How To Write A Good Article!

Good articles are something that we all are looking to add to our blog.

good article

Good articles are the articles that are going to be the most in number on your blog. At least that’s what you’re supposed to look for. I always say to add “meat” to your articles for them to be legit ones. The same way for your blog. The good articles are like the “meat” of your blog. This is where all of your visitors will enjoy the food of your good articles. Always add them as soon as possible.


As we talk about the second part of our series, this part is the most important. I know that producing a bad article shouldn’t be allowed, it shouldn’t. And the third part, that we’ll be getting to, is the killer articles that should pop up once in a while in your bunches that you write.

Writing a good article takes more time that you will need to focus on your article. Good articles are not a one-hour thing.

Adding content to these articles are the goodies that everyone is willing to read and learn from.

We all want to be good at something. And many reading this are sure they want to be good in blogging. That’s great! So am I! Why not be good in producing good articles that generate comments like crazy? Yea sound good, right?

 Produce Something Good!

When the article is written and done, producing the article to be a good one will be satisfactory. Everyday, we produce something in our lives. From waking up and cleaning ourselves, to asking and getting a response.

All of these actions will produce a result. And they better be good ones! Same goes with an article. An article produced with good intentions and good work will in fact bring in good results that makes a blog successful.

Talk About Something Good!

Talking and writing in a good article should be something worth their time. They need time, and to produce a good article, is what they are looking for. Talk about something they would like to learn and enjoy.

good article

Good articles come with good content. Don’t talk about something that is not interesting to them. Like say you own an entertainment blog that focuses on movies. And in this blog, you should produce articles that are related to let’s say, an upcoming movie. That’s what your article should be about. Not an epic basketball game that took place last week. No!

People love to talk about what’s hot in a niche.

Those are some good articles to write. And they’re many more kinds of articles that one can write that have a “good” rating.

Adding The Right Kinds Of Images.

Images are so important to a blog, never mind an article. A good article must at least have one image or more to it. Visually, this makes it more appeasing to the reader’s eye and helps him understand a little better.

In this article, the bad ones, I touch on why this is so important.

The Layout Is Easy.

The layout should be easy to understand and digest. The layout should have breaks and necessary alignment that helps you take a break and start from the right place.

Always Have An Intro and Conclusion Paragraph.

Your introduction is the most important part of your article. The introduction is where the prime phase of your mind engages with your content. If you are missing this “absolute-must” part and just dive into your steps, then good luck on getting a great response from many.

If you do have one, then that’s the difference on your article getting the response that you hoped for. The intro is where the reader is going to continue on what you’re presenting or deciding to quit reading this boring writing.

The conclusion is just as important as the intro, don’t be fooled about thinking it’s just at the end and not as important. You will always need a safe landing and reminder of  the content that they just read. You know, help them remember.

The conclusion is kinda the summary on what you wrote and how to let the reader take it in.

Emphasizing The Right Words!

The words you write that contain meaning of your article is what emphazisation all about. Certain words that are the main idea should be emphasized and explained well in-depth. If you get this, the whole article is basically explaining these keywords! :)

Good Writing and Editing Skills!

good article skills

Roll up your sleeves and squeeze your brain to write good content. Writing good content is what skills you’ll need to write killer articles that we will touch on in the next article. Writing good articles will need to have your best writing, not just good. That’s the exception!

Having the ability to write with your own words something that millions have talked about is a skill.

A skill that is setting you apart with your skill writing. Skill writing takes a lot of practice that will come to you over time.

Also the editing has to be your best. When writing, just ignore the editing while doing that. After the writing, just be able to put on your glasses and catch those simple and irregular mistakes that can form from your sentences.

This is the good process of writing:

  • Plan
  • Write
  • Rewrite
  • Edit

The plain-old English writing process. It works amazing!

Good, Enjoyable Length To It!

Don’t over do the length of the article. I haven’t really seen a problem with this lengthy stuff, but it pops up once in a while. If you do happen to write a longer piece of article, please make sure to add some sort of styling and headings to make it easier to process that large amount of information.

Good Personification.

Not really a big art, but it does go hand in hand with writing.

Through your writing is where everybody can see the “you” . Just let yourself come out of it! Personify some of your problems they are facing. That way they can sorta relate to what you are writing about.

