What Did Richard Branson Say About Blogging?

What Did Richard Branson Say About Blogging?

richard branson blogging

Such a big celebrity saying something?

I was pretty shocked myself to find out that Richard Branson himself blogs on a regular basis!

Never knew that before!

That is why I was so excited when I read his article about blogging.

I am a big fan of Richard!


His work with Virgin has grown really large and I have become a big fan of his products.

You have probably heard about Virgin Atlantic or Virgin America?

They’re names of his airlines he owns and that was the first time I heard about him.


If you guys know about it, you have probably heard or even read his new article on his blog explaining his love for blogging.

He really enjoys using this means of communication and growing his fan base through it.

Since blogging is all about sharing the lasted news in the industry, I definitely wanted to write about this wonderful news and share some of my thoughts with you guys.


I will take some of the his points from the article and talk about what that means for me and also for you!

healthivate richard branson blogging


These specific points I have chosen are the most important to me and ones that made me think a  little bit.


“Personally, I think blogging is good for your health too. It keeps the mind engaged and is an outlet for creativity, as well as encouraging communication.”

richard branson blog

Couldn’t agree anymore! It gets mind the mind engaged and the juices flowing.

I really had to think hard sometimes when I was coming up with words or the title of my next guest post.

It keeps your brain in good health and stretches the limit of your thinking!


Plus, it gets you the money. What’s better than that?

“Throughout my life I have had a passion for health and wellness.”


So am I!

So great to know, Richard, that you are into fitness just as I am!

For those that are not well familiar with my passion, fitness and bodybuilding is something I live and breathe.

My love for it shows through the image at the bottom of my “about” page.

Check it out!

“As a business area, health and wellness is proving resilient, and some fast-moving companies are finding success.”


The health industry has been around for quite a while now and his comment on the “resilience”  of this niche shows that it has stayed around and even grown every year.

I have been aware of several companies and brands that make up this specific niche.

I myself use some of the products and get the information from there.

These brands and blogs have been growing really nicely and I have seen their own subscriber count go up.


“They [bloggers] are able to share not just their own views, but reflect the sentiments of wider communities and make a real difference to the world.”


Wow, he said bloggers can make a real difference in the world?


Well, we already have a blogger making a difference already. :)

Richard Branson himself!


The blogger produces what his audience is saying since he has a great relationship with them and constantly converses with them through his content.

That is how you share your community’s sentiments!


My Final Thoughts:

It is a honor for such a man to mention blogging.

A even bigger star for the man for blogging himself!

I want to encourage all bloggers to study and read books he has written himself.

You will learn some incredible lessons from this business great and apply them to your journey of success on your blog!


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  1. Evan

    Yeah, he is a cool guy, I like him, too. Too bad that we are all following the standards, like this one, we couldn’t even think that Richard can blog and has so many brilliant ideas about it. We have to start thinking out of the box!!! Faster!!!

    • Samuel Pustea

      The ones that achieve success with their blogging is because they used it as a tool to greater ideas that the can cash on.

      They had brilliant ideas such as Richard and went on to work hard on them.

      Nice words there Evan!

  2. Jane

    Richard is a great guy for sure! I love his insight about blogging for health. I’ve experienced it many times. Since blogging keeps our minds engaged, it is sharp, productive and as well I get very less time to worry about unwanted stuff!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Richard is so awesome and his take on blogging :)

      Blogging is very engaging and does help us focus on important stuff in our lives.

      It will take your mind off of many thoughts including the bad ones :)

      Excellent comment there Jane!

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