How To Generate Comments Like Crazy!

How To Generate Comments Like Crazy!

We all want a reward. Wouldn’t you like a reward? I know I would. Comments are like rewards to our hard, worked article. That’s why we are all obsessed with commenting, just because we’re receiving a result which is the reward.

generate comments

Comments show that real people are reading and posting their opinion about it. Not some alien type machine who just scans and clicks away.

I mean let’s face it. Not everyone that clicks to your article will be like, “Hmmm. I like what he said about that.” Or, ” Wow, did he just say that!”

I can’t believe some people are still waiting to this day for an automatic machine gun. Oh wait! That already exists. What I meant is, automatic comment machine. A machine that just spits out a gazzilion of comments for you, anytime you need it to. Nawwwt going to happen.

Generate Comments Like Crazy!

Again, this is one of those general articles that uses the word crazy and tries to build hype. You know what gets me hype? Liking my facebook page! :)  Like we haven’t seen that word before in a headline. In fact, I saw…Wait! Before you go on, just give me a chance. Just read this type of article, one more time. You’ll be glad you did. These are some of the techniques I use myself. Not some general, out-of-the-blue wackodooos I read form another article. I said some, because as you grow as a blogger, new avenues will grow into what you can accomplish through this arm of blogging. The arm of commenting and receiving them.

I kinda talk about the fingers of the arm as comments which mean they have some strength, but as you go up the arm to the bicep, the strength increases. The beginner’s comments are like the fingers of your hand. Powerful, but not powerful as the bicep.

Comments have always been a staple in blogging, especially in the beginning. No matter what blog you have and operate, getting 10+ comments at the beginning of your blog life is a reasonable result. I know I got more than ten on this article, but that article contains a different meaning that I will not be discussing right now.

Thank them on something they already did.

Why not come off the bat and thank your readers right away. First thing you mention is about what they have done already. Doesn’t have to be long or what they did was significantly big. Thanking them is signifying that they are worth something to the blogger. A small thank you in a post will go far into their lives and the life of your blog.

Adding offensive, agreeable, or debatable content.

Not something new, right here. Many articles I have read and out there have probably touched this point. To a certain degree, this works. This works in a way that adds some sort of personality into your article. It shows you are really on point. Adding a paragraph to your article which might include your opinion from an opposite standpoint is further proving what we’re talking about. But, this is where people fail on their part.

They’re afraid.

afraid to be confident

Afraid on what others might think or say.

You’re a human being and you have incredible worth. Absolutely true. And with that, you have a voice that express what you believe. Why not use that? People who comment are expressing their opinions, why not you! The writer of the article. You have an opinion, and you stick to that, like your life depends on it. Don’t be afraid.

Besides, blogging is basically everybody expressing their ways or beliefs on a particular niche. Nothing new for you to stand out that way!

Asking questions which equals to their answers.

Another point that many have been talked about a million times. But like I touched and told you prior, I have an opinion on it. Let me ask you a question? When was the last time, someone actually answered your question you asked in your article. Not many or in fact at all. Those who have probably answered are your true followers who actually read and appreciate your words. That’s what it seems to happen all the time, especially to beginners. To me, asking questions in an article is a little over-rated and doesn’t really ensure you’re going to receive comments.

But I am in no shape or form asking you to quit asking questions. Actually I encourage you. But this time think of it this way. You’re adding questions for creativity and not for worthless comments!

Making relationships with fellow bloggers through e-mails and commenting.

I need to work on this. I am pretty sure you have to work on this as well. If your blog is not growing with new comments and even traffic, then you’re probably still secluded.

Being secluded in the blogging world = death of a blogger.

The benefits of having a relationship with friends (I will call fellow bloggers friends, because they are! ) is outstanding. They bring in new hope and people that follow that certain friend. They might share what you’ve worked on and your friend might even suggest it to his people to take a peek at your blog.

I recommend joining a blog community. Now all you have to do is say hi and meet them over there! NO more running around and trying to find a blogger who happens to already own a failing blog. Say hi to him anyways! :) The best ones I endorse and currently use are Blog Engage and Blokube. My favorite would have to be Blog Engage. Such a nice community and the owner, whose name is Brian, is such a friendly dude. I talk to him all the time! Say Hi to him when you join. People are so kind there and won’t mind giving anyone a vote. So I think that’s the best place to start. It’s worth it!

