What I Think Of The “Content Is King” Argument!

What I Think Of The “Content Is King” Argument!

If you have been blogging for a while now or even just started your own blog recently, there is a good chance that you have heard the phrase “Content is King”.

Never wrong to follow or use the phrase as your motto.

I would encourage any blogger to create the best content on their respective blogs and make it their best as the king.



But unfortunately things have changed for that phrase in today’s blogging and I tell you why.

I will explain in this article why things have changed for web content and how we can bring back the “relevance” of the phrase!

But first, lets read what one of the industry’s top leader Copyblogger is saying about creating true content for this day and age:


“It all starts by understanding the people you’re writing for.”


Interesting thought! It make perfect sense!

When it is said and done, ask yourself this – “Will my content help my fans?” and “Is it something they are eager for?”

Let’s dig into the article and see what the true meaning is!



Overrated because of this reason!

It is way over used!

Before you guys start commenting and accusing me for saying that, let me explain.

Everyone reading this article can agree on this is:

The content marketing age of the internet is upon us.

Everywhere, content, content, content….

Bloggers everywhere are talking about how to take your content marketing to the next level.

These are the same people using the phrase “Content is King” all the time especially when they comment.

They claim that “Content is King” but almost never follow its true meaning!

That is the sad part and these people subliminally are destroying the phrase.

They are driving it into the ground which is really sad.



How are they giving “Content is King” a bad name every year?

I haven’t even been blogging since the last decade and everywhere I visit I see blogs talking about the same thing.

The same stuff that I am so sick of seeing!

Plus so many beginning bloggers are writing and producing these articles like they are the expert on the topic or (More Accurately), actually not performing on what they write!

The blogging world is being watered down by poor content everyday.

Every new blog being established has a very good chance of producing content that is most of the time worthless.

I don’t blame them because they are doing it blindly and don’t have much knowledge on how to blog at the start.

As I write a guest post for a certain blog on a topic called content creation or something close to it, they’re are always commentators saying or mentioning how ‘Content is King” and how they think it is the most important thing in blogging at the moment.

True and not true at the same time!

But when I check their respective blog after reading their comment, right away I can notice if they are one of the many bloggers who claim “Content is King” but don’t follow its true meaning.




 “Content is King” is not everything!

Yup, it isn’t.

This is why.

I am into bodybuilding and I am going to compare blogging with bodybuilding right now.

Content creation is just an element of the whole “thing” of blogging.

If you think content is the secret to blogging success, it is never going to happen for you unfortunately!

It is just a piece of that pie of “blogging success”.

Let’s say content creation is like the healthy eating in bodybuilding.

Healthy eating makes a very important part of bodybuilding and building muscle, but if you only eat and don’t do the other aspects of bodybuilding, you know what happens!

You need to weight lift, sleep enough hours, buy supplements, and so much more….


Same thing in blogging.

Each part of building a successful blog needs to be implemented in your everyday strategy and the work you do for your blog.


Everything has to come together and if you include everything alongside content creation, then you are on the way of actually making “Content is King” contain a relevant message.



How can we change and make “Content is King” really King?

I am no way saying the phrase is irrelevant to blogging.

Hell no!

What I am implying is we need to take “Content is King” more seriously and make the phrase have a true eye-opener meaning whenever a blogger or reader reads the phrase.


This is how we can make it better:

  • Let us bloggers write more posts about the true meaning of “Content is King” and remind ourselves how we should conduct ourselves with good content creation.
  • Do your research and target long tail keywords if you are looking to gain any sort of traffic from Google in 2013.
  • Write  content based on the current trends on social media and what the users on social media are looking for.
  • Never, ever, ever, ever write filler content for the sake of writing everyday. Never!!
  • Write less and have a specific reason why you are writing that piece of content.
  • Write articles to solve problems in your specific niche and find solutions for them
  • Create content that is entertaining while at the same time it is teaching.


There you go!

I am trying as hard as possible to follow the steps from above every time I create a new article for Internet Dreams.

Let’s come together and save the content creation process that is being pushed down the drain further everyday by stubborn bloggers! 


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Samuel Pustea

We are all looking to succeed online. It is the dream to build and own a very successful website. I am Samuel and I own Internet Dreams and blog here. Internet Dreams will teach you how to have that success with your site. If you are looking how to optimize and improve your site or blog, Internet Dreams will have content just for that. Blogging, social media, SEO, traffic generation, and much more! Internet Dreams covers it all.


  1. Jessy Rider

    I truly appreciate your approach. Content is king indeed and to make this phrase top above any other online prospects Google is trying hard as well. Google latest updates Panda and Penguin seeks for often fresh and new content in the sites and those who are keeping fresh content everyday getting good search engine result. Therefore acknowledging such views many website owners are now following relevancy issues carefully and maintaining their site contents time by as well. Thanks.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yes, the updates that Google is rolling out is making sure that your content is as quality as it can get.

      Maintain your blog’s content with quality and Google will pick it up nicely :)

      Thanks for your thoughts Jessy!

  2. Evan

    Yep; your title sure got my attention, and your format kept me reading all the way to the end! Good job. I agree that Content is not so big King like everyone shouts about it. I believe more that good promotion and hard work is much more important. there are a huge number of bloggers who posts one big article per month and still they are very popular and successful!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Wow, thanks for letting me know Evan.

      I try really hard to produce the best content and keep the visitors attention all the way through!

      Yes, all the ingredients to a successful blog need to be present in order to make the phrase the king again :)

      So good! Thanks for bringing that up! There are some bloggers who post less and promote alot more than they write.

      Those bloggers are doing extremely well!

  3. VKool

    Great post Samuel, “Content is King” is just a great phrase to intepret how important your content is for your blog/website. And it doesn’t neccesarily mean you have to write a lot to make your blog popular. What really matters is how beneficial your writing is to your audience.

    • Samuel Pustea


      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      That is exactly what the purpose of your content is for your blog.

      Thanks for the awesome comment VKool!

  4. Wade

    Great stuff Samuel! I believe that this term gets thrown around a lot by bloggers and a lot of them really don’t know what they’re even talking about…of course content is going to have to be king in order to gain readers and make money!

    Just go out and do your best when it comes to writing the content on your site, make it your own. Content may be King, but they aren’t good enough to write it that way yet!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Too much usage of this term is killing the meaning of the phrase Wade!

      What can you do but to warn and write about what is going on.

      Content will need to be one of the best aspects and the reason you are going to make money :)

      Excellent comment there ma man! ;D

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