Important, thus.

Good Ideas That Are Worthy!

Getting an idea is so much. I’m so tired of not having anything to write about. Right? When you got an idea, make sure to store that idea in any form you can.

Those good ideas will be the ones that are worthy to be called “good”. The truth is, our ideas and sometimes our thoughts cannot work the way we want them to. When your mind is in the idea mode,

the good ideas are needed to be written down and stored for later use.

Tha Conclusion

What I really wanted to say through this article is that writing a good one, is possible every time you touch your keyboard.

If you decide to write one with hard work, then the possibility of that article will be endless.

Just remember to use the points that I wrote through this article and every article you write will be never-the-less good, but even excellent!

Share this good article across the social world if you understand the importance of good articles. :D

So tell me,

What else makes a good article?


Part Two: How To Write A Good Article!

This post is the second article of the “How To Write Articles” series. I decided to write a short series on how articles are written and seeing the difference between them. This is a three-part series. The first part is called, How To Write A Bad Article,” and the third part is called, How To Write A Killer Article Like A Killer. So, stayed tuned and follow my blog to read the upcoming articles!


Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Michael Belk

    Very well done Samuel. You put a twist on this article compared to your bad article. I agree you do need a good topic, it makes it more readable. thanks

  2. Samuel Pustea

    Thanks Micheal! :D

    A good topic and a great explanation is what a good article, is all about!

  3. Lenia

    Hey Samuel!
    After the how to write a bad article, I like your next episode about the “good article”.
    Well, I usually have my iphone with me all the time and whenever an new idea comes to my mind, I note it and I start thinking about what I could write for the topic.
    I agree with you that a good article is not a one-hour thing.
    Thank you for the advice.
    I just wanted to invite you to check out my new site. Yeah I moved to a new WP solution :)
    See you and have a great day!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Having something to write down at your disposal is sure-way gain in coming up with ideas. An iPhone is crazy good! ;)

      Writing a good article will not take too long, but it’s not going to be short either.

      I love the new look, Lenia! WordPress is the best way to go and you will see the benefits.


  4. Michael Belk

    Great advice on how to write a good article Samuel. You are well on your way to success.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks, Michael! You’re on your way too. :)

  5. Raaj Trambadia

    Nice tips Sam! Had a question – Do you think that an article is proved to be good only if it has received some number of comments? Or only 2 comments which show really high appreciation are enough to prove that the article is, in fact, good?

    • Samuel Pustea

      Of course! That is a very good way to rate your article.

      If the comments are really of high quality, I don’t see why not.

      Just keep them coming :)

  6. Enstine Muki

    Yes Samuel. If you miss the topic, your ‘good article’ may never be read by some visitors. The topic is like the main door. If it’s bad, it’s like the door is closed and no one goes in.

    • Samuel Pustea

      I agree. The topic has to be of interest to them. Thanks for stopping by Enstine.

    • Gadgets-Aafsaa

      I really wanted to learn how to write good articles.

      Thank soft teaching us and for such nice tips.

  7. Andrew

    very interesting post thank you for sharing this information with us, it is always a problem thinking if the best thing to write, but from reading this article it really helps. Great post.

  8. Justin Germino

    You mention a good point about a good intro and exit paragraph, I have read many an article only to feel like it didn’t end well or get the point across because it didn’t showcase a summary or final thought. A compelling introduction is useful to help grab the readers interest as well.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Because many experience that just like yourself, I am glad I addressed this issue.

      They’re many articles that are below average, and many like these make up that number.

  9. John Ernest

    A little comedy and a good hearted-laugh derived from what you have written is a good way to get people to get back to your blog. Thank you for sharing these tips! They really mean a lot!

    • Samuel Pustea

      I always try to write the best articles and help people out.

      Thanks for your visit John.

  10. Ramit Hooda

    A very good guide for new writes. Good work.

  11. Lisa

    I enjoyed reading your post as a writer. I especially appreciated that you exemplified the good article approach in writing about how to write a good article. Very effective! I think that online writing tends to be a bit informal, but following a few rules does make it better. I resonate very much. Thanks for sharing.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Online writing can be informal because everybody can do it and say they did a good job! :)

      I wrote this article on how to write a good article because there needs to be set a standard. If you don’t follow these points, then forget it being a good article.

