How to Start a Blog and Make Money like Jason Bourne!

How to Start a Blog and Make Money like Jason Bourne!

how to start a blog and make money


How to start a blog and make money is a question that has been asked by everyone at a certain point.

When we thought of this idea at first, it got us really excited!

When the organization, CIA, found a talented prospect going into their system, they were excited too!

That prospect and the one they trained was called Jason Bourne.


It might be that you are just thinking of this idea right now.

The idea of having a successful blog and making money from it.


The CIA organization put Jason Bourne to work after they trained him; and they put him to work as soon as possible.

So you took action, and searched for help.

You may have come here through social media or searched for help on Google.

It doesn’t matter how you came here, as long as you arrived at this article or just plain help somewhere else.


No matter where you go, you are still searching for a guide on how to start a blog and make money.


A complete guide that will guide you to the final destination of having a successful blog.

At the same time, a step-by-step plan that will recommend me certain products or certain elements that make up a successful blog.


Here today, you have found a guide that will teach you how to create a blog and make money!



set-up the correct platform

Set-up the correct Platform

With many options in life, they are many options in the blogging world.

At the very beginning, you will need to choose the correct platform in order to to satisfy your expectations.

Since many of us cannot work with the coding of the web, we will need to work with the system already designed in place.


If you haven’t heard of these systems, also known as CMS, you will hear about them right now:

  • Blogger
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Joomla!
  • TypePad
  • Tumbler


Among all of these names they are still two more categories that these names fall under:


Self-Hosted blogs


Hosted blogs


My preferred choice to go with is a self-hosted blog because of the many reasons it comes with, including the responsibility of fully owning it yourself.

I can write a whole article describing the differences between the two, but I won’t bring up that discussion.

As we move forward based on what I just said, from the list above, we eliminated about half of the options in that list.


Now, we have a handful of system options that we can choose from: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and etc…


Since more than 10% of websites found on the Internet are using the system WordPress, this clearly shows me that this system is way ahead of the others in terms of the “competition”.

The stat also shows me that WordPress can be trusted, it is developed fully, and can give you satisfying results if you work with it.

I use WordPress for Internet Dreams and there is no other content system that can take its place.

internet dreams uses wordpress

As you are training to become like Jason Bourne, you need choose to create a blog on WordPress.

WordPress is a solid course in which your training is found.


blogging for a cause

Think of the right Domain Name

As you are continuing to train to be like Jason Bourne, you will need to find your style of fighting and identify your cause for which you will be fighting for.

Jason eventually identified his cause from his training by staying away from the organization that made him.

As you start a blog, your blog will need its cause identified and the name that others will identify it by.


In the past, many bloggers out in the field suggested that a blog’s name contained or include a certain keyword phrase or certain keywords.

I have a couple of problems with that.

One, the name will be cumbersome and two, they are trying to rank the whole website for a specific keyword in Google.

That is dangerous since Google has revealed through its updates that they are disregarding or even penalizing sites that follow this practice.


What I recommend is to search the initial cause for what you want to do online and actually find the name that you do like and something you want to build upon.

I created the name “Internet Dreams” because I want to make people’s dreams a reality on the Internet.

Internet Dreams

That’s my “cause”!


choose the right hosting

Choose the right Hosting

Jason Borne born is now starting to become a real fighter and an expert one.

He was one of the best kind coming out of the program!

He started to work for the same organization that trained him, but we all know what happened after that!

As we arrive at this step of the process, hosting is a topic that is discussed by many, many bloggers.


I am not surprised at all since hosting is a very important topic to talk about anyways!

Since there are many companies that a new blogger can go with, this step can be quite difficult for that new blogger to make a decision upon.

They’re also many opinions out there that may bombard the poor, new blogger!


In this article, quite obviously, I will write about my two recommendations for you to consider.

These two recommendations are based on what I’ve read and what I am using at this moment.

Internet Dreams is hosted on GoDaddy (This links will support me, thanks!) and I have no complaints about it.


It has been slow at times, to be honest, but that is a common problem among all the hosting companies.

The other recommendation I have for you today, is Wpengine (This link will support me, thanks!).

