75+ Sexy Logos For Your Blog For Free!

75+ Sexy Logos For Your Blog For Free!

What we have here in this article are logos that are sexy to the eye. I have listed 75, plus more of them in a list, that can easily be seen from one place. All you have to do is pick up the one you so desire and is appropriate for your blog, and adapt the logo to your blog.

75 plus sexy free logos

Logos are one of the first features of your blog that is seen right at the beginning of a visit. If your logo is good-looking and appealing,  then that is a very good first step in getting your visitors to have a very good impression about your blog. Logos are part of what your brand is all about.  Logos have become the companies one-shot-way of identifying what is their website all about.

Usually the best and most common place to place a logo, is in the header part of a website and at the left. People scan from left to right, and will catch a glimpse of your logo. Don’t be too obsessed with the logo’s looks, but don’t be ignorant about it either.

Check out these ones that I have featured and pick the one you want. These are all free, and don’t need to pay for any of them. :)

1. Dog

free logos

2. Tough Teddy

free logos teddy

3. Runaway Life

free logos

4. Alive Directions

logo alivedirections

5. Carebox

free logos

6. Bum

free logos

7. Glamour

free logos

8. Dream House

logo dream


free logos

10. Comedy TV

free logos

11. Single Online

singles logo

12. Let’s Dance

dance logo

13. AV Studio

av logo

14. Beauty Salon

logo beauty

15. Lemme Speak

free logo speak

16. Fitness Dude

Fitness Dude Logo

17. Your Company

logo your company

18. WebGoofy

webgoofy logo

19. Magic Stuff

free logos

20. Exchange

free logos

21. audioblog

audio blog logo

22. Hot Deals

hotdeals logo

23. BeeBiBee

free logos

24. Buffet Restaurant

free logos

25. Ghost Hunter

Logo ghost hunter

26. Smiling Tours

free logos

27. Owl Kids

owl kids logo

28. loyal-t

free logo loyal-t

29. Crazy Boy!!!

crazy boy free logo

30. Heaven Travel

heaven logo travel

31. MR Mechanic


32. Liquid Spin

free logo

33. Baby Logo


34. Virus Defender


35. theXweb

free logo

36. bloglogo


37. Bankroll Boost


38. Athlete Form

logo athleteform

39. Gamers Hub

logo gamershub

40. iblog


41. Dart Company

logo company free

42. WM2 Company Name

free logo

43. Hosting

free logo

44. Blue Flame

blue flame

45. Computer Company

computer logo

46. Fruit Company Name

free fruit logo

47. Diamonds Company

logo diamonds

48. Purple Car

free logo

49. Blue Wave

blue wave logo

50. Feline Logo

free feline logo

51. ADD In

add in logo

52. LifeLine

free logo lifeline

53. Poker

free logo poker

54. dove

free logo

55. Green Day

free logo

56. Solar

free logo solar

57. Jum.ps

logo jumps

58. Bed Lovers

bedlovers free logo

59. Arrow Company

free logo arrow

60. yourtweets

yourtweets logo

61. Check Shield

check shield logo

62. Yellow & Blue Splash

free logo

63. Disk Ray


64. Arrow Directions

arrow directions logo

65. CheckBox Name

checkbox logo

66. A Branding

logo companybranding

67. Affiliate Market

free logo affiliate market

68. GoGreen


69. Get Connect

free logo

70. Mr. Excellent!!!

free logo

71. Croco Consult

free logos

72. Marble

free logos

73. Drum

free logos

74. Artistica

free logos

75. consol tech

free logos

76. reater Technologies

free logo

77. Super King

free logos


Man, these are some nice ones! You wouldn’t be making a mistake in trying or even taking any of them for use. They all have a good look to them, and would spice up your blog with <3!

I personally like #29 & #2 actually, I like all of them. :) So, which ones does your eyes catch as being your favorite?

Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Rizwan Sultan

    Hey SAMUEL!!

    Really good stuff for sketching client idea it really helped me for selecting freelance client choice.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Your welcome, Rizwan! These logos are perfect for any idea you may have. Awesome inspiration!

  2. Sally Brown


    I liked these. I would love to figure out a logo for my site, and none of these really hit me, but they are great. Sally

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yeah, me too!

      That’s ok. Not all the logos are meant for everyone. I am glad that you looked over all of them. :)

  3. Kharim Tomlinson

    I like these logo. Great job in posting these free logos :D

    • Samuel Pustea

      I like sexy designs and these logos are just that! Thanks Kharim!

  4. Raaj Trambadia

    Nice collection of logos Sam! Personal favorite – Bum!! :D

  5. Jay Pasana

    Good share! I hope more people will discover your blog because you really know what you’re talking about. Can’t wait to read more from you

  6. poker

    Nice, thank you so much. Great logo!

  7. Ammar Ali

    Nice collection pal !!

    You worked hard on collecting all of them. Instead of 75 you provided 77 Logos :D Great work!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks man!

      I wanted to provide the best of the best :)

      Thanks for your comment Ammar!

  8. Jon

    Wow, that is certainly quite the collection. Thanks for an awesome round-up!

  9. Vishesh Kachheda

    What A Collection Man :)
    Now Will Hunt These and Will Try To Edit and Use One!

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