14 Bloggers To Watch For In 2013!

14 Bloggers To Watch For In 2013!

14 bloggers to look for in 2013


2013 is already here!
Is it too late already to post this kind of article?
Naw, I am still going to publish it for you guys the fans!


Blogging is something I have worked hard for one year already.

It has been an amazing journey so far!

I believe this year will bring so many goals that I am going to accomplish.

Stay tuned to Internet Dreams for some amazing features that is going to happen this year.


Back to the article, I want to congratulate some of the bloggers that are rising every year to new heights.

These bloggers have worked really hard on their craft and will rise to amazing heights in this year of 2013.

That is why I wanted to give a head’s up about these 14 bloggers.

These 14 bloggers are not ones I just picked out of random and the sake for completing this article.

Each one of these bloggers, I am following.

Even to the point of having some sort of relationship with them.


I encourage you to follow them as well since I am going to do that myself!

No seriously, they will teach you amazing strategies they use and tips to create insane results.

Read their blogs for this year and watch out for their rise in their blog’s success.

Give them some of your attention and they will give you some of their very good advise!


Let’s go!


Look for Jeff of jeffbullas.com in 2013!


jeff of jeffbullas.comA social media powerhouse!

When you look at Jeff’s blog, have a look at his social media profiles and come back to this article!


You see?

No need to say more about his blog. The results show and he knows exactly how to succeed on social media.


He will teach you how to have massive results on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc…


Look for Corbett of Think Traffic in 2013!


corbett of think traffic

I have known Think Traffic for some time but haven’t really followed them closely.

But just not too long ago, I have started to tweet and read some of their articles.


Oh Boy! Think Traffic is a blog where you will learn everything new in every single article.


It is rarely a blog out there that can do that for me!

Thanks Corbett for the excellent job!

Their post about Guest Blogging and their results with it is one of the best articles on the blog.


That is my story with Think Traffic and don’t do my mistake!


Look for Tom Ewer of Leaving Work Behind in 2013!


tom ewer of leavingworkbehind

Tom is an excellent Twitter user!

I just wanted to say that man!

Tom has blog that needs to be watched by you guys.

He has a passion to succeed on the internet and is a very nice person.

I did converse with a few times and I hope we continue to collaborate with each other in future!


I want to congratulate him for being on the watch list for Problogger!

What a list to be on for a blog!


I have added him because he is getting more recognition in the blogging industry and he rising the ranks is looking higher and higher!


Look for Ileane Smith of  BasicBlogTips.com in 2013!


Ileane Smith of basicblogtips

Basic Blog Tips is a blog I have subscribed through the RSS feed and I am not lying about it!

It is a must that I am subscribed that way so I don’t miss any article that I didn’t read and comment on!


It is a must that you subscribe to Ileane’s blog and watch her progress in the blogging industry.

Her YouTube passion for videos and the podcast she is starting to use as a communication channel is going to take a larger part of her success in 2013!

Also her involvement in certain blogging and internet events is already taking place in 2013, such as the content success submit of 2013.

Watch out!


Look for Cindy King of cindyking.biz in 2013!



Let me introduce you guys to Cindy King.

Cindy is the chief editor of SocialMediaExaminer.com


SocialMediaExaminer is a very large blog and Cindy is presented with much responsibility on such a large blog.

Keep an eye on her and her blog as she continues to direct content on SocialMediaExaminer and create content on her own blog too.

I recommend to follow her on Twitter where is she has passion for Twitter and is much involved with her followers.


Look for Lisa Irby of 2CreateAWebSite.com in 2013!



Lisa has been around on the internet since 2006. A good while till now to have much experience.


I added her here to the list not because she is a new blogger and coming up, but because she has proven that you can succeed on the internet and one can learn from her experience.



Look for Eric Thomas of Expect Ascension in 2013!


Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is the king of success!


He has a very large and established presence on YouTube and has helped so many be ambitious with their dreams.





He is traveling to so many places including the NBA where he just did a voice over for their commercial.



I just want to add one his videos and take a look for yourself:



I ain’t done with Eric Thomas, but keep an eye on my articles as I talk more about him.


Look for Bamidele Onibalusi of YoungPrePro in 2013!



Oni is a good friend of mine and started to talk to him when I first sent him an email introducing myself and telling him I was a big fan of his blog.

He responded with a class act response!

Being a guest blogging champ, he is continuing to pursue more success on the internet as he is looking to create some more passive income channels on his blog, as mentioned by him on Facebook.

I really want to watch him do this in 2013!


Look for Hector Cuevas of iNBoundPRO in 2013!



Hector is a great dude who has been willing to tweet out an article that I mentioned him in before!


I added him in this article since he is continuing to produce excellent content on his blog.


He has gained my attention through the headlines he has created on his blog and seeing them on Twitter!



Look for Lori Taylor of lorirtaylor.com in 2013!



She is very active on Twitter since this is the way I found out more about her.

I really mean “active” since she has garnered over 60,000 followers on Twitter!

As Lori is listed in the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers, there is no excuse not to watch this Social Media Powerhouse in the year 2013!



Look for Amy of amyporterfield.com in 2013!



Among all of the bloggers listed in this article, Amy is the newest I know among them all.

But what really struck me to watch her closely this year is her involvement in so many events and seeing her “image” in certain important places.

I want to congratulate  Amy on her strategies she has created, since they are working!

I am going to watch her closely this year!


Look for Francisco of iBlogZone in 2013!



Francisco is a very friendly guy and a good friend of mine.

He has always been willing to help me out with some sharing and getting the word out.

Because of that willingness, I have added his blog to the list.

Because of his willingness to share and connect with others very easily, he is (I think) is on the verge gaining great success with his blog.