Wpengine is one of the best hosting companies to go with and a hosting service unique to hosting WordPress blogs.

how to start a blog and make money


install the wordpress platform

Install the WordPress Platform

Here is why I want you to go with WordPress.

It is so darn easy to install!

It has been said that you can install it in just 5 minutes!


I know it didn’t happen to me, but I’m sure it has happened to many out there.

As Jason Bourne was starting to get a feel for his new lifestyle, at the same time he was out passing his own expectations as a fighter.

Jason was so good at fighting that he could defend his own self from a very large and powerful organization that was hunting him 24/7!


As a blogger with WordPress, you have an advantage over those other bloggers that don’t use WordPress.

What I mean by that is Google favors WordPress quite a bit and your blog will have a stronger influence in Google’s rankings.

I have two of the best articles, as a guide, for one to install WordPress as easily as possible in the shortest of time.


How to Install WordPress – Complete WordPress Installation Tutorial


How To Install WordPress And Start Blogging – Step-By-Step Guide


buy a beautiful theme

Buy a Beautiful Theme

Now the fun begins!

It’s like you’re going to a car lot and picking out the best looking car out of all the cars in the lot.

The cars are all the same make, but each one is designed uniquely to hit certain people with amazement.

That is comparable to when you look for a theme to dress up your new installed WordPress blog.


I know it comes with the standard theme, but in order to make serious money, you’ll have to stand out with a beautiful design.

Design is a very important factor in the conversion range of your internet marketing.

Having a beautifully designed theme shows that you are professional in your work and someone who can be trusted as a professional.


Same as it goes with hosting; there are many options to choose from this pool as well.

With opinions floating all over the Internet, it can be quite difficult to choose a certain theme.

But these two recommendations for your blog’s theme is all you need at this stage!


One, Beatheme (This link will support me, thanks!), is what Internet currently uses.



For the price, it has many designs that you will fall in love with.

Just look at them! They’re so many to choose from!






Plus, they look professional at the same time.

If that doesn’t please you, you can check out elegant themes (This link will support me, thanks!).

how to start a blog and make money


Just like Beatheme, they have a wide range of selections you can choose from their showcase.



The price isn’t bad either and the service they give is one of the best around!


customize your blog

Customize your Blog

Jason Bourne, while out there fighting to keep himself alive, was always changing his look and the way he moved.

He never stayed in one country, used different kinds of passports, and associated with different kinds of people that helped accomplish his objective.

Now that you have set up a WordPress blog and found a theme that you like, at this point you have the power to make your blog work for you.


This is what you can call “customization”.

One of the first way to customize your WordPress blog is the many plug-ins that this content system comes with.

Officially, a huge directory of free plug-ins is always available:

WordPress Plugin Directory

If you like this article and would like to see my recommendations of plug-ins that I use and plug-ins that are the best around, check out:

Top WordPress Plugins to Reach the Top.

top wordpress plugins


With WordPress, you have the power to customize the look of your theme as well.

Go to your dashboard:



When you installed Beatheme for your blog’s theme, you can easily access the customization menu that comes with the installed Beatheme theme through the dashboard menu.



Looking below, this is where you can customize a whole bunch of your features for the theme.



You can also use the Appearance option in the WordPress menu to change different areas, or add different stuff to different areas on the theme of your blog.



create and produce excellent content

Create and produce excellent Content

Jason Bourne was an excellent fighter and he knew exactly how to get himself out of certain situations, most all situations!

Now that you have set up your blog, selected a theme you like, customized the way you want it to look, you now have a full functioning blog.

But to be honest, it is totally worthless at the same time.


You know why?

There is no content around. No articles. No nothing.

Now is your never-ending job to create excellent content and promote it after your published it.

If you’re eager to start creating articles, here is a perfect guide on how to create a good article:

How to write a Good Article!


How to Write a Killer Article like a Killer!



If you don’t like writing but love to create videos, here’s an article that will show you how to create an engaging video and the best way to get the most views out of it.

