What Bloggers Can Learn From Tha Superbowl!

What Bloggers Can Learn From Tha Superbowl!

For those who are not familiar with the Superbowl, it is an American holiday.

Well, not really. By the public, yes. In reality, no. It can also be considered the “World Cup” of North America for those who are soccer fans, but I am pretty sure you all know what the Superbowl is. The Super Bowl has always been the most watched American television broadcast, with this year’s Superbowl XLVI being the most watched ever. I live in the USA, and can say from experience that this event takes over the whole “Superbowl” Sunday. It even seems to take over the whole week prior to the game!

bloggers can learn from the Superbowl

Everybody is talking about it. Radios are pumping out their comments. The whole media is obsessed with this Superbowl!

As those who watch the Superbowl like I do, know that one of the big things that captures alot of attention are the commercials.

Man tha Commercials! What haven’t they been able to come up with!

From a flying baby stealing a bag of Doritos to dogs bringing beer to everybody at a party.

Have to say I enjoy seeing them myself. So as I was looking at this year’s super bowl, I was thinking, “These companies must be doing something well to be able to get a spot in the game, and how can a blogger implement some of the strategies they use.” Yes, I am a Patriots fan and they lost. :(

Well, that’s life. Back to this idea I was talking about. I know these companies have money to come up with these amazing ads, but how can we take their strategies and bring them onto a blogging level. A level where we can grow and display our blog to the mass of readers out there! You know? Let’s see em now.

What can I learn from the Superbowl?

Many things. That’s why I have decided to write this. Everything in life, when looked at carefully, can teach us and inspire the observer. That’s where we will observe and configure these strategies into our own blog and life.

They give it all they got.

performance of your article

Why wouldn’t you? At such a big stage, you would do everything perfect, no matter what! They have the same mentality. They know if they invest a great deal in what they want to build, the reward will be great! Same with bloggers. Investing in your blog with time and money should be a key aspect in your success. Not doing this is a deadly mistake.

I agree that not every article is going to be your best, but if you think you got an awesome idea and you’re really excited about it, then pour your heart into the flow of writing it. Make it as perfect as you can.

I ain’t saying to spend a lot of money right away. Absolutely not! I don’t encourage this. But when spending on something you need and would improve on something, then that is a smart step towards success.

They work all year round to make the Superbowl commercial their best.

I was listening to a sports radio station in Boston, and the discussion between the two talk hosts came to the commercials.  This was the day after the Superbowl. Of course they were talking about their favorite ones and how he liked the one with Clint Eastwood. But what caught my ear was what one host said. He said that the company, Bud Light, on Tuesday, are going to get to work on their next “eye-prize” commercial.

They take Monday off. I was like wow! They start right away! Not 6 months before, not 1 month before, but one good whole year! Same with your article, which can act like a commercial. Work hard, spend time with, and tweak it so that it can be your best one possible. Believe me, doing this can have a great benefit to your blog.

The viewer count on this day is crazy, giving them good exposure.

Do you dream of having your article be on fire? You can! Just follow what I said before I said this. When your article does light up and spread, you’re getting some sick exposure. Views are climbing high as mountains.

It’s all worth it! To be able to get results like, you will have to do some intense promoting.

I read this fro the LA Times,

The Fiat 500 Abarth “Seduction” commercial starring model Catrinel Menghia that aired during the Super Bowl helped increase traffic to Fiat’s site by 138%. (Fiat)

When having a popular article that spreads around the community, your traffic will increase. This is a given. Why not display your best opportunity in that specific article.

Only the best is allowed.

only best allowed

Guest Posting??? Ring a bell? For those who have written not-so-good articles – “How did you do?”. Not well I am sure. If you did well, please let me know! Writing for others (even for yourself) should be a set standard of your most excellence. Don’t be disappointed like everybody else has been.

Promotion is at its most.

Popular articles have the audience of your blog. Everybody has read it. People are talking about it. Social Media has caught it as well.

Promote what else is on your blog.If you have newsletter signup opportunity, put a spot in there somewhere. Link from that place to another article that you would like to expose it more. Doing this ensure some if the visitors are going to subscribe or just stay and visit again.

They bring their “A” game.

I am not going to talk about the article again just because you have already done the “A” game in that.

But why not bring it wherever you go and respond?

This makes you more enjoyable and set a “that guy is classy”.  Bringing your “A” game could be like giving all your comments a pleasurable response. Continuing to work on the post in order to satisfy more of your audience. Answering any questions or suggestions with “respect” and “thank you’s” is ensuring your class act.

Food is tha best at this game.

food is your article words

Remember, your blog is like the League. Your most popular article is tha Superbowl. Then what is food?

Food is your words and writing quality. Feeeeedddd, your audience with your unique way of saying your ideas. That is your food. Don’t try to be the same 99% of bloggers out there. They fail, just because they put no life into what they do.

Counting down the Seconds!

Setting up your best articles like the Superbowl is an enjoyable thing. Seeing visitors enjoy and comment on what you’ve worked hard makes you want to make it even better. There is a reason these companies succeed and just learning form the outside of it, helps us get a grasp on how it works. The Superbowl as a whole is “money-making” machine like not other!

Share this article with your friends and others who are struggling on how to make a Superbowl. They might need it!

Just keep in mind these thoughts, and sure enough you can even win tha Superbowl!

Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Michael Belk

    Samuel i think if we look hard enough at anything there will be little lessons. The concept is all about teamwork which is the basis of blogging. Every aspect is like a member of the team. Marketing, Article writing, commenting, etc.

    • Samuel

      Wow! Like the way you put that. So true. It is all about teamwork. Thanks for your input!

      I have installed commentluv, so now you can display your link. ;)

  2. Jason Scott

    Hey Samuel. Treat every blog like it’s the Superbowl, because you never know who will drop in at any given time. If you want to be a great influence, produce top-notch material as consistently as possible. I can see that, like me, you’re working at that.

    …Now, let’s skip over and see what Michael’s got going on :)

    • Samuel

      Another great comment from you, Jason! People follow this guy!! He knows what he’s talking about.

      Michael’s got somethin, somethin ova there! :)

    • Michael Belk

      Wow thanks for the mention Jason, a friend of mine really liked your comment on my blog. You are the reason I started giving people a chance to show their reactions to the post. thanks

  3. Mathew Day

    Like that comparison you made, and the pics ain’t too shabby either.

    Just tweeted this post for ya, too. ;)

  4. Samuel Pustea

    Yup, I love the pics, especially the girl ;) Thanks for tha tweet!

  5. Jym | Blog Alchemist

    Nice work Samuel, love the lessons you’ve taken from the superbowl.

    I’m not that much into entertainment but a spectacle like this one with sportsmen or women at the top of their game can be highly inspirational.

    Also it’s an incredible attention draw which is what a successful blog needs to be to get good numbers of eyeballs coming past!

    Keep it up mate, thanks for sharing!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for your comment, Jym! Sorry for the late reply. For some reason, your comment was marked as spam! Weird?!? I was just checking my spam, and I saw your comment. I was like, “I know that dude!” :)

      Yea man, there are some great lessons that can be learnt from the Super Bowl.

      That’s why I wrote this article and the fact that it helps my blog be successful, like you said.

  6. Michael Belk

    I am glad you have this plugin. You should see more traffic and comments. i know it will help me.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Me too Michael! I am already seeing results!

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