How does a few hundred visits from a friend sound like? Pretty good! So make sure you implement this technique.

Being confident and asking a fellow blogger to look at it and everybody out there!

If I were to tell you the most important element in this article, it would be “Confidence”. Not everybody has it. I really don’t have it.

Let me tell you this. What?

Confidence is not really having it but using the power when you need it.

generate comments with confidence


Thinking just this way has helped me muster some confidence and ask.

Asking everyone around me. Doesn’t matter who. Just ask. But only ask it in two ways. Ask in a nice way and ask if it is relevant to them. Don’t worry if they ignore you or might not be interested. That’s ok! There are two things that you did, even if they rejected on what you presented to them. One, you have let them know you exist. Probably the main reason they didn’t care is just because they don’t know you or they haven’t even heard of you!

And two, that your a blogger who has a mission and not afraid to ask a simple question. Showing him this can set a question in his head like, “Who is this guy that just asked, cause not many do that.”  It can spark an interest in your blog and have him comment on one of your posts even.

A big subject to talk about that I won’t be discussing wholly. This will probably be an article on its own.

Recommending your article in commenting

Another sick technique to get comments. If an article your reading is really alike to yours, suggesting others to look at it is a safe way to advertise. No intrusion or stealing is happening while doing this. But first, you have comment on the article itself and add some insightful opinions of your own. Opinions that can spark conversation and drive traffic to your article even more. I will write a safe example you can use right away.

An excellent article! (Your opinion right here that talk about what was presented in the article…….)
You know what? There is a similar article on my blog that talks just like what is being talked about here. (If there commentluv installed in the comment section, just say to use the link in it) (If not then say this…)
Go to my blog, and read the article that is named “so and so”. 
Thanks for your article again.

Do something drastically new.

Go crazy!! Do something new! Doesn’t matter what! Cause in the end, it will benefit it you like a bunch. Write a one sentence post, only add pictures to an article, or just write a poem like I did! Poem? Yea man. If something budges you to do it, just do it. I saw a video on YouTube that talks about how Jeff Bethke loves Jesus but hates religion. While I was about to fall asleep a couple of nights later, it hit me to write a poem on how blogging should be enjoyable and not a job with strict rules that some make it to be. Awesome inspiration hit in awesome situations! I then stayed up a couples hours later to write the poem, and there you have it right here. Doing something new will generate a buzz and a whole new big discussion in your comments area. So try this!

The Bottom Line

If you work hard for them, you surely will get em’. That’s what I always say. Comments are not going to come to you, just like that. Have to put in some effort. Everything when put in the effort and hard work, will reap benefits on how much you put in. Not putting much in = Not get much results. Putting great work or more work than results = getting excellent results that will make you happy! :)

I know the headline says crazy, but if you were just starting out, would anything be crazy? Let’s be honest here. I was the happiest person when I started to reason even more than 5 comments per article, even though nobody really knows me! I was crazy! Crazy!

Share this post with your friends and please follow me on twitter or like my page on facebook!

Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Michael Belk

    Well said Samuel, I do value my visitors. I thank everyone for commenting. Great article.

    • Samuel Pustea

      That’s great to hear Michael. It’s very good to value your visitors. Thanks for reading!

      • Michael Belk

        I am glad you have commentluv because it makes it real easy for us visitors to leave comments. In my opinion that shows that you value your visitors because you give us a chance to leave links.

      • Samuel Pustea

        Right, Micheal! :)

        That’s why I made sure to include commentluv in the comment section!

        Brings real value to your comments.

      • Michael Belk

        Samuel this was such a good article I had to read it again. I like to think I am doing some of them but you have more good ideas than I do. thanks

      • Samuel Pustea

        I am glad you like it Michael! Thanks for reading again. :)

        You have some great ideas too, what are you talking about?

    • Martin Cooney

      Absolutely a must-do thing is a thank you and especially so if you recognize them as a first visitor.

      One other way I regularly use is to simply as them a question about their comment – to bring them back into a conversation.

