How To Write A Killer Article Like A Killer!

Swishhhhhh! Sliced his throat! Blood all over the place! Oh no, it is Jason from Friday the 13th. Run, Ahhhh!

killer article

Guys, that was just a an example of a kill. Are you serious? What can you learn from a kill? We’re not murders!

Doesn’t the title have the Kill word in it? Yeah. And we use certain words from the English language to help us understand the concept of that idea. Yeah.

Like the title exemplifies (meaning:”to show or illustrate by example”), an article that kills!

Before we go on with this killer, let me show you guys a prime example of a killer article. Love it! This article is written by Tommy from Tommy.IsMy.Name, and has had major success on Chris Brogan’s blog. He explains the process and how he did it, in probably some article or video. See to learn how he did in his own way.

And guess what, Tommy’s article is even a guest post! Even a guest post can be a killer and have success that he has.

Currently the article has almost 8,000 tweets, 2,000 likes on Facebook, 329 +1′s, and 81,000 Stumbles. The killer has 149 killer comments that show his appreciation of his hard work. Now that my friends, is the jackpot he hit. And to get those results, well, he had to write a killer article

A killer article isn’t that hard to write, but actually a mental way of thinking.

Let’s learn the mindset of other articles that has made a huge splash in the world of blogging:
There! Listed some of the best! Have you noticed the trend among them? See anything common? I do.
This is what I see. Two Words: Problems & Opinion. These two words make up that killer article that is dying to show up on your blog!

1. Write About A Problem!

People have used the internet for so long now. The internet has grown large as the population it seems. They have also used the internet to find information on how to solve their problems. It makes it so much easier to quickly solve the problem they may be facing. “Quickly” I said. People need it quickly.

This is where problems help your article become a killer.  Never knew problems can help you succeed, but they can in this case. When you pose a solution to a problem through your writing, people will clamour to figure out what you have said on how to solve something. People are lazy. They need someone to help them.

They can’t sit down and try to think out the process of actually figuring the solution to it. So this is why articles that pose a solution to a problem, seem to be the king of articles. And with that, if they actually helped them, then the rating will go ten times more, just because you helped. Most of the articles that are classic now in the blogging world are solutions to problems in their niche. Pretty neat, huh?

2. Write With Your Opinion.

I believe this the second most important concept that drives some articles to the top of the world. Something, somewhere it makes people curios on how someone said about that certain thing. People know a lot about the thing talked about in the article, but somehow it makes them wonder how you said it and how you believe it. Many people are just not solid on how they perceive things. So they have to read someone else’s to qualify on how to think and whether not to agree to yours.

It’s human nature.  We do all this. It happens all the time to me. I will open an article, with obvious opinions about it, just to see how he thinks and does it. Not that I am strong on what I believe, but that I need variety to how I see things. People like to compare their viewpoint to the blogger that has written the article. It’s entertainment to them that do that. They like to argue in their own heads about who is right and to those that agree, solidify their thoughts as well.

I like ice cream. Such a good topic to use as an example! Yum. Now does everybody like the same exact flavor as you? No they don’t. The one respective person may like vanilla,  and you may like chocolate. And as you guys are talking and coming to this point, arguing starts to take place on why “chocolate” ice cream is so much better than “vanilla”. Usually this is pointless, just because ice cream is the same as, you know, ice cream! But people argue because it is fun and love to hear the other reasons. Good reasons, I hope!

All of this can take place in the blogging world. One blogger may use social media in a way that you or another might not. And the blogger will talk about his thoughts on the use of social media in a killer article. And that’s exactly what happens to a killer article when it is born. Many are curious on your take of social media. I firmly believe this a big cause for the rise of the killer article.

3. The Article Title Grabs You Right Away!

As the theme of this articles has the attributes of a killer, let’s use a characteristic of a killer for this point. The title. The title of your article is what is the first thing anyone sees of your written article.

The title is what will determines who will be brave to enter into the article and see what you’re going to say in your writing. As a killer who embarks on a mission to kill, has to be very swift in what he is doing and grab his victim!  That’s sort of what your title has to do.Grab your reader’s attention so fast that he doesn’t even have time to think on whether he should click the link or just ignore it. Boom! He’s in your article, engaging on what you’re saying. That is the perfect way to plan out your title.

