How The Canceled Pagerank-Update Affects Blog Commenting

How The Canceled Pagerank-Update Affects Blog Commenting

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Pagerank has been the measuring factor for a website for many years.

These days pagerank is not that important anymore.

People still count heavily on it because Google hasn’t officially removed PR as a measuring tool or announced anything whether it’s going to be removed.


Google did have a plan back in 2005 with Agent Rank, now commonly known as Author Rank which measures the rank of individual authors based on some social signals and some other factors.

Google usually updates pagerank every 3-4 months.

The last update was back in February. Some people are eagerly waiting for the pagerank update because they believe that it’s a way to rank higher on the search engines.


If Google has finally decided to scrap pagerank, then there will be a lot of changes in the blog commenting scenario.


Number of Comments will get reduced


The reason that high PR blogs get so much comments is because people want some of that backlink juice especially with dofollow links.

Link juice passing is the most easiest way to get some pagerank for the internal pages of your blog or your home page.


If PR is suddenly scrapped, some people who comments only for backlinks are surely going to stop.

Without PR update, they would lose their motivation and chances are that even some of the big sites may experience a lower level of interaction on posts.


Effects on CommentLuv Blogs


CommentLuv is a popular commenting plugin for most bloggers. It shows the link to the latest article of your blog which means if you comment on such blogs it gets you two backlinks – one to the homepage and one to your internal page.

That’s the reason it is so popular.

Also the blog owner has the power to choose who to give dofollow links.


Getting multiple dofollow links to multiple internal pages from a high PR blog is every blogger’s strategy.

So far, this has worked for most bloggers out there.

If PR is scrapped, bloggers would have to find a new way to rank higher in the search engines.

Some high PR blogs do use CommentLuv for larger interactions, and they could see some drop in comments if PR is suddenly scrapped.


SEO with Comments


If you didn’t know, comments do help with SEO.

The reason why we sometimes update old posts is because it’s good for SEO.

When you update an old post and gets re-crawled by the search engines then the post sometimes moves higher up in the search engines.

Commenting works exactly in the same way.

When you get comments on an older post, the post as a whole gets updated which is good for SEO.

Lower interaction also means lesser number of comments which can affect the SEO of your posts.


Spam Comments


Nobody likes spam comments but they’re still part of the blog commenting scenario.

Without PR update, spam comments would surely get reduced. They are mostly targeted and intended for backlinks and pagerank juice.


There are lots of plugins like Akismet or GASP and CDNs like Cloudflare and Incapsula out there that can stop spam comments for good, but no PR update would surely beat everyone of them.


Topic Discussion through Commenting


Commenting is a great way to discuss about topics like blogging tips, seo, online marketing and making money online and some other stuffs.

Most people do like to engage using comments because they are useful for getting tips and get some of the backlinks as well.


Discussion could take a backseat as well.

Most people carry on with discussion on high PR blogs in the hopes of achieving some of the page rank juice. No PR update could also mean lesser number of  topic discussions on your blog posts.




Whether Google will update PR or  scrap it totally is still a mystery.

Google hasn’t announced anything officially and people are still waiting for the PR update especially webmasters and SEO analysts because it is one of the factors for ranking higher in the search engines among 200 other factors.


Google usually updates PR every 3-4 months and it has only been 4 months.

For those new bloggers who have just started their blogging journey, there is still hope.

If Google removes PR as a ranking factor, then you just have to suck it up and stay with PR 0 and find new ways to rank higher because it is getting more and more difficult these days.


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Lahaul Seth

Lahaul Seth is an engineering student who loves to write articles on blogging tips, seo, internet marketing, social media. He is also a programmer and an addicted web developer. He is the Founder and Administrator of Lion Blogger. Connect with him on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+.


  1. marilyn cada

    i believe commentluv will still be useful because we have alexa rank which is based on traffic and how we frequently update our blogs.

    if PR would be canceled it would be bad news for us bloggers who still have PR 0. i have been waiting for the updates. i hope they would not cancel it.

    • Lahaul Seth

      Commentluv is good for backlinking but what happens when the blog owner removes the plugin and decides to go back to the default WordPress commenting system. You would lose all your backlinks anyway.
      Alexa is not an useful measure of traffic. It counts only traffic from who has the Alexa toolbar installed. That’s a very inaccurate way to measure traffic.

  2. Efoghor Joseph Ezie

    Lahaul Seth, I hope Google doesn’t make that mistake of scrapping pagerank. If they do, it is going to affect almost every site negatively. Traffic would reduce and even the big sites where they get much revenues would also experience a decline in their revenues.

    • Samuel Pustea

      No offence Efoghor, but I disagree with you.

      I think if they get rid of Pagerank, it will more positive results to SEO, maybe not at the moment, but in time it will clear up those who are not willing to work on quality methods.

      People are looking way to much at the numbers in Pagerank than actually connecting with people and growing their fan base. That’s more important to a blogger anyways…

    • Lahaul Seth

      Joseph, I would have to agree on this with Samuel. PR can be manipulated very easily. All you need is a bunch of dofollow backlinks.
      The big sites don’t get ranked for their PR but because of their content and the high level of social media promotion they have.

  3. Paul

    Interesting and a very good read. If pagerank dies their goes some social interaction between bloggers. I thought that is what Google wanted?

    I think we all need to focus on the big 3-5 social media sites as a way to get potential customers, viewers, leads, or sales.

    • Lahaul Seth

      Since Google has been launching so many updates, social media and guest blogging are now the main sources of any blog’s traffic.
      PR hasn’t been that important for a long time now.

  4. Enstine Muki

    Hey bro,
    There are generally 2 classes of commentators : Those who comment to earn the backlink reward and those who comment to contribute to the content and engagement on the blog. The second category are the ones that make the conversation and add value to the post. Page rank or not, you still get them.

    I think if Google drops PR, it will lead to comment filtering. Like you mentioned, the comment exercise will witness a drop but I think, somehow, that will be a plus to the quality of comments we get on the blogosphere ;)

    • Lahaul Seth

      Agreed. But most are looking for just backlinks. You remove commentluv and your comments are going to drop especially if it’s a low PR blog.
      Anyway, people give way too much importance to PR anyway which I did too maybe 6 months ago, now not so much.

      • Samuel Pustea

        Love what you said Lahaul. Pagerank should not be that important anymore. I don’t give it thought anyways anymore.

        I try to get as many social shares as I can and try to get links from “well-established” sources that Google should love.

        That’s what a SEO strategy look like in today’s online world.

  5. Rudd

    Pity to those who are very obses with PR. From my experience, blog with higher PR does not necessarily be on higher position in SERP that it’s competitors.

    • Lahaul Seth

      Agreed. PR hasn’t been important for ranking for a long time now.

  6. Anirudh

    Am still waiting for the next PR update anxiously. Not only comments, paid posts, guest posts are always affected by the PR Update. Cheers :)

  7. ambarish

    CommentLuv enabled provide excellent way on increasing backlinks to your blog.

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