Keep up the good work Francisco and for those out there, keep an eye open for his blog.


Look for John Chow of JohnChow.com in 2013!



Not necessarily someone new in this industry, but a blogger that one should never miss a post from.

John is a very big name in the money-making game and has a blog where he shows you how he does it.

This year of 2013 is going to be big for him since he has mentioned the growth of his success through the articles I have read.

He also reached 100k followers on Twitter this year and this shows us that he is hitting new milestones even at this point of his journey!

So watch out for John Chow Bitch!


Look for Daniel Scocco of DailyBlogTips in 2013!



“Why are you adding well-known names to this list since they’re other better names to watch out in 2013?”

What better names than John Chow or Daniel of DailyBlogTips?

If one is smart to succeed, follow a big name every year and model your growth to his if you are looking to succeed in the same type of journey.

So Daniel Scocco is added to this list for the year 2013 and watch him for the year to come.

He has announced on his blog that he is going to take over the content production of his blog and he is going to write much of the articles from now on for a while.

Now is your chance to learn from master Daniel in the year 2013!

Don’t miss it!



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  1. Joe S.

    I hope that in 2014 you will have me and my blog on this list. Thanks for sharing this. I am going to visit each of these blogs.

    • Samuel Pustea

      You may never know Joe!

      Keep working hard and you might be selected in my next list!

      Thanks for your comment man :)

  2. Ravi

    Well I personally Follow JohnCow,iBlogZone,BasicBlogTips and 2Createawebsite for various Tips regarding Blogging and SEO which have proven me a lot Better than others. Thanks for the List

    • Samuel Pustea

      They are better than the others because they have put their heart and soul into what they produce.

      That is why they are so much higher than so many blogs out there and the reason they are in your list, Ravi.

      Thanks for the visit and your list of blogs you follow!

  3. Aditya Nath Jha

    Awesome post man. I hope that someday someone would feature me in such a post!!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey, if you put the work in then you shall be included in a post like this in the future :)

      Thanks for the visit!

  4. Daniel Scocco

    Flattered by the mention. I’ll try to keep up to the expectations :) . And you are right, I’ll be writing all content on my blog in 2013, with no exceptions.

    • Samuel Pustea

      More flattered by you visiting and commenting on my blog! :)

      Anyways, you have always been at the top of the blogging industry, so the expectations of mine are met lol

      Looking forward to your articles this year Daniel!

  5. Ileane

    What a pleasant surprise Samuel! Thanks for including on the list of so many great minds. I’m certainly going to visit everyone’s blog that you mentioned here because I can tell they all have rock star qualities.

    Thanks so much for mentioning my podcast too!!


    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re welcome Ileane!

      That is why I included you in this article :)

      You are a rock start too and deserves to be in the article!

      Keep up the good work and the work on your podcast.

  6. Wade

    Great list Sam! I already watch most of these bloggers now! You’ve given me an idea to create a post about up-and-coming bloggers to watch for!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Keep watching man :)

      They are going to be great!

      Writing a post like this is always great for your blog and helps the other blogger feel appreciated!

      Keep up the good work on your end. You’re upcoming the ranks too!

  7. Bashir Ahmed

    Hi Samuel,

    Thanks for sharing the top bloggers list to watch in 2013. Basicblogtips and iblogzone are in my reading list. I’ll check other blogs.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey you’re welcome Bashir!

      Ileane and Francisco have fine blogs and are worth your follow!

      Thanks for the visit man.


    I follow John Chow and Lori Taylor and they are super bloggers.. Can’t wait for what they are cooking up this year…. You forgot to add a gossip blogger that’s popular in Africa, Linda Ikeji

    • Samuel Pustea

      John Chow and Lori are super bloggers indeed.

      Watch out on what they are about to make this year!

      I must have forgotten many more bloggers out there, but can’t include all of them!

  9. Olukunle Moses

    This is a wonderful compilation Sam, one day, they will get to compile us too. Hard work pays.

    • Samuel Pustea

      My compilation is top-notch for sure.

      Hard work does pay off and maybe your blog will be included in the list one day Olukunle!

  10. DiTesco

    Thanks so much for the mention Samuel. So good to be included amongst these great people.

    Keep up what you are doing. Great job!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey Francisco, couldn’t have missed you man! :)

      Thanks for your comment and keep up the good work on your blog too!

  11. Gautam

    i will be watching Johnchow.com and Iblogzone and basicblogtips.com.. I love these Sites…. :)

  12. Cindy King

    Thank you, Samuel! Awesome list!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Wow, thanks for commenting Cindy!

      This list is getting even more awesome! :)

  13. Sian Phillips

    Brilliant list. I’m following about half of them already so now have another few to follow too. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar.com

    • Samuel Pustea

      Bizsugar was the next place I was going to share this article :)

      Now you have been suggested to follow more!

      Thanks for your visit and awesome comment Sian.

  14. Shyam Sunder

    Surprised,where is Darren from problogger.net?The godfather of all SEO related blogs.Why is he not in the list?

    • Samuel Pustea

      I didn’t feel like he was a blogger to watch for in 2013!

      Not that he isn’t as important, I don’t disagree in following him in 2013 along with these guys in this article!

      Thanks for the comment Shyam!

  15. Jon Wade

    Useful list. I am certainly on the lookout for some new inspiration, and I am only slightly familiar with 2 names here. Just looking at Lori Taylor’s blog – provides nice summaries of what is going on elsewhere too. I do feel that I am constantly suffering from information overload.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Not a problem there Jon.

      Knowing every single blogger out there is going to be beneficial, right?

      If you are suffering from information overload, just tone the amount of information you consume and organize your thoughts or knowledge in a simple, digestible way.

      Hope that helps :)

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