pieces of art?
Now I am not saying this to offend anyone,
But do you want to be known that you’ve been doing this to everyone?
See, I thought that doing this was the right thing,
But learning from tha best, in my journey, it just became spring.
Forget for a moment the museum I just mentioned,
Because your blog is now a school mansion.
In your school, your students are learning and strengthened,
And that automatically leads to your following being lengthened.
Now you write articles with a new intention,
So readers can now ask you questions through their conversation.
Blogging for success isn’t just following some general rules,
Cause SEO alone won’t give you the jewels.
Now the articles you put out will sometimes change,
You don’t want to keep your readers always shooting at close range.
What I meant by that is to sometimes keep your readers entertained,
So that your readers can stay and always be sustained.
Blogging is a journey worth taking,
Cause when getting there, it is all about tha waking!


 Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Mathew Day

    Cool looking blog, dude. Really like the layout and design. And thanks for that poem, quite original and so true.

    • Samuel

      Thanks for tha comment, bro! I like your blog too. Going to visit more often :) Tha poem is very important to me and glad to see you like it yourself!

  2. Jason Scott

    Hi Samuel. This is a great post that speaks to a lot of the things new and/or conscientious bloggers should consider about the craft. I think if you are in it for more than the money, you should stand by your convictions. Never forget who you are just to make a few bucks.

    • Samuel

      Agree myself! That’s why I wrote it too :). Blogging is a journey worth the effort you put in.

      Thanks for tha comment!

  3. bbrian017

    Hi Sam, I loved the video. In fact it’s almost hard to focus on your poem when you present such amazing piece of art like that.

    But then I start reading your poem about blogging and it’s also catching my attention. You did such a great job putting it all together.

    Nice quote Jason “Never forget who you are just to make a few bucks.” I liked it!

    • Samuel

      Wow, thanks so much for tha comment! :) I really like BlogEngage as well. Just the video itself is an amazing piece of art! I love blogging a lot that I had to write a poem about it! :)

  4. Michael Belk

    Nice poem Sam, I think blogging is a passion. You said it right we do not become rich overnight. A nice catchy title also, because I was not sure what to expect.

    • Samuel

      You’re right, bro! One step at a time. Nothing is built overnight. Writing catchy headlines is a key to get views, just one of them. Thanks for the comment :).

  5. Kris Edison

    Blogging is passion. Right! Once you tried it, you’ll get in to it, and you’ll get hooked in to it.

    • Samuel

      That’s tha point of this poem. You got it! :)

  6. Stephen Peters

    Hey Samuel,
    I’m impressed you’ve got it go’en on. The video strikes strait to the heart. As does your poem. keep it crank en. -Stephen

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for your attention on my poem. I do love the video myself. That’s why I thought about “Hey, why not do something like this but with blogging?” So that’s what you get with this article. :D

  7. Nimsrules

    Lovely poem Sam. Truly describes the passion which blogging builds inside of us.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yea, bro. Thanks for reading tha poem about my love for blogging. :) Passion For Blogging!

  8. Kimberly Gauthier

    I’m not a fan of religious blogs, because I’ve become tainted. I’m a fan of Jesus; but the judge and gossip during the week, seek forgiveness over the weekend mentality that I’ve seen has turned me off.

    I think it’s awesome that people put their faith out there and are passionate. Thanks for sharing the video.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Kimberly for your opinion! The gossip in the Christian church is terrible! I don’t like it one bit! You’re right.

      I posted the video because it touched me and the fact that it hits the core of what Christianity should be like.


  9. Jomairah

    I love your blogs here. I enjoyed them a lot, mostly your poem. I am a new blogger, and I want to learn and see this as one of my passion of sharing thoughts to others about life and other things! Thank you, this really adds up another motivation for me to work on this. Not because of making money, and become the next top CEO from being a SEO, for me, its about learning from others about ideas and experience what they have, and share my life to them. This is a great help.

    Thank you, Samuel!

    Love Lots,


    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Jom!

      The poem is a learning tool to help you with your start in blogging. I hope blogging will be a passion to you.

      I like what you said about learning from others. So important that you do. An when you do that, more ideas will flow into your head.

      If you need anything else to learn, read my other articles that talk about the other aspects of blogging.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  10. Akos Fintor

    Right on!

    It reminds me of George Carlin’s view:

    - Do you believe in God?
    - No
    - Then You’re dead.

    - Do you believe in God?
    - Yes
    - Do you believe in my God?
    - No
    - Then You’re dead! ”

    thanks for the share!


    • Samuel Pustea


      Thank you for this snippet! :D

      Made me laugh and so true.

  11. andra

    i more like blog and dislike religion but i can’t get money from adsense…..

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