Top 7 Ways To Get Traffic From Commenting

Top 7 Ways To Get Traffic From Commenting

After one has successfully created a blog the very next thing they head over is to write quality articles. Next they want people to read their articles and get feedback on their article in the form of comments.

These days many bloggers are commenting on regular basis on various blogs. Do you know why people comment on other blogs?

Most of these bloggers are generating huge amounts of traffic to their blog through their comments! Commenting costs us nothing and it is the best way to promote our blog and produce targeted traffic for free.

So if you are a new blogger who has written some marvelous articles but have no idea on how to produce traffic from comments then this post will be very handy to you. Commenting has become one of the most misunderstood art by many as they do it just for the sake of backlinks or for traffic.

But by commenting in the right way, you can build a strong relationship with the blog owner and sometimes with the regular visitors too who find your comments in every single post of others blogs. Thus you can gain new relationships as well as new readers to your blog.


Benefits of commenting on a blog:
• You will get a free backlink to your blog (maybe do follow).
• You will get targeted traffic for free.
• You can engage with other like minded bloggers.
• You can improve your blog’s visibility.
• You can gain new readers to your blog.
• You can promote your newly written posts by commenting in CommentLuv enabled blogs.


Tips to generate traffic by commenting:


Some bloggers are pulling huge number of visitors to their blogs by commenting on others blogs. I’m sharing some of the strategies that will help you to pull visitors to your blogs.


Leave long, pro comments:

Leaving long and professional comments will attract readers.

Just imagine if there are comments which were stopped with two or three words and comments with 7 or 8 sentences. Think which comment will attract author and reader the most.

Long or the short one, definitely a long one isn’t it.
Don’t stop simply by writing “Great post!” or “Thanks for sharing”. That will surely destroy your reputation and sometimes blog owners may mark it as spam and even if they did approve they won’t reply you back.

So, first thing you need to do is find at least five blogs in your niche, read their latest posts completely and carefully. Later leave a comment about that post with some points which you have read and finish it by asking a question if you really have some.

I believe the author will surely reply to your comment and answer your questions too. The comment which was replied by author will attract the attention of other readers who came to that post.

As a token of gratitude the author will visit back to your site and give his opinion on your posts. This is one of the best ways to produce traffic to your blog.

[My tip: Read each and every word on that post. This will help you to produce larger comments. Never comment for the sake of backlinks]


Be first to comment on the blog’s new post:
After finding a blog which is related to your niche, your next step is to be a first commenter on every new post that blog publishes.

This will surely attract other regular readers of that blog to visit your blog. Because when a reader completes reading a post, they will see your comment immediately after the post.

So there are chances for them to click your blog’s link. If you are able to comment on the articles being the first person, chances of getting traffic will be more compared to a comment which is written last.

[My Tip: Subscribe to their RSS feed, this will notify you when the blog publish a new post]


Have your own photo uploaded at Gravatar:
These days most of the bloggers are building their blogs on WordPress. WordPress uses Gravatar to generate image of the commentators.

So by uploading your picture at Gravatar, your picture will appear on your comments.

The comment with own picture will attracts a lot than one with no image. But be sure to upload your own photo rather than some other images.



[My Tip: If you don’t have your image uploaded at Gravatar, go to and upload your picture.]


Leave more comments on the blog:
This trick will works great if the blog lists top commentators on its sidebar. So the more you comment on the blog, the more the chances for you to get listed in that top commentators list.

[My Tip: Take some time and comment on older posts too]


Use CommentLuv plugin wisely:
Everyone loves to get rewarded and CommentLuv is one of such plugin which is used to reward commentators.

And if the blog has CommentLuv enabled, you’ve got an extra chance to produce traffic. Enter your blog’s URL in the website field and tick the CommentLuv box.

Then choose the article which you think as best. This will compel the reader to click.

Also do use CommentLuv in your blog too, as people visit your blog regularly to promote their new posts too so it is a kind of two way traffic.

[My Tip: Try to choose less viewed post on your blog. This will help you to increase views to such post]


Don’t forget to share the article, if CommentLuv premium is enabled there:
Nowadays many blogs uses CommentLuv premium. CommentLuv premium adds a feature that will generate more articles to choose from your blog by sharing that blog’s post in social networking sites.

