Guest Posting Contest – Commenting Contest with a Twist!

Guest Posting Contest – Commenting Contest with a Twist!


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Samuel Pustea

We are all looking to succeed online. It is the dream to build and own a very successful website. I am Samuel and I own Internet Dreams and blog here. Internet Dreams will teach you how to have that success with your site. If you are looking how to optimize and improve your site or blog, Internet Dreams will have content just for that. Blogging, social media, SEO, traffic generation, and much more! Internet Dreams covers it all.


  1. Abdur Rakib

    Nice contest with some nice prizes.

  2. Vishesh Kachheda

    First of all congrats & best of luck for the contest!
    I am planning to write a post & mail it to you! :-)
    I already started looking up for some ideas ;-)
    I have 2 questions for you :-
    1. I can’t get what Ivin said “For every entry over 15, I will give $10″. What does it mean actually? What is this 15?
    2. Actually, I don’t have PayPal account :-( So if i’ll win, how will you pay me other than PayPal? I live in India, BTW.

    • Ivin

      Hello Vishesh. For every post entry above 15 I will add $10 to the prize money per entry. I’m sure we can pay with your desired payment portal.

      Good luck!

      • Vishesh Kachheda

        Okay. Thanks for the reply Ivin ;)
        Actually, I have submitted my details in PayPal & let’s hope that they review it & approve it!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Ivin for taking the time to answer Vishesh.

      I hope He answered your questions, Vishesh.

      Let’s see if your Paypal is approved! :)

  3. Asif Khan

    Cool contest Samuel.

    I’ll try my best to participate in this contest, let me get the article ready.

  4. zolar

    wow.. great contest. as I’m busy with my work I don’t think I could enter this contest. Good luck for participation

    • Samuel Pustea

      Ohh, too bad Zolar!

      You are missing some nice prizes but if you’re busy, I understand.

      Thanks for the encouraging the contestants!

  5. Rubber Flooring

    Wonderful Contest. Now I’m busy for my Rubber Flooring Business, I’ll try to submit guest post very soon here and hope I’ll win. Good Luck Everyone.

  6. Rameez Ramzan

    Indeed, this contest would be fruitful for me because I will get plenty of prizes.. I will send article on commenting. Just and watch

    • Samuel Pustea

      You will be getting so many things for every spot!

      I will wait for it Rameez :)

  7. Sriram

    Awesome contest. I’ll send you an article after I completed writing it.

  8. harshit

    impressive contest, i would love to participate and hope to win…

  9. harshit

    hello samuel i send you the article please check and revert me back on the same.

  10. Bipul Khan

    Interesting guest blogging contest, i would love to participate.

  11. Srikanth

    Great Contest, I’d like to participate. I’ll send u article as soon as possible. And when is the end contest ends ah ??

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yes, Please participate!

      This contest ends at the end of the month.

      So you still got plenty of time.

  12. Amrik Virdi

    Hi Samuel,

    I wish you all the best to you contest.
    I am looking forward to join this contest.

    Good luck.

  13. Chetan

    Hi Samuel,
    Chetan Here!!!
    I hope you will get thousand of contestant :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey Chetan!

      Thanks for stopping in.

      Maybe I will get something like that in my next contest! ;)

  14. Monika

    Awesome post, thanks a lot for sharing. I am a frequent visitor to your site and always find something that boost my knowledge.

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