How I Wrote 900 Words In One Hour!

How I Wrote 900 Words In One Hour!

 Are you looking to write a quality article in less time once in a while?

write 900 words


Looking for an edge in content production for your site? Content production can be a very daunting task sometimes, and sometimes we are all looking for a way to automate the task.

I have found the best way to write 900 words for your article, that can be produced into a quality article with credibility and be stable in its meaning.

Your article can be written in an hour and be given to your readers to read.

Your writing shouldn’t take long, and shouldn’t be the hardest.  Having the right plan and put into action is the right step to take into producing 900 words in an hour.


I have highlighted through this article important points to help you produce 900 words. You can’t always produce these kinds of results, but once in a while it could be invaluable.

The most important concept in writing a faster-type of content is to be well versed in the subject and have prior experience with it.

First up:


Brainstormed the Ideas

Getting all those 900 words down is going to require having a structure placed down at the very beginning.

Right away, list as many works that can come to mind on that specific subject. Try not to get picky and try to use broader terms.

Don’t worry if you get everything from your mind written down. Because the time now is to get all of the first ideas out of your head. This step is like making more room to think in your brain.


Write down a list of words in your mind at the start and continue to write words down randomly till you are starting to think for more than 3 minutes. That should be the end of your brainstorm.


Knew the Topic Well

In order to get this method of 900 words down from your brain to the paper, it is necessary to know your topic of selection really well.

You might be wondering why is this necessary, and why can’t I write 900 words from a topic entirely brand new to me?

The hour during this process has to be more writing and minimal research.

With little research, your credibilty can be very low concerning the topic you just write about.


The last thing you need is wondering if you’re right or wrong about it. That is where experience and knowledge comes into play and some research backing you up.


Must Know English Well

You probably already guessed this part.  Writing this fast in the English language requires oneself to know the language to a higher degree.

You are writing at a very fast pace, and the words need to be flowing continuously. There will be words and words written down.

What takes your time is figuring out what word to say in some areas and how to write it down.

That will take too much time from the hour, taking you much longer than the hour to complete it.


Don’t worry if you can’t write fast in English. You can still write a very good English post in two hours if it takes you. This process in the article just helps you write in one hour, 900 words.


No distractions

Don’t go to Facebook every 5  minutes and check the statuses of people you don’t care about. That is distracting!

That in no way benefits you anything in life. On the online world, distraction is not a new thing. So many things to check out before the end of the day!

But don’t you want to finish that article in one hour and have some time in the ned of the day to check some other things? Yeah, that sound much better.

Close all of those tabs and try to block out all that crap out of your head and focus solely on creating your content.

If you still are struggling to do that, don’t panic and be discouraged. I have the solution for you.


I have used and continuing to use that exact service to make content and get exactly what I need out of time.


Add Value

Don’t get carried away and start to fill your writing with boring writing. Writing fast can do that.

You are in hurry to finish that 900 count. Yea you are, but you are not writing about crap!

Add as much value as you can without wasting too much time, even with that!

Take a 1 minute break and evaluate what has been said, within that last paragraph.

Check for grammar errors or words that make no sense.


Get In the Zone

Always get ready for writing this process. It isn’t going to be easy and will require a good amount of energy for the hour.

Make sure to read and get well familiar with the topic you already know and what changes could have taken place.

Get in the zone means you have blocked out as many distractions as possible, and your brain is ready for war.


Maybe not for war, but to be able to generate words and ideas as fast as possible, with maintaining quality.


Have Multiple Browsers Open

I didn’t say you won’t have to do any research during this time. NO.

I said research minimally and a topic you are well familiar with. Having multiple browsers or tabs can be a time-saving search for the answers of the questions you may have.


That way you can search multiple queries and can get research done at a much faster pace.


Just Writing, Nothing Else

I focused solely on writing. I didn’t worry about how it looked. I didn’t worry what sentence should be a bigger font or a different look.

That way, you can focus much more on your writing and the quality of it. All of the beauty can be focused after writing.


Images, videos – they can be all taken care of right after you have written those 900 words.
This way, you can perfect both sides of the content and have both sides be perfect as possible.


Must Have The Title First

Get that title down and written the first thing. Before all of the points above, have the title written as soon as possible.

The title can be a stimulus to your brain on what ideas are the best and what not.  The title is basically the biggest idea which sums up all of the ideas in the article.


Write a nice title and remember that is what many see first and decide on whether they want to visit or not.


Take 2 Minute Breaks

You want to maintain the quality you started out at the beginning? You feel like it is starting to hang towards the end?

The answer is to take small breaks. Such a crucial step that doesn’t take place on the computer. Walk away for like two minutes and come back refreshed.

Always works for me, and I was able to maintain such good quality and credible content, all the way through the content.


Breaks that are of 2 minutes length is going to benefit you in getting your mind ready for every new paragraph that you will spill through your experience.
Don’t forget about it, set yourself to take breaks every two or three points or paragraphs of an article.


write 900 words

There Is a Downside: conclusion


Most of times when done wrong, this process can lead up to too much of your opinion, and not many facts. It is very important to have both opinion and facts aligned up in the article.

You can’t always produce top-notch articles fast. Each article has to be unique in personality and find a touch to them.


Write the 900 words this week and see the great result of getting an article done faster once in a while.

Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Adam Snyder

    I once wrote a 4000 word ebook in 1 hour. There were a decent number or mistakes, however, by sending it off to a proofreader I was able to save myself some time and it didn’t cost me that much.

    You are right though, you can’t have distractions when you want to get a lot done.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Good job Adam. That is alot of words in that amount of time span.

      Also a smart idea to proofread your work again by another paid person.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. John Ernest @ MIT Houston Texas Engineering

    Practice is key, and it is relevant in everything that we do. If you want to write more words in less time, then you should practice writing more words in less time! Writing frequently also helps a lot to gather new ideas and properly grouping them into paragraphs.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Practice is key to getting better results. That comes in from the regular writing you should do. Good point, John.

  3. Charleen Larson

    With all due respect, I would rather take my time and express ideas carefully. I realize people who are after raw content don’t care, but word choices do make a difference.

    If you want to be regarded as an expert, slow down to think about what you’re writing. Then read it again when you’re done to make sure you said what you meant to.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Absolutely. Majority of the time of writing should be thought-out carefully.

      Thanks for reading Charleen.

  4. Scott


    Interesting post.. I, Like Charleen, prefer to spend more time writing. Mainly because the writing IS the product on the blog. I used to just crank out content, and it was pretty terrible haha..

    I do see your side though, many ways to tackle writing, that is for sure.

    Good blog!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Sure Scott!

      Writing needs to be a well-thought process in order to create awesome posts.

      Speed writing helps in certain ways as mentioned in the article.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. sumit

    very nice and informative post .Glad to visit your blog Samuel.

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