How To Write A Bad Article!

Welcome to the world of the Bad. Bad is what dominates in our minds for now. Bad thoughts, Bad ideas, Bad manners. Everything Bad! Think that way while reading this article.


bad article

I am going to write a bad article and show you how this is not supposed to happen in the real world of blogging. Acutally, I will take back what I said. Being badass in a way is what I encourage. Shows the creativity of your minds and how you protray certain ideas.

But! How does writing a bad article sound like? Yea, not so good! I don’t enjoy talking about this myself, and don’t want to write this right now. But I will write it anyhow.

A blog that consists of more than enough bad and dull articles will be what the blog is. A bad blog! And a bad blog won’t help you reach the success you want. We all sometimes produce a bad article once in a while. It happens!

Or you’re in a hurry, and you have nothing in store in the tank. Or just plainly, someone just yelled at you, PUNK! Ok, maybe not that, but there is always a reason why you haven’t produced your best article yet!

I will have to show you guys some bad acts from your article, I took out, that have been judged as bad! Let’s go on and ingrain in our minds, to not EVER think about doing these atrocious deeds! Muahahaha :D

No “Classy” Images!

It always make me feel that I am swimming in a sea of letters, with eventually drowning in that sea! I hate that. No matter what I try to do to concentrate just a little more, BOOM! My mind is trying to imaginate what he just wrote. Trying to imaginate and read at the same time, is not going to work.

bad article

People, help one other with the imagination. Some images in there will be more enjoyable than the trying to scratch over an image in my head.

Images in your post show that you really care how it looks, and that visually, you’re not blind! :D

No Writing Style.

This has no writing style. Blank text that seems to help you understand something. You never put any kind of punctuation at the end of your sentence. Just periods, and you have to have the last word be a noun. Don’t make your mom mad.

She will punish you. Take out the trash. SEO is the abbreviation of this phrase – Search Engine Optimization. Just no style what-so-ever!

Choppy Style.

style is somewhat like
Always changing a line to something else.
Barely gives you a chance to read and
formulate this
thought! Hah
I hate this so much, that even if one sentence is the way you role. Please!
Stick in once in a while a single sentence, but
not like this crap!

Long Style.

I don’t know what could be worse, this or the previous two. The long style might have some sort of style to it, but there never seems to be a break anywhere. As if the Grand Canyon doesn’t exist to them! If you lose your place, then good luck on trying to find the place where you fell from. I will go on and on for no reason to show you guys how bad this really is. I will even crack a joke in this to show it could have some style to it, but the format makes you want to pull out your hair. “I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” Hahaha, you know what annoys me? It is the long style of this paragraph! Please don’t ever write like this.

bad article

No Humor!

Dude, like seriously! How can you be funny in a tutorial or even a “How-to” article. Ok fine, I will let that by. But there is no excuse into letting some of that child’s brain work with laughter. Try and make some sort of laughter in an article that is appropriate for this kind of thing.

Besides, in any of your articles, it doesn’t hurt to put in a humorous thing. Even if it is one sentence!

NO Creativity!

This is the biggest one of all but not diminishing the other ones! Alteast in our time now. They are so many blogs out there. Millions of em’. And tell me how you will be able to rise above all of them with out some sort of creativy?

Be unique like you are a human being. Human beings are not all the same. Blogs should be the same.

No “You”.

Time flies so fast! Growing up has been such a breeze that you still never want to accept that you grew up. But you did! You own the blog, and you own that article you wrote. So, be You!

No Story’s!

Many articles fall by the bunches. Maybe if one of them had a story in it, the articles of the blog wouldn’t be rated as “Bad”.

Write a story, intermingled in there, so that your readers will actually see you enjoy the process of writing and care about their enjoyment.

Make sure the story is appropriate to the main idea of your blog, and that it would be possible to learn a moral from it.

No Research.

Research is important to the writing of your blog. Facts that need to be vaild must be proven in a way. Don’t make the mistake of having a fault in your confidence.

