How To Make An Email List!

How To Make An Email List!

how to make email list

Yup, I just received your email recommending a product that you use for your blog and how it gets you awesome results.

Actually, If I look more closely it is an email letting me know that you just published a new article on your blog.

I am so impressed by your work that I always enjoy getting your emails from your brand.


Would you like your subscribers to think that way?

I know I would.

I do think my subscribers appreciate my work and love my work that is being sent to their inbox.


But, you have come here to read on how to make your own email list.

I will show you guys on how to make a email list.

The more emails you add to your email list, the more your influence increases and your pile of money grows!

An email list is one of the most important areas to own on the internet.

With your email list, you can communicate directly to your subscribers and your closest fans.

You always alert you subscribers of new updates to your blog through your email list, and they are the ones who get notified first.

They also see the inside offers and deals that no else can see who come to your blog.


One word I have to say for you guys to make an email list.


This plugin will take your subscribing power to the next level!

I will talk more about OptinSkin in this article. So stick around!


How To Make An Email List! – Tip #1

Create beautiful sign-up forms!


If you are looking in any to get any new emails, your forms have to be top-notch!

Your forms are the gateway to your subscriber kingdom and why not make their entrance grand!

Designing on the internet is not an easy job and one you don’t really want to do.



how to make an email list


You don’t have to design your own forms. OptinSkin has the best designs around on the internet.

OptinSkin is the only plugin you need to make your email list.

The dashboard behind is so easy to use, you can literally create your best-looking form in minutes!


optinskin dashboard


Dominate your competition with the best forms on the internet and join Internet Dreams in making your email list even bigger.

Internet Dreams is a proud user of OptinSkin!


How To Make An Email List! – Tip #2

Host a contest that requires them to join by email!


Another favorite tip that I enjoy writing about.

A tip that has worked and will continue to work for Internet Dreams.

Hosting a contest can make anything grow on your blog!

Why not use a contest to make your email list.

Select a wonderful prize that they would love to receive and don’t ever hesitate to make the prize, money.

Money will make many want to join your contest and will gladly give you their email address that you can add to your email list.

Create a form by OptinSkin, and add the form to the contest post by using the short code.

After doing so, advertise about your contest and see your email list grow so much!


Don’t miss out on a contest being held here on Internet Dreams!


How To Make An Email List! – Tip #3

Create a “Landing” page!


Landing pages have always worked for many to gather emails for their email list.

If you visit many blogs around especially the larger ones, they will have a beautiful landing page that describes their services.

But mostly, they are giving you a legit reason for you to sign up with your email, reason being to receive updates right in your inbox.

I recommend using Premise by Copyblogger Media to create amazing landing pages!

Internet Dreams now has a landing page and if you go here, you can see it right away.


Internet Dream's Landing Page


Don’t hesitate for any of you to sign up and follow Internet Dreams through email.


How To Make An Email List! – Tip #4

Create a “Thank You for Commenting” page!


A smart strategy to create is every time a visitor does an action on your site, direct them to a page that encourages them to sign up to your emailing list.

One way would be to create another page that will be directed to those that comment on your blog.

Every time your reader or visitor comments, they will be redirected to this page that will have a sign-up form from OptinSkin.

Here is our “Thank You” page:


Internet Dream's Thank You Page


If you comment on this article or any other one, this page will be placed in front of you.

This makes them feel welcomed on your blog and saying thank you on that page will increase the chance of capturing their email.

This strategy will make your email list grow some more.


How To Make An Email List! – Tip #5

Give them an incentive to sign up!

incentive to sign up

People are accustomed to receive something in return when they give some of their own property.

Their email is property to them.

Just like they use money to buy something, they expect something in return such as the item they bought.

Give them something as reason to sign up.

It is in our genes to receive something and will end up giving up something for it.

Use this as your edge.

If you have written an e-book, give them that in return for their email.