      Good tips

  2. Jason Scott

    Good post, Samuel. Without comments, you feel that you’re just talking to yourself. And, you are right, many readers don’t comment because they are afraid to speak up.

    Sometimes we just have to try to smile through our words and hope people feel welcome. I’ll check out Blog Engage.

    Take it easy,


    • Samuel Pustea

      Another sick comment from Jason! :) Thanks!

      So true. Being afraid is such a weak emotion. All I say is just do it.

      Check out Blog Engage and see what you think! ;)

      Thanks for your reading and friendship!

  3. Viola Tam

    Hi, Smauel,

    I love your passion! I can literally feel your vibre across the blog post!

    Even though I have been told that blog posts needed to be short, I have no complaint about your long one! You have included so much great tips here. THANK YOU!

    I will definitely check out Blog Engage.

    I appreciate your generous sharing, Samuel.

    PS: Thanks to CommentLuv. I have found you :)

    Viola Tam

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thank you so much for your comment, Viola!

      You got passion into writing incredible comments! Wow! I don’t really like long posts either, but I poured my heart into this one. I had even more to say! But another time.

      First time someone like you mentioned that has found me through commentluv. I am loving it even more now!

  4. Manish

    Hey Samuel, what a post, its superb the way you have presented :D. When ever I see good number of comments on my post no matter good or bad, it makes me feel that I have done some justice with my content. While on other hand, if there is no comment at all, then I think that I haven’t made the content so good.

    But there are many bloggers who feels shy to comment on other blogs, don’t know the reason why so, but due to this reason also many blogs get less comments. For me commenting is a great way to build the long term relationship with other blogger and because of commenting I have made many good blogger friends too and you are one of them :D. So commenting has advantages only, so every blogger should keep doing it.

    Thanks once again for sharing a superb post.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Dude! That comment you wrote is sick! :)


      One thing though. If you received no comments on an article you wrote, you’re partially right. I think its just poor marketing that didn’t give you the results you’re looking for. You’re absolutely right in that too. Don’t get me wrong. If you wrote a sh*ty article then yes, no comment. :)

      Relationship is the key to success. At least one of them. So important. Glad you see it that way! I appreciate your read of my article. :D

  5. bbrian017

    You know Sam I’ve been blogging for, 5 years but the majority of what I do is manage blog engage so to be very frank I haven’t had much real blogging experience.

    I have a personal blog and plan to start writing on it a low more so I can get back into the blogging thing. I loved your tips I think it’s very important to try and engage many factors on your blog instead of only focusing on just one. I loved some of the idea you mentioned.

    You know it’s only a matter of time before your blog is rocking if you keep pushing out content like this! Nice work Sam!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Brian! Those words mean a lot to me right now. Trying to push out the very best out of me so I can establish the best blog.

      Starting a new blog is such an awesome personal experience. It’s so good to hear that you’re planning on writing for your personal blog.

      Keep up the excellent work over at Blog Engage, and it shows that it took hell to get where you are now. Bring in a new wave of bloggers from the lost, Brian! :)

  6. Sherryl Perry

    Hi Samuel,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog. That’s how I found you! You are absolutely right about engaging with your readers and building a community. It’s the best way I know of to build referral traffic. Best of luck with your blog!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for your comment, Sherryl! I am glad I was able to some input into your article. Engaging with fellow bloggers and beginners is the right step in the right direction.

      That’s how we were able to connect! See? It works! :)

      Thanks again!

  7. david

    Great post. Lots of good information! I’ll try to implement it!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks David!

      I recommend you to try these principles and actually see some great results! :)

      Thanks for your comment!

  8. David

    great article Sam. you are certainly right, without the help and support of a community, it is hard to get your blog going anywhere!

    Words to remember, for sure!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks David for your comment! You’re so right with your words. Agree! No support equals no success. Thanks!

  9. Justin Mazza

    Hi Samuel,
    It took me several months to get consistent comments on my blog. The trick for me was to add Comment Luv on my blog and then go and comment on other blogs that were Comment Luv enabled.

    Next thing I knew I had more than enough comments to make me happy.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey Justin, Thanks for your comment!