      Thanks for your comment, Lisa!

  12. Alicia

    You definitely give some good tips here, and I would completely agree that writing good articles is the key to having a good audience.

  13. Lynn Brown

    Great job Samuel putting together a really easy to follow format when writing articles. When you have the right topic, idea and creativity flowing it is easy to whip up an article in minutes.

    It is those times though, that we find our creativity needs to be boosted. So I always say to take a break, go for a walk, meditate and rejuvenate before sitting down to writing the next article.

    It will certainly help to keep your articles interesting and meaningful for your audience.

    • Samuel Pustea

      If your creativity is way high, then the article will come much easier. But don’t let that discourage you, even if you don’t feel creative.

      Creativity comes with work, and forming it while writing. Taking a break if you feel like you’re not creative anymore is an excellent way to boost yourself.

      Thanks for you wonderful comment, Lynn!

  14. David

    great article samuel, writing good content is an art rather than a science.

    But at the same time, there are some important points to keep in mind.

    Looks like you hit a lot of them right here!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks David. I wanted to hit as many as I can in this article, but we all know there are much more aspects to talk about!

  15. Yeremi Akpan

    Great post.

    Writing a good post starts with choosing your topic wisely, as this post clearly demonstrates.

  16. Samuel Pustea

    Thanks Yeremi! :)

  17. Sire

    Yep, writing good articles for your blog is very important if you want the blog to succeed. A very important point when it comes to writing a good article is to take the time to proof read it once the article is completed and before it is published. This way you will be able to find any mistakes and possibly to add a bit of flourish to it to make an even better article.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for coming and reading my article, Sire. I do love your blog and am reading it.

      Proofreading! Of course, how can I miss that! You are so right. Have to catch those misstypes.

      Thanks for your addition to this article.

  18. Rizwan Sultan

    Hey Samuel

    Great post now after Google Penguin updates every one looking forward towards getting good material that will help for boosting traffics because Google only give value to proper and unique contents.

    • Samuel Pustea

      That’s right.

      Unique content will give your readers and your boost great results.

  19. sheshnath

    Thanks for such a nice information, this will surely going to help many of us to write good blog content.


    keep up the good work in your content creation efforts :-)

  21. Jovie Onyema

    you can never underestimate the value of talking about something good. the actual article is the real thing. great post!

  22. Shalu Sharma

    Good post. Good ideas and a clear knowledge of the subject is a way to write good articles, in my opinion.

  23. sully86

    thanks for the tips

  24. Sajith@buy domain name

    adding related images play a vital role in making an article to publish on a blog. I am also using this technique to attract more people in to my blog.

    Anyway you came up with some Good points.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Good way, Sajith.. Images have a good impact on the reader. It attracts them more :)

  25. Biut Raj Thapa

    Amazing, We needed that.

  26. Biut Raj Thapa

    Please write us something on Writing Skills.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey Buit Raj, Thanks for reading and I will look into that if I get more demands :)

  27. Black Deviant

    yup I think with good article and nice layout, it will be attract more visitor

    • Samuel Pustea

      Sure. It can always do that. Make it more attractive.

      Thanks Black Deviant.

  28. Pawan

    Thanks for sharing this useful post. i would like to add one more point that Good article must be emphatic for these there should be some citing sources present in article for justification of an argument.

  29. Aafsaa

    I got the information that I was looking for. Thanks for providing such a nice information.

    It will be helpful for people. You guys are doing a great job.


  30. Vivek

    Really nice article..

    It helped me to learn how to write nice article !!

  31. Johannes


    Like all things in life,practice makes perfect.Just put your mind to it and work hard!

  32. Prashant Mohta

    the changing subheading size is a bit distracting man but otherwise awesome work here

  33. Paul

    Good article Sam. Or is it? Is it an article or a post? Maybe the same thing?

    I thought writing an article was for distribution purposes. And blog posts are for your readers to read.

    Maybe you could clarify this for me and others here?

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey Paul, thanks for your comment and your question.

      To me, they are both the same thing. I never thought they have separate meanings, so I always considered them the same.

      I think you should see it that way too ;)

      Have an awesome day!

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