I wanted to show you guys some examples that can spark your creativity on what to give in return..


copyblogger signup page



entrepreneur's journey signup


How To Make An Email List! – Tip #6

Buy Solo Ads!


Solo ads are ads that you create and pay an owner of another email list to send your ad to his email subscribers.

The ad you create is basically an email that will be sent to the other owner’s email list.

If you create a landing page with an offer on it such as an e-book, the clicks you receive to this landing page will have a great conversion.

Conversion is great when you offer an incentive for them to sign-up.

The payment is based on the amount of clicks you receive from the subscribers.


How To Make An Email List! – Tip #7

Create sick, awesome Articles and Content!


Your blog should look professional and contain content that your readers and visitors will be attracted to.

Regular content today won’t cut it.

Regular content won’t take you far and will not help you stand out!


Creating articles with your heart will help you gain your new subscriber’s heart.


That is the point of the creation of your articles; you will surely make your subscriber’s heart happy when you help them with their problem.

Plus, your content should have strategy as well to it.

Strategy to target long tail key words and other bloggers’ attention.

Many new visitors are going to decide to give you their email based on the articles you write and the content you produce on your blog.

So make sure to produce insane, awesome articles and content!


Recap on How To Make an Email List:


This is gold information that you can’t ever miss!

Tips and techniques that have been said here are tips that I use all of the time on Internet Dreams.

I mean, when you first land here on Internet Dreams you can clearly see my landing page and how I offer you guys the opportunity to sign up.

I show you ways that can help you make an email list and be a proud owner of one.

Every day, you have to work out ways to gather more emails and make your email list bigger and bigger.

Work hard and you will make an amazing list!

So, how do you make your email list?


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  1. Rajkumar Jonnala

    Great way to create and grow the email subscription of blog. Promoting free products to get subscribed is the strategy used by many professionals today.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yes it is.

      That is why I made sure to include that in this article :)

      Thanks for the comment Rajkumar

  2. Tushar

    Thanks for explaining the steps involved in creating an email list with optinskin. It was a good learning experience for me.

    • Samuel Pustea

      OptinSkin is the best to use if you are looking to build your email list.

      Nice to see you are having success with that Tushar!

  3. Melly Schug

    This is really a smart way to improve more your email list for your blog and I learn something. thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful article.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Melly, you will now be able to succeed in your list building :)

      Thanks for your visit and comment!

  4. Annamalai Nagappan

    One can also make use of pop up dominator plugin which pulls lot of subscriptions. I am gonna have a attempt at optinskin.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Sure, and that is also not a bad plugin to have :)

      Try OptinSkin now and see if that works better!

      Thanks for the comment

  5. Charles Rodrigues

    Wow, nice points to build up the email list. I am surely gonna try out a few points.

    • Samuel Pustea

      These points will build you such a great email list Charles!

      Try them!

  6. Sawicka

    Thanks for this complete tips Samuel, I was planning to go after Building an Email List this 2013. I hope I can start it before next moth with this Awesome email list wordpress plugin.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yes, start this year!

      Find perfect plugins that can help you build your list such as optinskin and aweber, and get started in building that list :)

      Thanks for the comment Sawicka!

  7. Praveen Soni

    Hello Samuel,
    i am agree with all your points and you give a brief description to make an e-mail list. all these points are very important for a newbie blogger. now i am going to use few points :)
    thanks for the sharing :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for agreeing Praveen :)

      You are agreeing and going to use some amazing tips that work for me!

      Thanks for the comment man :)

  8. Fayeez Ahmed

    Greate article and some good tips. I am also investing time into learning how to tackle the issue of getting subscribers and people onto my blog. I’ve only set up about 3 months ago, so it’s still slow, but I know if I persevere, the rewards will be great! :)

    Thank you very much

    • Samuel Pustea

      Good job!

      Knowledge is key to improving. Keep adjusting and constantly teach yourself on how to optimize your blog for more subscribers.

      Thanks for the comment and engagement Fayeez!

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