      Commentluv is a great feature to add to your blog. You’re right. And you get consistent comments. I am glad I installed it. :)

  10. Wong Chendong aka TheBadBlogger

    Hey, awesome ideas you have and the last one comes really a surprise, I mean I love to collect poems and quotes and write them on a 3 x 5 card and keep them in a box, and read them while I’m free because it’s really motivating and I had yet to use them in comment… damn I should had done that… and yes you just remind me and here’s a quote I just found “Many times there is less to what people are saying and doing than meets the eye” :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks so much for your comment, Wong aka TheBadBlogger! It is a pleasure having you here and reading my article.

      I am glad that the last one comes to you as a surprise! I love collecting quotes that motivate me and help me move forward. I store them actually in text file or even on paper like yourself. That’s a great idea to use them in comments. Helps others with it.

      Sick quote you shared! I like it. :) Thanks again for commenting, Wong!

  11. Lenia

    Hey Samuel!
    Great article! You give me some good tips here. I am a new blogger my self and guess what: I don’t get many comments…not yet!
    I know I have done some mistakes with my blog and I try to fix them. But I didn’t know that joining the blog communities can help me make hundred of new friends!
    Actually I have already read that tip but I haven’t tried yet. The thing is that I started blogging three months ago. I have recently written an article with a three month review for my blog and one of the things I was not very satisfied was that I haven’t met many new blogger friends! I should definitely try the blog communities!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with a great way!

    p.s. another blog community that I have noted but not tried is the bloginteract dot com !

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hi Lenia,

      I want to thank you personally for commenting on this article. Appreciate that! The more you give the more you will receive.

      That’s how I try to roll! I just barely started myself and have made so many friends and generated a good amount of comments.

      I am sure anyone and you yourself can have the same results I did. Absolutely can! To get more comments like I did, just follow the article guidelines and I promise you will see awesome results!

      You’re right. Making friends with other bloggers is incredibly important to your life and your blog. With that, the comments will be just flowing in.

      I have heard of blog interact and personally use it sometimes.

      Thanks again for your comment, Lenia! Success to you! :)

  12. JasonB

    I know I always feel better about a post when it gets a lot of comments. Site traffic is nice but comments are better :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Very good point there Jason! Ohh thanks for your comment!

      Comments show your real traffic! :)

  13. Akos Fintor

    Hey Samuel,

    My blog is my home.
    My campfire in my backyard is my post.
    Come, pull up a chair and let me know what you honestly think about “my fire”. No, don’t piss on it or make up false empowering statements just to please me. Just be real like on real friend to another.

    - that’s how I look at blog commenting.

    thanks for the share!


    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey Akos! Love the way you put it! A campfire is your post. Nice!

      Don’t piss on it! lol :D

      I always tell people to be real. Just be real!

      Thanks for you comment, Akos. :)

  14. Hajra

    I did stop by!

    For me, commenting has always been about speaking my mind. I mean why treat it as a comment, treat it like a conversation and just keep talking. Once you leave a credible, thoughtful comment on someone’s blog, they are bound to come back to your blog and see what the “fuss” is all about!

    Yes, marketing does help; but I feel you need to build a strong online presence if you have to get comments on your won blog.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Hajra for stopping by and commenting! :)

      I totally agree with you. It is like a conversation. Saying this and that will maybe make him “jump out of his chair” excited that he can talk with someone. That could mostly happen.

      With good relationships comes online presence that you can’t number but you know all of them! ;)

      Thanks for you excellent input!

  15. Shalu Sharma

    Goof tips. Some people also like to comment on their own blog with different names and hence starting a conversation.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Shalu!

      That could be a way to generate something, if anything is not working.

      But I still think real people commenting on your work is the best way!

  16. Shalu Sharma

    Absolutely right Samuel, if others are commenting then that is the best thing.

  17. Eli@coach-daddy

    I love the enthusiasm, friend. Blogging without enthusiasm is wasteful typing, isn’t it?

    LinkedIn’s blogging community is awesome. It’s opened my eyes to other blogs and styles, and has resulted in me having more blogs to follow – and more followers.

    The life of the blog really takes off when the comments start, doesn’t it?’

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks, Eli!

      Absolutely true about that! Blogging with enthusiasm!