The title in order to be a killer, has to contain the problem right in it. Let’s say you want to write an article on how to make your bread rise better. As perfect to put it in killer form is, connect that with a problem. You know this is a big problem in the baking world, and writing your title on the way to solve the problem, will make then twice on looking at your article. So let’s put it this way, “Is your bread still not rising the right way?”  This question is stabbing you right at the core.

Number one, the title is literally asking you for an answer. No matter what. Whether it’s a yes or a no. And if the question targets a problem, expect the answer to be “yes” more times than “no”.

Number two, the question is implying that you are still not making your bread rise the right way. So they might be wondering, “What is the right way? I thought I was doing it the right way?”

The title written with a question about a problem in your niche is the killer way on making a killer article rise above all other else!

4.  An Image At The Top.

Check out this article written by Chris from What do you see right away, without even scrolling, that grabs a little of your eyes.  This is what I noticed with articles that have done well.

An image is visible the first time the window appears with your article. Eight out of 10 articles that I have seen that have done so well, have an image that sparks your curiosity even more. See, I am a very visual person, and rarely read an article if it doesn’t have at least one image. I would read if it is an entirely new concept or idea, or it solves problems with ease. That’s the only cases I will read.

And they are many others out there on the internet world that are just like me. It seems that images are really starting to take effect, since the evolution of high-speed internet. In fact, sites are more and more becoming popular, based on images and graphics that people so love lately. Pinterest is such a prime example and the rise of its popularity. Tumblr too is based on images and entertainment of the funny world.

So, use images that relate to your content and use them to get to the level of success that you want.

5. Use An Incredible Number!

I noticed great articles, like Tommy’s, have done so well because of a subtle number in a title. Fifty’s, 70′s, or Hundreds that are included in the title, seem to make people jump on them so fast. I wonder why. Hmm….

I guess this is where curiosity is displayed at its best. Let’s use Tommy’s article for an example. His article is about 106 excuses that prevent you from becoming great. Excuses are nothing new, and those who went and viewed his article were wondering on how can a single person can have so many excuses on a particular topic. The topic being, becoming great.

Everybody in this time of this world,  like big things. Big explosions, Big cars, or big Money! :)

Everything is better when it is bigger. A mentality that has everyone using it once in a while.  And while they had excuses of their own, while reading, they found specific ones they were using themselves. After reading his solutions to their excuses, that’s like solving and changing their mind on that specific excuse. No matter what excuse they had, he basically made every excuse obsolete and ridiculous to use.

Use some variety to your articles, and pop in once in a while an article with an incredible number! It will do very well!

6. Each Paragraph Has The Right Heading.

Each paragraph has to be like a piece put together in the puzzle. Each paragraph must roll smoothly form one to the other. Don’t talk about a certain idea in one and rather next one about something entirely different. Keep your paragraphs similar to each other but not exactly the same.

The headings to each section or paragraph is extremely important. Many readers just come to read the headings of an article. They don’t bother to read the whole article, but they only read based on how the headings are written. So make sure your headings are written with extreme creativity or heading that states your opinion. Use the article as an explanation of your heading.

If they like the heading you wrote, than chances are your paragraph will be read as well with the heading.

7. Getting To The Point Very Fast.

A killer always does his job really fast. The pointed knife is inserted to the point extremely fast. That’s the only way he can get away, if he can do that too. If he can’t, expect him to be behind bars or something else. Let’s kill our readers in this safe way! :)

Readers love to read. They really do. And they also like to read what the main idea is of the article pretty fast. If all you do is talk about something else for half of the article, than chances are your article could not even be in sight of a killer one. The reader will just be pissed and wonder if you even have the right attention for your blog. So write briefly your fun introduction, and help them understand the real problem!

8. Having Strength To What You Write!

Being a killer, you have to be physically strong in order to do what killers do. I guess you have to a psycho too! Strong to hold and come through.