Don’t always add something that hasn’t been experienced in some sort of way in your life. When talking about a process, have some good knowledge about it.

As I even write this article, I do have some knowledge just because I know how to write an article! Do something and tell us what is your opinion.

No Questions?

Questions is of vital importance to your article. Questions makes a person think about something you asked. Don’t make it too personal, but sometimes this works. One thing. Don’t ask questions for comments. I talk about that in this article on why you shouldn’t think that way.

bad too much variety article

Too much Variety.

Be care ful with this. I am not in any way implying on having your articles in the long style that I just talked about.

Make sure your article has a variety that is pleasing to the eye. Too much variety can distract and even hinder you on reading and understanding on what you read. Have some “meat” to your article!

The Worst Conclusion Ever!

Nobody will like you. I don’t mean to be mean about it, but what I mean by that is, nobody will even bother to give you a chance. If your not giving your best, what makes you think they weill bother to read.

They have time to spare, and the last thing they will bother is to read your article with no meaning.

They will hate your blog and make sure they will never visit you again. The word might go around saying how your blog is terrible. So, don’t ever have an excuses now, that you didn’t know!

But what gives me peace is the fact that many of you are definitely not doing the things from above and that there is still hope fo finding the truth!

Please share this bad article! :D


Part One: How To Write A Bad Article!

This post is the first article of the “How To Write Articles” series. I decided to write a short series on how articles are written and seeing the difference between them. This is a three-part series. The second part is called, How To Write A Good Article,” and the third part is called, How To Write A Killer Article Like A Killer. So, stayed tuned and follow my blog to read the upcoming articles!


Peace and Succeed!

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    Hi Samuel,

    Thank you so much for providing these tips, you have really done a great job constructing this article; you haven’t left anything for me to add.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks ICCIEV!

      I am glad you were able to understand and comment on my article.

      Writing a bad article shouldn’t be something you are able to add to. Just because it is bad! :)

  2. Theresa Torres

    Hi Samuel,
    Thanks for sharing with us these excellent tips. Every blogger, especially new ones should be aware of these “atrocious deeds” :) if they want their blogs to achieve some measure of success.
    I may also be committing one or two of these no-no’s so thanks for the reminder and I look forward to the second part for your series.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hi Theresa! Thanks for your input.

      Always kind to warn the newcomers! :D

      We all commit something bad one of these days, but don’t let them commit to you!

      I am working on the second part, right this minute.

  3. Lenia

    Samuel, it is really good your bad artcle. i enjoyed it a lot :)
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Lenia!

      Feel great that you liked it! ;)

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Michael Belk

    Samuel you know what makes an article bad. I have seen some of these type of articles, but you are right every now and then we do write bad, but we should be able to rebound. thanks

    • Samuel Pustea

      I can’t stand them, Micheal! They pollute the internet it seems.

      We can ourselves, but always rebound and get back. True.

      Thanks, Micheal.

  5. Kharim Tomlinson

    Great post man. I am currently writing a post on how to get attention to your blog post and these tips are great to follow if you don’t wanna write crappy posts.

    Thanks for the lovely write up

    • Samuel Pustea

      Can’t wait to see your post, dude. :D

      These tips are warning signs of a bad article and how to avoid them.

      No crappy posts here!

      Thanks for your comment, Kharim.

  6. Sanjeev

    Hi Samuel nice points regarding a bad article. I agree that at the end it comes with making it interesting and enjoyable to the readers and adding images, humor are the ways to achieve it.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Right! You do know exactly how to write a good article and not a bad one!

      Thanks for your comment, Sanjeev! :)

  7. samy jain

    Thats an awesome piece of writing … I sometime uses One instead of You.. is this good or bad for article?

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks samy.

      Well, use “you” more often than “one”, since it is a personal word and you are somewhat trying to connect to the reader.

  8. Diana Davis

    Dude. Seriously, the proper spelling is “stories”, not “story’s”.

    • Samuel Pustea


      I can understand on why you would say that, but isn’t this a bad article as an example?

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