6 Things You Have To Do After Your Blog’s Birth.

All blogs have a beginning. The great ProBlogger has had a beginning. All the companies and brands being used by you today in the home, have had small beginnings. As the great philosopher Plato has said,

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

He is sure right about that and all who have succeeded will stand “upright” at that phrase. As you begin, all alone on your beginning adventures into the world of success, make sure you don’t always be alone. At a certain point, someone has to jump on board, such as a pirate in a pirate invasion. Make sure the invasion has the right intentions though!

As you look at your blank blog with no content whatsoever, it just screams at you for something! Just like a baby when it’s hungry. I don’t have any kids right now (Thank God!), but parents reading this sure do know what I’m talking about.

Getting annoyed easily by a blank blog, is the first inconvenience of the “baby” blog. It doesn’t last long that way, if put to use.

blog's beginning

About babies. They’ve had a beginning too. Talk about beginnings! Everything has had one of those! Cute Baby :)

If you have just started a blog like I have, then you’ve got a baby! What! No way man! No seriously! The blog you just gave birth needs steps and requirements in order to grow. That’s why I have chosen to compare the two “similar things” on the steps to take right after the so-called blog “birth”.

1. Start feeding it right away with Tha “good stuff”

Right after the baby is born, what do you have to do?

Yup, you heard it. Food. Feed the baby. Remember your blog is just a babe. Feeding the blog is one of the very first things. Feed it with great, quality content. Not some gibberish jabber. You wouldn’t feed you baby with nasty, unhealthful food. Instead, food that will nourish the new body and help the child to grow to a great stature. Content for tha blog that will help people grow themselves. About growing, let’s go to the next point….

2. Let it grow slowly, not Overnight

As I was saying, feeding it the right way will determine the longevity of your blog’s life. Try feeding it Doritos, Coke, and cheeseburgers. That’s one sick blog or baby. The other way around, feed the blog with articles that have no personality, fast and furious articles, or long-one paragraphed ones.

One sick blog!

One other thing. Be patient.


patience for a blog

Had to scream that one at you. Get it in your head.

The baby won’t be a full functioning adult in a week. Same with a babe blog.

Having three thousand subscribers by the first article published is not a possible outcome. To get at that point will be determined by how hard you’ve worked on your blog. Have to get that across your head. It ain’t pretty, but that’s where all the prettiness is,

At Success.

3. Be extremely playful with the people

Haha, “translation please”. Be social and helpful to all who enter your site. That’s simple translation.

Some did catch what it meant!

First impression is one of the keys to success. I have talked about the design impression of the blog, which is important of course, but I am starting to realize the human impression is important just as well. Interact with your Bros on your site. Like a community. A community that shares with each other knowledge and opinion.


4.Clothe it gradually with what it portrays

Translation again please…. Ok, here is the translation -

As your blog grows, change your design to the best one possible.

The blog design at the beginning is not quite what you want. That’s OK. Don’t expect to clothe, again, the babe with adult clothes. Start with what suits at the beginning. As you grow, you will try this design and that, until the right design has purpose and what you’re looking for. Simple as that.

5. Having a bond with your baby blog

This is a big one! I mean this, because even in the real world, this is not fully understood  and created.

having a bond with blog

I am afraid to say a lot of parents don’t get this. So crucial. Having a bond with your blog will let you know what the blog needs at certain phases of its growth. Having a bond will be easier to detect what the babe “blog” needs and take action. Without a bond, you have absolutely no idea how it feels and what it needs.

6. Take care of it daily

Watch your blog everyday. Do whatever it takes  to make it grow. No matter how slow. Everything counts! If you’re not writing, work on something else. Social media, commenting on comments and other blogs, etc…. If something doesn’t work, fix it as much as possible. Doing this ensures that your blog is being watched and updated and showing your visitors that you care.

 Tha Conclusion

If I were to choose the most important thing I said in this post, it would be patience. Patience is hard to attain and something that you always work on. I always am working on this and constantly tortured about the impatience in myself. But in the end, it is worth it.  Taking good care of your blog, should be a priority in the growth of your “baby” blog.

Please comment below on what you’re struggling with, such as I am, and I will do my best to encourage you in your struggles. You don’t have to have struggles to be encouraged. With your accomplishments, I will encourage those as well :).

Peace and Succeed!

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Samuel Pustea

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  1. aatif

    Really nice post , easy to understand to new people that you won’tt get huge traffic in a day .

    • Samuel

      Exactly! That’s the nature of blogging. :) If we got everything at once, then we would not enjoy it as much.

  2. Jenn

    I enjoyed reading your post. I seem to have lost my disqus comments on my site and tried to revert the widget back to defaults but that still hasnt worked. I like the patience bit…we do need to practice it…and working on the blog every day is important I believe. I was just asked that the other day, how often do you work on it? I said every day in some way or another : ) I can’t seem to find a template I like, I have changed it at least four times, this morning was the 4th…I think that’s how I seem to have lost my comments, ugh : )

    • Samuel

      Thanks so much for reading. I see some perseverance in you! It ain’t easy, every day you’re working, which a key! I am sorry with comments thing. I am not quite sure about the disqus thing. :( About the design, try googeling free wordpress themes, if you have wordpress. Do you have wordpress?

  3. Michael Belk

    Hey Samuel that is a good approach to a blog, it is a baby for sure. You have to feed, nurture it and give it everything it needs to grow. thanks

  4. Samuel Pustea

    Absolutely the right way to explain a baby blog! :D

    Thank you for your comment. :)

  5. Kayla Cruz

    I just found your blog and I love it!! Great stuff you’ve got here. Please please keep writing! :D

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Kayla! :)

      You know I will be writing!

  6. Kelvin @ Bloggers Ethics

    Thanks Samuel for this great post. This tips must be seen by all newbies and all those wishing to start a new blog…. I love the points #2, 5 & 6…

    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re welcome Kelvin! This article is geared to those just starting out and injecting some ideas into their heads! ;) I like number 2, too.

      Thanks for reading and your comment.

  7. Sanjib Saha

    Everybody loves their blog and i too love my blog. Taking care is very important. Blog demands daily care, time and attention. Inviting blogging mates to comment in your site and then a lot of patience is required. If taken proper care, one day the blog will certainly pay for the efforts.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Daily attention is key and love your blog very much.

      Everything you said fully makes sense and how many should perceive it.

      Thanks for the comment, Sanjib.

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