7 Ways to Create More Engaging Videos That Rank Higher in YouTube


grow your presence on social media

Grow you presence on Social Media

Everywhere Jason Bourne went, he had connections no matter what.

He also knew how to communicate and win people over to his side or convince someone to do a favor for him.

This is how you will have to be on social media.


I’m not talking about threatening people or forcing them to do something, but you be friendly and create some sort of connection with them.

Go on Facebook, get yourself on twitter, and set up a Google plus profile.

On each social media site, please talk to people!


Offer to help them with anything.

This is how you gather friends and in return you will receive shares and favors.

Simple! This is what social media is all about!



Gather Emails for your List

Again, everywhere Jason Bourne went, he was gathering all kinds of information that he thought would help him in that moment or the near future.

As a must for every blogger, gathering e-mails for your list is going to be a must job for you.

First step, you’ll need to select a reliable autoresponder service.


I use AWeber (This link will support me, thanks!).


It is one of the top autoresponder services to use and everywhere you ask, they are using AWeber.


Secondly, this is just an additional option, you can buy a plug-in called OptinSkin (This link will support me, thanks!) that provides you with excellent opt in form designs.



In order to “attract” more e-mails, a beautiful design in place will make that happen.

Internet Dreams uses OptinSkin and the forms you see on the blog are from using OptinSkin.


promote products as affiliate marketing

Promote products as Affiliate Marketing

The same organization that was hunting down Jason Bourne, they were also promoting the idea that he was a dangerous man and a convict.

We all know that Jason was none of that and just wanted to get out of the service.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative method to make money through blogging.


Gathering an e-mail list is one of the best ways to make commissions on a certain product.

That is why it is important to gather a large list, right from the start.

You can also promote certain products right in the content itself.


I advise you that you first gather a good number of e-mails and a good number of followers for your blog before you start promoting products as affiliates.

I am not implying to not try or start, but don’t get disappointed if you don’t make any sales.

The best service I use to find products to promote as affiliate products is ClickBank.


develop a product or offer a service

Develop a Product or offer a Service

Throughout all the years of the chase to find Jason Bourne, Jason developed his own way of staying away and almost made himself untouchable.

This step is one of those steps that you will arrive to much later in the future, after you have a successful blog in place.

This article can be like an approved blueprint all the way to making serious money through your products.


I advise you to first create a following and gather fans of your content.

And many of those!

First, start creating an income stream from affiliate marketing and then you can create a more lucrative stream of money from the products you created.


If you want to make serious money off of the Internet, the best way to go at it is to create a service or produce products that are going to be loved by people.

Product creation is the ultimate step in making money from your blog.

It will take time to create a product, but it will be worth it.


But offering a service, if you’re good at it, can be opened as an income stream right away.

That’s if you have some extra time from working the necessary tasks of growing your blog such as content creation and promotion.


You now have the right material presented; go out and create a successful blog.

Through this article, I told you guys everything you need to know on how to start a blog and make money.



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  1. Lisa

    Samuel, an awesome post! Love how you kept the movie theme in it and loaded it full with a lot of information. I’ve really got to read your info on creating videos and get moving on it, thanks for sharing this piece.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for stopping by Lisa!

      I wanted this post to be a little different and entertaining at the same time. ;)

      Thanks for sharing it as well!

  2. AJ Sefton

    A lot of good advice. However, surely Google favours Blogger over WordPress given that they own them? WordPress is a commercial unit whereas Blogger is not.

    • Michael

      WordPress works very well with Google. It is very easy to get good results without even using a plugin, but there are several excellent FREE plugins in the WordPress repository to make it even sweeter.

      I used Blogger when I first began building sites, but have found (self-hosted) WordPress to be much more powerful and versatile.

      • Samuel Pustea

        Thanks for the comment and reply Michael, and thanks your comment too AJ!

        Everything Michael said is par on the truth.

        It’s just more powerful and you will get much more results from it.

        Just that, is the reason WordPress beats Blogger any day of the week.

  3. Fahad

    Hey Samuel,
    Thank you for this guide! I’m on blogger platform still but I’m gonna move to self-hosted wordpress. Will follow your guide down the track.

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