      I just joined the LinkedIn’s group and have experienced similar, man! :D

      Comments show that your blog is ALIVE!!!

  18. Cat Alexandra @ Internet Marketing Success

    Hey Samuel,

    Great blog. I followed a your guest blog over from Radu Dascalul’s.

    Looks like you’re doing a great job of generating a ton of comments. Love the perspectives you shared here too.

    CommentLuv is also really key for getting some good consistent co-commentators. I see you’re rockin that plugin here – good on ya! (I use it on mine too!)

    Cat Alexandra

    • Samuel Pustea

      Oh, that’s great you’ve seen my guest post over at Radu’s blog.

      Thanks for loving my article!

      CommentLuv has really helped me and great that you’re using it too.

      Thanks, Cat Alexandra!

  19. Steve Hughes

    Hey there Samuel…First, I think you have a very bright future. So great to see you started your own blog at such a young age. Congrats.

    I see so many well done blogs that don’t get any love. There are a high number of bloggers out there that have the build it and they will come attitude. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. You’ve put together some good suggestions here.

    I found you through Blog Engage and look forward to future posts.

    • Samuel Pustea

      I am working hard to get things going at my age! I love it though!

      The blogs that don’t get any love, I guess is the way they built them. You will need some attitude to your blog, just to show that you know what you’re doing! :)

      Glad you like my suggestions, and blog engage is a really nice place!

      Thanks for your comment, Steve! ;)

  20. Swamykant@Angry Birds Space Download

    Nice tips. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re Welcome, Swamykant! :)

      Always open to giving you the best there it!

  21. Adore

    very cute article! Thanks for sharing, it made me smile. :D

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for your complement and for the comment, Adore! :)

  22. Bishwajeet @Comptalks

    In some niches it’s quite hard to get regular commentators,most of them will just read your content ,click on ads/links and go away and you’re happy with that too coz it earns money :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      I was just wondering about that. I wonder what niches those are?

      You have to be careful, because those clicks might never come back again. They come and go. That’s it.

      I would rather have them engaged and subscribe to anything (ex. social media) on your blog, so that they can come again to view your awesome work.

      They might just be niches where commenting is just not the appropriate thing to do. That could be true. Anyways, thanks for your comment, Bishwajeet! :)

  23. michael

    I don’t know if it helps, but I mention threads that I comment on in my twitter timeline. It’s one little link more towards the page (and therefore indirectly towards my link).

    When I look over the sites I have worked on, however, the other factor is addressing issues that people are interested in, but leaving it open so that people can ask questions for some really good answers in the comment thread.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Of course it does! It lets others know that you are active in the community and you care.

      You are so true. If your article does interest the reader, then you will surely see those comments flowing in! :)

      Thanks for your comment, michael!

  24. Ajnabii

    Hi Sam,

    What a nice post like an E-book, all points are very well explained and worthy. I just loved your points. “Thanks them” Making Relationship with fellow belogers” Asking question.

    One more thing offer them free services.

    Thanks for sharing wonderfull post.

    • Samuel Pustea

      This could be like an E-book, yeah. I didn’t think it could, but looked again and saw it could be! :)

      I made sure all the points were explained and developed really well, so it can’t be misunderstood. Offering free stuff that can help them is a way too. Agree.

      I thank you Ajnabii for your comment. :)

  25. Rizwan Sultan

    Nice post Samuel I give importance for commenter and try to solve there problems or replied for thanks for his/her visiting that really give chance too make permanent visitors.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Rizwan!

      So true, give your commentator importance and they will become your permanent visitor. :)

  26. Kelvin @ Entrepreneurs Discuss

    Thanks Samuel for this great post… I really liked the point you talked about CONFIDENCE. I have been trying to build my confidence with every new post I write. Anyone who must be a successful writer must build his confidence.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Absolutely true Kelvin! Confidence does take some work, but it can be mastered and tamed.

      Just have to work on it and by the looks of it, you are. :)

      Thanks for your comment!

  27. June Collier


    I stumbled upon your post and as I read it, I kept saying he’s right on the money. There were a couple of points that made me go look in the mirror as a blogger myself.

    Then I get to your bio and see that you are 17 years old! What words of wisdom from such a young man.

