3 Ways To Make Your Own Blog More Mobile Friendly!

3 Ways To Make Your Own Blog More Mobile Friendly!

This guest post is by Jessica Donnovan of the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Franchise.

The mobile tech lifestyle had gained immense popularity and share.

Almost everyone has their own mobile devices and tons of websites are made as mobile as those devices.

Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites can easily be accessed anytime anywhere, and not to be left behind are blogs. In this article, we will talk about 3 things that can make your blogs friendly in the mobile market world.

 make your own blog mobile friendly


In this mobile generation, everything can be made as portable as they can be.

Again, portable gadgets like mobile phones and tablets gained a lot of users, so all entities on the internet like all sorts of websites and blog sites need to have an added feature to adapt to those mobile devices.

Being mobile friendly is a need nowadays so let’s get down to the tips or best practices for your blogs to have an upper hand in the mobile market!


How to make your website mobile friendly!


1. Make use of Timelines

You probably already know about the term Timeline as it is widely implemented in Facebook. Outside the internet context, a timeline is a way to display events or entities in chronological order.

In Facebook, it is a profile that allows users to highlight photos and video posts etc that is in a story type manner.

This allows friends and families to view your profile in a timely manner to keep them updated on what is happening about you from a day-to-day basis. We can take advantage of this similar concept in our blog sites too.

Useful tools like Vodpod can allow you to post graphical Timelines to your WordPress page! Photos and videos too can be embedded using it, so take advantage of this.

Timelines can help you arrange your articles and accompany related multimedia entities along them.

Remember that order and presentation are ways to attract readers, more so for mobile users as the interface in portable gadgets are cramped to fit the smaller screen, so organizing your entries will surely help in readability, so do that using Timelines.

Many web users are so used to Facebook’s Timeline so utilize that to welcome the same feel to your WordPress site!


2. Larger call-to-action buttons

bigger call to action

For those not in the know, call-to-action buttons within web designs are elements in pages that prompt an action of the user.

Some examples are “Buy Now”, “Enter Site”, “Log In” etc. There are many possibilities on the buttons but for blogging purposes, a “Read Me” button may be attractive to your readers.

A primary tip for these buttons is to make sure they are huge enough to see in a mobile handheld device to make them more clickable.


For more tips about creating and applying them, read on the items below:

  • Try to experiment with out of the norm shapes or figures, be unique to be noticed.
  • With respect to its backdrops, make sure to contrast the actual buttons with respect to them.
  • For the button texts, try to use bold and clear characters. Use clean and clear fonts too.
  • You can try to be humorous but with sense in taglines within the buttons.
  • Aesthetically make the buttons more clickable, a tip is to use 3D effects and nice colors.


3. Edit your Blog Site’s code

If you are the techie type, you can use your skills by incorporating codes to maximize your mobile blogs’ mobile qualities.

Programmers should add some meta tags like “HandheldFriendly”, “MobileOptimized”, and “Viewport”.

These should be placed at the part of the webpages, and this in turn will tell the browser that your blog site is to be viewed in a mobile browser therefore optimizes your page.

For non techie crowds, you may opt to use tools like Mofuse or Mobify to directly convert your site to a mobile friendly site!



So there you have it!

Remember that the platform of blogs in the mobile and non-portable body are similar but differs in some aspects. Overall, mobile blogs should be tweaked if you desire to capture the mobile market’s attention.

A great tip will be to cut down on the number of words as mobile users don’t have the same reading patience! Cut down on words, tweak your site button and codes and publish away!


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Jessica Donnovan

Jessica is a freelance writer, she's an aerobic Instructor and a frequent runner. She also manages her Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Franchise. She's also into almost all types of music genre and knows how to play the guitar. Follow her adventures on her Twitter.


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