You need to click Tweet, +1 and like buttons on CommentLuv premium enabled blogs. It will generate Twitter, Google plus and Facebook icons on your comment.

This will also attract a reader and makes him visit your blog. The blog owner might also visit you back and share your articles in their social networks and people will come from social networking sites too.



[My Tip: Click all social share buttons in CommentLuv premium box]


Try to answer the questions asked by others:
Read others comments too. They might have asked some questions which you might have know.

Answer to the question which you feel is within your reach. This will also produce some traffic to your blog.

You can also engage in others comments by sharing a word of encouragement.

[My Tip: Don’t answer to the question that you don’t know about. Answer only if you know something about it]


Are you equipped with these tips?


Try to implement each and every tip you have read in this post.

And show me how much you have learned by commenting in this post.

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and regular visitors.


Don’t forget to check out Ivin’s blog and course: Home Business & Commenting.


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Sri ram

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  1. Martin

    Everyone could use more traffic to their blog. However, it seems much harder than what you stated in this blog post, can it really be that simple?

  2. Nirmala

    Well written Sriram, hats off to you :)

    Hope it is a complete post about blog commenting which covers all the possible advantages.

    Your tips to generate traffic through comments are really good and am sure these are some genuine and powerful tips to get more comments for the blog posts.

    Am appreciating the way you write the articles which is understandable with your clear words, keep doing the same.

    My wishes to win this contest, keep rocking :)

    • Sriram

      I’m glad you liked it :)
      By applying this you can get comments to your blog.
      Thanks for your wishes ma’am!

  3. Sriram

    I can’t get what you have said. But the tips were easy to execute.

  4. Vijesh

    Hey these tips really work if we implement in the right way. leaving a long comment does have a positive impact from the authors point of view and asking questions too is a good way to make the author answer. even if they don’t answer at least a long comment will be approved so as to get a link back from the site in turn traffic.

    Nice tips Sriram…

    • Sriram

      Agree with you Vijesh. One should have to implement these tips properly in order to get better results.
      And a special thanks for you in helping me with this article :)

  5. Nwosu Desmond

    This is something few blogger know about, leaving long comment doesn’t guarantee being noticed except its of great quality. Ensure you add quality to the discussion, that way you will be raising curiosity in others to check you out, and replying to other commenters questions correctly can also put you on the spotlight and just like you have shared in this article will help one generate massive traffic to his site.

    I wished people will understand these things easily and stop leaving a one-line worthless comments on other people’s blog, when you dont have anything interesting to say, you must not comment than making a joke of oneself.

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing article, its worth bookmarking and sharing.

    • Sriram

      Yes, long comments must be the quality ones. And leaving one line comments like “nice post” will result in marking you as a spammer. And if you don’t understand what a post is about, it’s better not to comment.

      Truly appreciate your bookmark and share Nwosu!

  6. Kimsea

    Nice post Sriram! I love comments strategy and it my favorite one since I have been blogging.

  7. Suresh Khanal

    + 1 more tips
    Leave comment in such a way that the post author has to reply you and you can still continue discussion. The discussion going on in comment section is much more attractive than simply leaving a comment and author replying it. Let it go some more level deeper.

    • Sriram

      Agree with you, Suresh.
      The long discussion attracts a lot.
      But the discussion may not be the worthless and rude one, as it may gives negative impression on you.

      Thanks for the tip Suresh :)

  8. Gugulethu

    That’s a great post Sriram. Blog posting does work or else I wouldn’t be posting this comment haha… :D

    For this to work though make sure you subscribe to high traffic blogs that are frequently updated and usually get comments. Even if it’s Facebook comments use it and if your comment is valuable then people will check out the page you used to leave that comment.

    That’s a great post I also recommend blog commenting. Peace!!

    • Sriram

      Agree with you Gugulethu!
      Subscribing to RSS service of the blogs will helps you always be the first commentator. And even if it uses Facebook comments, you can make people follow you on facebook. Thanks for commenting :D

  9. Babanature

    Hello Sriram,
    What a lovely and nice post to get the middle week started :)
    The number one list i love doing is always trying to be among the top 10 to comments on blogs and i always try as much to make my blog post title as catchy as ever so when i post on a commentluv blog i will get some more traffic from the comments i make. THANKS…

    • Sriram

      That’s great Babanature!
      Top commentators list always attracts readers and make them visit your blog.
      And choosing the post attracting which have attractive title will also drive huge traffic. Thanks for commenting :D

  10. Joseph Adediji

    Awesome Post Sriram,
    these are indeed some awesome tips for getting more out of blog commenting. i love blog commenting and i usually recommend it a lot.
    thanks for the share and good luck with the contest!