    I myself am most guilty of trying to blog neutral friendly information. The thought of writing something offensive or even debatable has been something I have always avoided.

    But I see from your post that this is something that I should stretch myself to do. I mean that’s the whole point of blogging in the first place… to share our personal opinions right?!!

    Great blog post. I am definitely going to be taking advantage of some of the golden nuggets of advice you have offered.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Wow, thanks for your awesome comment, June! I am young, and I hope to aspire many that are young in the blogging game. :)

      Blogging is all about what is your own opinions and strategy that you base yourself on. And I see you starting to put up debatable content for your visitors. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by and giving me this classy comment! :)

  28. fazryx

    ok, that’s nice information, thank you for share

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks farynx. I hope to share more information with you guys!

  29. Tams

    You really hit the nail on the head with this article with so many points. I know being a 3 month blogger on a highly competitive topic, (just tell me I’m crazy now!) it is difficult to get comments. I see how you manage to get so many though with posts like this one… You have a unique voice when you type and it doesn’t come off robotic. I like that and look forward to reading more of your posts. I get traffic, but without the comments, I feel like my blog doesn’t really exist.

    • Samuel Pustea

      In some places in the blogging world, getting comments is just not easy. I understand. But like you said, with unique content and with a unique voice, getting comments is not that hard.

      Getting traffic is so important which you’ve got, but getting comments is welcomed too! :)

      Thanks for your nice comment, Tams!

  30. Sarah

    A well structured post to read. Very interesting and insightful. I find it hard to get comments on my blog as it is a niche blog and does not appeal to everyone. Thanks for sharing your tips.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Sarah. Even in niche blog, try to make it just a little more than the average. Watch and see how it grows. :)

  31. Andrew

    great post, it is full of the most useful information and hopefully if I can put these points to the test it will bring in lots of comments, Thank you for sharing this very interesting post with all of us.

  32. Reima

    Commentluv helps a lot, I am surprised that you are using it and not mentioned it in your post

    • Samuel Pustea

      Haha good one man! See, I didn’t have it installed at the time while I was writing this article.

      If I did, then I would surely add the commentluv. Will do next time :)

  33. John Ernest

    This sounds great! I often give importance to what people might say in response to my comment so I pretty much use the second tactic. What’s great about it is that not only do you generate comments like crazy, you also add a lot more info on your blog. And as they say, the life of a post lies not in the content but in the comments after. The discussions, critique and opinions that follow after add more content on a blog and a smart reader will analyze its comments to see if there is anything more of value.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Right! Everything you said so relevant to what is written here. Thanks for adding more awesome info to this article.

      Everything is about how to engage successfully your commenters and make them feel special. :)

  34. Shitij

    Well I have to admit eventhough your rankings are not so good but you have implemented tips to get comments at a very fast pace..nice post

    • Samuel Pustea

      I am not really trying to rank this article up, so I am not worried about that. Thanks for your comment.

  35. Black Deviant

    Like always I did, make relationship with other bloggers by leaving a comment to each other post

  36. Max Brown

    Great blog….thank you so much for some really important tips.

    I’ve just joined to get some tips on increasing traffic to my hydration info site and someone is raving about you ;)

    I’m going to start a blog and will be doing a lot of what you say here.

    Thanks so much again – any success will be partly due to your post.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks alot man!

      I do add some very good info to Warrior forum.

      I am glad that you have read this article and will follow some the tips I wrote here.

      Please continue to follow my blog and get more helpful stuff :)

  37. Isaiaha

    Great tips – I love comments and love the ability for others to interact.

    Your style is quite unique – I really enjoyed reading.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Comments are the interaction one needs on any blog!

      Thanks for the awesome comment Isaiaha.

    • Martin Cooney

      I just saw this pop up in my email so I must have subscribed :)

      Thought I’d pop back to see where the commenting is going but that’s the power of getting people to subscribe to comments, isn’t it?

      They come back and browse around a bit more – great for traffic etc

      • Samuel Pustea

        Hmmm, I wonder why this specific article showed up for you?

        Anyways, thanks for stopping by :)

        Commenting for traffic is harder than you think it is, but it is possible to generate some traffic from it.

  38. Dani Lad

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