As a writer, you must have strength to what you write. What I mean by that is don’t be light on an issue. Write about it with strength or confidence that your solution is the perfect one to a specific problem. Some people are swayed easily, especially during a problem, and they need a strong voice  to what they are asking. And if they see you have strong solution to an idea, your credibility will grow in the niche and others will start to take notice.

Having strength and confidence in your work will be more appreciated than a work that has weakness and uncertainty.  It’s not hard to notice those qualities. If you are looking, and I am sure many are, to be dominant player in your niche, this point is very crucial for that.

9. Your Writing Is On Par With Perfect.

You will need to work hard on your writing for an article to be a killer. Your writing has to be very intriguing in order to attract the reader to read anything! It will take more than one day to perfect it, and always polish your article after you first write, preferably the day after.

Let’s say your article does become a killer and you are very happy about it, why not actually be really happy about your writing and not have regrets on how you didn’t write your best on the words. Basically, it is your writing that people will read and take notice about. Writing shows how much work you have put in, and how it will further communicate your solutions to your readers.

10. You Must Believe.

Mindset behind producing killer is the foundation of every one of these. That’s the first thing you can think about and work on. Before you even open a text editor and start typing, the mind is where you will need go for your help and power to move forward. You will be the sole reason on producing a killer article and if you’re short up there, then expect to be short down there at your hands too. Having the killer mindset will give you a huge chance to succeed and actually produce a sick article. A huge chance sounds really good to me!

You have to believe! If you believe, than expect to do your best and get that killer to kill! :D

The “Dead” End!

killer article

Many bloggers have written about killer articles and how you should write one. But many like them, have not produced killer articles themselves and suffered what the image from above is showing. I mean if it is a killer like it says in the title, than produce a real killer! Don’t write like that. If you write one and especially mention it, please follow through and write the right one.

Through this article, you can do that. Take each and every one of them, and follow through exactly how it is talked about. This article is a killer one, and I believe, yes I believe, this will come through and be a killer to everyone. If people see that you’ve worked hard on a beautiful article, then chances are they will share and help spread your article around.

Please, if you think this article is a killer and you enjoyed it, please share and spread this killer around! That would be tha bomb! :)

Thanks for reading!


Part Three: How To Write A Killer Article Like A Killer!

This post is the third article of the “How To Write Articles” series. I decided to write a short series on how articles are written and seeing the difference between them. This is a three-part series. The first part is called, How To Write A Bad Article,” and the second part is called, How To Write A Good Article. So, stayed tuned and follow my blog to read the upcoming articles!


Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Michael Belk

    Well Sam, although I know I am not a killer, You got my attention with word killer. This is a good way to link some articles in your post. Good Job.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Got your attention, Man! :)

      I linked because I thought they were the best examples.

      Thanks, Michael.

  2. Radu

    Hey Samuel,
    You’re growing with blogging buddy! Awesome :)
    I checked Tommy’s killer post. You were right..the guy crafted something really beautiful.
    Love your headline and the tips you shared here..It all starts with a great headline, some value and with an authentic point of view.

    Also, from what I experienced so far crazy numbers and associations do work :) As a blogger you can literally play with different approaches and styles until you find what works the best,

    Thanks for sharing Sam,

  3. Samuel Pustea

    Ma man, Radu! How you doing?

    I am growing and lovin’ blogging even more. He created something very special, huh? Tommy I mean. lol

    I love the title too so much! :D

    People luv crazy things and putting a huge number up there has proven to work! Right? Just like your article for the contest at probloggingsuccess.

    Man, I am glad to share anything!

  4. Kent @ Niche Site Tips

    A lot of great points here.. I wanna bring up the “solutions”. Your killing post starts with a problem and opinion, but it has to solve it and provides “solutions” and action items.

    Then your readers love it and wanna share and let it be viral.

    Thanks for your insight and I love to work on my killing articles too.

    • Samuel Pustea

      When you find a solution to a problem, people will love you! :) Keep workin’ there!

      You’re welcome Kent! Thanks for reading.