    • Sriram

      Blog commenting drives huge traffic if it was done in correct way.

      Thanks for commenting bro and I glad you liked the tips :D

  11. Oscar

    Hi Sriram,
    Commenting is one of my biggest ways of traffic source. It sure does turn in a good amount I must say. Thanks for giving such a detailed article.

    • Sriram

      That’s nice, Oscar! That means you had implemented the tips already :D

  12. Victor Noah

    These is really nice bro tricks, i always like your writing skills. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Srikanth

    Greatly written Sriram. how we need to attract other bloggers through our comments and your tips are more valuable. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. anis

    This is an awesome post brother
    commenting is one of my most reliable ways to get traffic
    thanks for sharing man have a wonderful day ahead brother :D

    • Sriram

      Thank you Anis :D Commenting in the correct way has many advantages.

  15. Paul

    These are great blog commenting tips Sri. You are indeed smart way beyond your age.

    You can easily find dofollow blogs by googling “yourniche” + dofollow blogs you will find a slew of blogs in yourniche that will allow you to add your comment.

    Another SEO technique is to also comment on nofollow blogs. A well balanced mixture of both works great for SEO.

    • Sriram

      Agree with you, Paul.

      Dofollow links from higher Pagerank increases PR of the link and nofollow links increases traffic.

      Thanks for your comment,appreciation and tips Paul :)

  16. shameem

    Hey Sri,

    Great update about traffic from commenting i do agree the points which you have mentioned they all help to engage with readers and one point its really best strategy i gain decent traffic being commenting first on my favorite blogs meanwhile thanks for sharing

  17. Sriram

    Thanks for supporting Shameem! And I’m glad to hear that you get decent amount of traffic from your comments.

  18. Oscar

    Sure, you are right. I go with the fact that leaving long pro comments can raise peoples attention on you and this is really good for your blogging career as you will definitely turn that commenting strategy into a traffic sourcing stream. Anyway, I agree with the points made in this article and must comment your writing skills. It is a great guide. Thumbs up.

  19. marilyn cada

    great post and thanks for the mention Sriram. (in top commenter’s image). i became the top commenter through using your tips: commenting to the older posts and answering questions of other commenters :)

    • Sriram

      That’s my pleasure marilyn! Thats great to get featured on the top commentators list.
      Thanks for the support.

  20. Ramesh krishna

    Hi Sri Ram nice to see you here. You had written a great post here on Interent Dreams.

  21. AMaan

    Great Article Sriram. I completely agree with your points. I always try to ask questions, which helps in getting comments approved, as well engaging with people out there.

    • Sriram

      It’s more important to engage with other bloggers and I’m glad you are doing that.
      Thanks for the support, AMaan.

  22. Ryan Biddulph

    The pro comment note resonates with me Sri ;)

    Post longer comments, especially when you are first to the party and you will note an increase in blog traffic.


    • Sriram

      Agree with you mate.
      Thanks for the support!


    Its Really a Cool post Sriram ! Commenting on others blog develop skill in writing also ! Commenting helps to make true relation with the blog owner ! Thats why i love to comment :)

    • Sriram

      Agree with you Pokhara Tech!
      Thanks for supporting and wish you good luck!

  24. Suresh Khanal

    Yes, leaving long and pro comments helps you to get return. Another good trick can be to revisit the post again and again to continue discussion through commenting. Well going discussion attracts others and helps to gain attention.

  25. Vipin Pandey

    One of the great way to attract reader is going though long and pro comment. If we choose some top blogs and comment there first then we can get great traffic from there.


    • Sriram

      Agree with you! Thanks for commenting Vipin

  26. Mosam Gor

    Hello Sriram

    Great Share.!

    really yar hats off.!

    today in blogging blog commenting is the main source to drive traffic to your blog.. i appreciate thanks for sharing and writing. Keep it up Bro. :)

    stay updated and stay rocking ;) :P

  27. Jane

    Hey Sriram, great post, seriously. Blog commenting can be closely compared to guest posting where we can prove ourselves.

