How To Earn Visitors By Commenting On The Right Blogs

How To Earn Visitors By Commenting On The Right Blogs

Over the years, blog commenting has evolved as one of the most important parts of blogging.

There are several reasons for this. One of the most important reasons is to attract new and engaged visitors. Some bloggers don’t believe it, but if you do blog commenting in a right way, it will be the best source for getting engaged visitors. That’s what all bloggers are greedy about, isn’t it?

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How To Earn Visitors By Commenting On Right The Blogs


However, blog commenting is just a part (a prominent part), you also need to realize that your content should be very unique, helpful and informative to keep the visitors engaging. Only commenting is not going to help.

Commenting is just an invitation but content should be created with an engaging nature.  If you can create impressive and helpful content, you are sure to have engaged visitors.

Generally, a lot of bloggers miss out the most important things while commenting, which are:


1. Select the best blog and the perfect post:

If you can do this, you have more than half of the job.

Selecting the best blog means selecting a blog which posts almost same posts as you do. Or the blog which posts related posts in your blog. So, if your blog is about SEO and Blogging, find similar websites.

If you try to comment on education related blogs, then that might not really help at all.

After you have found your blogs, try to find the most relevant posts to comment on. One of the easiest ways to find the most relevant post is by questioning one thing “After reading this post, will the remaining questions it arises be answered by my post?”


If yes, then you are good to go.

For example: You wrote about: “ How to apply to colleges”


Now the perfect post to comment on would be something like this:

“Best colleges around the world”

“Why is College a great place to spend four years of your life?”


Your post should be next step to the reader who has already read the post you are commenting on.

If you can do this, you will surely have a new visitor to your site. And if you are really great, you will certainly earn an engaged visitor.

However, you might always not get a perfect post to comment on.

At that time, you can comment on any relevant post. But it is always great to comment on a single perfect post than several relevant posts.


2. Create an authentic Profile:

After you have found the best blog and perfect post, you are good to comment.

Almost every blog nowadays have an option to create a profile. Or if it hasn’t, there is option to log in from Facebook, Yahoo, Google+ or any other social networking site.

Try to put your face on the image as much as clear and casual as you can.



Don’t make people think that you are not real. And don’t try to put a fake name. Try to put the same picture everywhere; in every post you comment, in forums, in your social networking pages, and YouTube profile.

What this helps is build up credibility, consistency and make you familiar.

And whenever people see something more familiar, they are likely to click more.


3. Read completely before commenting:

There are some bloggers out there, who just scan the post and comment.

That might help you keep your link on the website. But after that, it isn’t going to help anymore.

On the contrary, if you read the whole post, you are going to have a lot of advantages.

You can comment about something that really is worth commenting. If your comment is appealing and questioning, visitors are more curious to know who you are.



Always try to post thoughtful and invigorating comments if possible. Following are few ways to comment:

  1. Try to add something to the post: No matter how meticulously a post is written, it’s never complete and perfect.  Either there is something missing or unclear or even incomplete. Now what you can do is add that particular thing in your comment. Don’t be rude while doing that. Don’t haste, either. Try to be as subtle as possible and give a general hint to the author that adding few things would have made the post better. The visitors who see this automatically have a good impression. That’s exactly what you need for inviting engaged visitors.
  2. Join the discussion or create one: If the blog you are commenting on is famous, there are many comments in a single post and some comments even have discussions. So, you can always feel free to join. If you have completely read the post, you can have very thoughtful replies. What this helps is people make more curious about who you are. Also, if they see you in a lot of places, they are sure to believe you more and be your subscriber.


Also, lots of comments on the posts are worth a second reply (besides the blog owner’s comment).

Don’t miss to comment on such comments. But remember that the comments should have a purpose.


Other obvious things to remember:

1. Don’t make Grammatical Errors and typos. Check your comments before hitting the post button.

2. Try to make your comment more attractive and lively by formatting it. Use italic/bold words wherever needed.


These are 3 most important points you shouldn’t miss while commenting on blogs.

Not only will you get new traffic but also very engaged readers if you follow these points sincerely.


Don’t forget to check out Ivin’s blog and course: Home Business & Commenting.


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    amazing tips buddy, i think whenever we comment on any post we should read all the post first.

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      absolutely right suraj, we should read the article before commenting….

  8. Prakash

    Hey.. Great post there..

    I have seen people commenting on random blogs and getting nothing in return. Instead they can do a little more research and can find the best blog.

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    I totally agree with your points related to blog commenting Hashit :)

    Yeah, it has countless benefits and the bloggers should avoid leaving the single line comment just for backlinks to maintain their reputation.

    Also commenting without reading the post is really bad as it would spoil the quality of the post.

    Recently I made a blog commenting post, I received good response from the visitors and am happy to say that post is top in Google search with the keyword ” What is blog commenting? ”

    Thanks for presenting the nice post for us and all the best to win this contest :)

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    Hi Hashit,

    Indeed a great post. No doubt blog commenting help us to get massive traffic to our blogs. But bloggers should always keep in mind that in order to have an audience, their blog must be unique and informative.

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    Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.


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