  5. Mathew Day

    Nice! This was a really helpful post and liked that picture, dude. Stumbled it for ya. :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Matthew! I thank you for your awesome comment and your stumble! :)

  6. Mathew Day

    sorry, bro. The stumble button not working for me so I had to tweet and digg it instead. ;)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Sounds good! :D

  7. Sally Brown


    The title is really catchy and draws you into the article. The article, itself, is informative and has an idea slant that is very interesting.

    I plan to keep this in my favorites to refer back to. Thanks so much. I hope to be writing more ‘killer’ articles soon. Sally

    • Samuel Pustea

      I decided to relate exactly how its supposed to mean, and by using exactly what the title is implying. Killer.

      Thanks for your comment, Sally and use this model for your “best” killer articles in the future! :)

  8. Shamelle@BetterBloggingWays

    I guess at the end of the day it’s about providing value to the user and actually being useful in ones articles.

    You “provide” a feast of real and practical information in a very creative manner that appealing to read. nicely done!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Exactly! Providing exactly the solution is a sick way to become popular!

      I appreciate it that you enjoyed my writing and will bring more of this style for the upcoming articles.

      Thanks, Shamelle! :)

  9. Tommy Walker

    Hey Samuel, thanks for the shout out, and what a great list of tips!

    I wanted to say there was a followup here at

    that walks step by step through the process I took to get that guest post up. I hope you guys find that valuable :-)

    • Samuel Pustea

      From Tommy himself! Feel honored to have your comment here, man! :)

      I love that post and am going to read it again! A post that is killer as well. How did you find my article, man?

      Just curious. Anyways, thanks for your visit! :D

  10. Akos Fintor

    1. Network marketers, online marketers, bloggers…etc are problem solvers no doubt.

    2. Brandon Bruchard says your edge is in your own unique “perspective” of things. Dead on.

    3. Copy writing. People are sleepwalking. Someone gotta wake them up. Great title I just read is “why i pee on my sales letter” got an incredible clicks. No wonder why

    7. I usually give ‘em the “reason” why they need to read the post. “What’s in it for them.” Point out the problem and give solution.

    10. I only write what I tried ( that goes back to perspective.

    Man, great content.

    Ps Friday the 13th (the very first one with Kevin Bacon) is my all time favorite horror. My darn cousins let me watch it when I was like 8. :)


  11. Samuel Pustea

    Man, great comment! :D

    I like your point on #7. Give them a true reason to stay that makes them them actually stay.

    Very true.

    Awesome to know that this horror movie is your “all-time” favorite. Friday the 13th is a classic horror film. Watching it at 8, would need some good guts! :)

    Thanks for the comment, Akos.

  12. Lenia

    Hey Samuel,

    That was definitely a killer post for you, don’t you think?
    What you mention here is really important: it is important not only to have a good content but to present this content to the readers with the right way.
    Thanks for the tips. I read the three article and I find them really useful.
    Have a great day.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Absolutely, Lenia!

      Always strive to write a killer article from here to there! :)

      All three articles are there to be learned! :)

  13. Bishwajeet @Comptalks

    There’s a quite lengthy post by Yaro on the topic of pillar posts and it’s quite awesome. I would recommend everyone to go through that article. It will help improving the overall quality of your website.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yeah, I read it. So good!

      I was about to link that article to mine, just because it is an awesome builder and a killer. :)

  14. Roberta Budvietas,

    Your points are great but I think it sad that the headlines that seem to grab best are the more gruesome ones. And at least in the news, they often are a fake-out for the report. Thank heavens blogs are not like that yet except perhaps in certain blog spheres

    • Samuel Pustea

      I don’t really understand what you mean Roberta.

      But I really hope you didn’t find this content disturbing. I really don’t mean it that way.

      I just wanted to provide some unique stuff, and help those who need help with the real meaning of the article. ;)

  15. Felicia Gopaul

    Great tips you’ve got here, valuable to site owners like myself. I could use some of these tips. I agree that titles should grab readers’ attention. I often spend extra time thinking of titles that will really make my readers want to click on my article and finish reading all the way to the end.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Titles are very important and the fact that you take time to write good ones, makes them read all the way through.

      Good job, Felicia.

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