    The only thing is that it is sadly misused a lot for link building (again, just like people misuse guest blogging too!).

    Leaving premium genuine comments will surely pay off – I’ve gained not only traffic but also some nice connections via blog commenting.

    Good luck with the contest :)

    • Sriram

      Really? many thanks Jane ma’am! Agree with you ,commenting can be totally compared with guest blogging. And as you say, many people were misusing commenting only because they are not aware about the harmfulness of that.
      Thanks for the presence and comment ma’am!

  28. Emmanuel

    Hi Sriram,
    This is an interesting post. I like those insights especially with regards to those benefits for commenting.

    • Sriram

      Thanks for liking and supporting me Emmanuel :D

  29. pimo

    I totally agree with you that blog commenting help to provide back links and as well as traffic. I mostly found that blogs where I can get some useful information that I got from your post.

    • Sriram

      I’m glad that this post helped you! Thanks for the feedback and support Pimo!

  30. Kimsea

    That is really nice Sriram. I love commenting as the way to get traffic and backlink. Commenting is best to presented and easy for traffic.

    • Sriram

      Commenting the right way will get drive traffic for you. Thanks for the comment and support Kimsea.

  31. Mahaveer Verma

    I have been using the power of blog commenting to improve my traffic since a long time. For me blog comments are a really effective source of traffic.

    According to me the main points to be noted from this post is that it would be more preferred if you are the first few to comment on the post, then the comment must be genuine and useful. Also the proper use of commentluv works like a boon.

    Nice post Sriram. Enjoyed reading it.

  32. Sriram

    That’s great Mahaveer. Yes, the first comment is the most noticed one. CommentLuv is the boon for bloggers. Thanks for the contribution Mahaveer :)

  33. Anishma Kanaujia

    Hey Sriram, awesome article.. really appreciable…
    Even i have stared using CommentLuv ..It really helps like anything…
    great work…

    • Sriram

      I hope you the number of comments on your posts were doubled after you started using Commentluv. Doesn’t it?
      Thanks for the support Anishma.

  34. Anishma Kanaujia

    Yup you are right… and even Blogging communities do help in getting traffic to blog…hope you will agree… :)

  35. Sriram

    Absolutely, blogging communities are the best media to produce traffic and get comments.

  36. Harsh Shah

    Nice Share. yeah it is one of the best way to get back links and maintain your online presence. One thing I will say is add some Gags or Facts in Comments …this can attract more readers…. as i have tried many time and believe it works for me everytime…What you think Sriram ?

    • Sriram

      Thanks for the addition to the post Harsh. Of course, comments with facts will attract too.

  37. Sid

    Hi Sreeram. Blog commenting is such a wonderful method to build traffic and authority and here, you have described all possible benefits of it. “Ask the Author” method is my favorite to grab amazing traffic. Here, you just ask a valuable point to the author. Let him reply. Then prolong the conversation as much as you can without breaking the mood. This will not only give you wild exposure, but also brings mind blowing traffic. But be very careful while starting controversial threads as it may even lead unnecessary fights. Anyway, great effort and I also learnt many techniques for commenting. Hats off man. :D

  38. Sriram

    Deep conversation is the best way to get traffic and knowledge too ;) As you said, controversial comments may lead to fights, but that can be avoided by asking only useful questions. Thanks for the comment and support Sid.

  39. shantanu

    Hi , Sriram !
    That’s One of the Best Post i have ever read!

    You Have Covered Some of the Awesome points Here!

    I Wish you All the Best in your Blogging Career…
    Once Again
    AWesome Post !
    Good Luck :)
    and Thank you

    • Sriram

      Really? Thanks mate. Thanks a lot for your support and appreciation Shantanu.

  40. Belajar SEO

    Very nice topic, every blogger who searching for traffic should read this post and visit this blog frequently like me I give you G+ today.

  41. Monicai

    Yes, I am totally agree with you. Comments on blog is great way to get lots of traffic.

  42. Malcolm M. Thomas

    There are 70 comments under this article. People learn fast!

  43. Jasa Situs

    Nice idea,
    After reading this article, I learned to get visitors as easy as that.

    Thank You.

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