Five Key Ingredients that Make Up a Successful Guest Article

Five Key Ingredients that Make Up a Successful Guest Article

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Guest Blogging, I do it very rarely but I love it when I do.

In my blog posts I always try to carry a message for the new readers so that I can get some attention from them. Well, a blog post without anything new, who would like to read, huh?

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five key ingredients makes up successful guest article


So I try my best to put something new.

But it’s not that you have to invent or discover something and write about that in your blog post. I’ve seen many authors who writes the same old things but gets good attention from readers.

Why so?

It’s because they have their own style of writing and their own language which when people reads just falls in love. Here in this article of mine I’m going to point out the most important ingredients of a guest article:


1. A Standard

When you’re writing an article for your own blog readers it’s important to preserve the quality of the blog post, but when you’re writing for another blog your blog post must require some good standard so that even the advanced users like the content and appreciate it.

Your writing needs to have some magic in it. I don’t say that you have to create something extraordinary or use bombastic words, but at least your article must carry such information which everyone would like to read and share.

The article should be written in professional way without any silly mistakes in spelling or grammar.

Yes of course, you can spend some time in proof-reading your article before sending it to the owner of the guest blog.


2. Understanding

If you’re writing about a topic which is mainly for the advanced users then your article will not be able to target the beginners and mediocre.

Now if you want to target everyone then you must first give an intro of your topic, so that even the beginners understand the topic you’re talking about. Only then they will continue reading your article, otherwise they will just close the page and start reading something else.

You should also add a conclusion or a summary at the end so that everyone can go through it and get the whole idea at a glance.

This will help the beginners and mediocre to understand your topic more clearly without any doubts.


3. Engagement

This word don’t just mean that you need to reply to comments and catch your readers in social sites.

The word “Engagement” means that you need to engage with your readers. This means that your article must have to have a person in it.

Your readers must feel like someone is talking to them and telling them something interesting and informative.

If your article fails to engage with the readers then they may not continue reading it. So you should write your articles in first person as if you’re directly talking with them.


4. Be Yourself

This means that whenever you guest blog you need to be yourself.

Your style of writing and your style of presenting the content must be preserved. Your new readers must interact with your style of writing.

And this is what we call Personal Branding.

You must be able to brand yourself with the help of your writing so that more and more people would like to connect with you, know more about you and read more of your content.


5. Influence

If you’re able to influence others through your articles or your work then that means you’ve started branding yourself.

But how to influence others? It’s not that easy to influence others.

At every moment hundreds of bloggers in this blogosphere are trying to influence people.

You can too; but at first you have to start with a small community. In a big community, people may not give much attention to you, rather they will hear to another blogger who has already build his base.

So if you start influencing a small group of people then they will automatically start following you and your work.

They will spread your works and will help you in building your base. And in that way you will be able to expand your reach and influence more and more people.



So these are the points I wanted to highlight in this article.

We all try to get the benefits of guest blogging by creating some good content, but we can get those benefits only when we will be able to influence more and more people through our content. If your guest article is unable to engage and influence new people then that means your efforts are going in vain.

And if that’s the case then you should really stop writing for the guest blogs because that will be of no use.

Rather you should take a break from guest blogging and try to find out what actually people want. Then you can work on those ingredients I just highlighted and reap the benefits of guest blogging.


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  1. Sohan

    Awesome post Avi, It helped me lot figure out some of my weakness,
    Thanks fro sharing..

    • Avi

      I’m glad that my article could help you to overcome your weakness. TY!

  2. Lisa Chaves

    I must agree with your ideas. Guest blogging is considered to be a legitimate backlinking method in the eyes of Google. But you must also remember to not overdo it.

    • Avi

      Yep! it’ the best way to enter an already established community. I love it but I do it very rarely. Overdoing anything is always a bad idea as you said.

  3. Logo Maker Online

    Honestly the toughest part is to get the permission of the blogger to allow for guest posting with a link back, any suggestion ?

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