These Website Designs Create These Certain Moods: Feel It?

These Website Designs Create These Certain Moods: Feel It?

Are you still having the trouble figuring out what color you are looking for? Blue, red, green, they all look the same!

website design colors create moods


The colors are so hard to choose that it seems that white is the only option!


Well, it is not. Web design or blog design is a very important aspect of the online world. A large amount of communication online is through the eyes that is viewing the certain site.

In order to receive good amount of credibility in a niche or industry, it is important to have a certain color combination and a look, “unique” to your site. Everyone that comes to your site should at least know that your site or blog is an important one, containing information that is important to the respective niche.

But like I was saying, you might still have some trouble keeping up with your design and finally you’re looking for the right color and look. This article should help you decide what you like based on what you might feel from a certain color or design containing that color.


Color psychology might be your way to getting your “dream” color up on your blog. This article will take famous designs, and break them down for the analysis of the color that you might feel from it. If you like the feeling, then that might be the right color you are looking for.

Don’t tale this at face value. This might work for you, or it might not. But if it does, welcome to the article that will help you finally decide which color the design will contain as the main color.

We will be looking at the most popular colors on the market, which are: Red, Blue, Black, and Grey.


The First Color:


web design mood

web design mood


Red is one of the many colors common on certain website designs. These two blogs contain the color red, and they look fine in each design.

The blogsessive design has the predominant color as red since it is primary color. As the black and yellow-greyish colors finishing it out.

The second design from Chris Garrett’s blog has the color red, but not as defined as the first design. I chose this design to be on the red category because of the red, standing out from the rest. It has the “soft” color white and the red contrasting it out from the greyish background

Red has always been the romantic color. Red also shows the sign of comfort and the feeling of being smooth. Red also evokes the feeling of anger and distress. So, if you’re loking for the “homie” feel, then definitely go for red. If you’re the smooth type, this works as well.


The Second Color:


web mood blue

website mood blue

mood blue web


I have to admit. While looking through the internet for examples, I couldn’t help it but believe this might be the most common color for weblogs.

Blue is my favorite color and made sure to include it in the design of Internet Dreams. The logo is blue and was able to contrast it from the grey background.

All the examples have all kinds of the tint blue. John Chow’s site is a very dark blue, looking like a navy. His site gives me a cool, and relaxed state.


Blue is able to lower the stress level and make you feel more calm. It also is able to be used for the symbol of peace, and able to calm many.

Blue makes you more productive. It can also help you understand more a certain concept.


Third Color:

Grey & Black

web mood grey and black

web mood grey and black


The final most common color in the design world, is grey and black. They seem to be the “complimentary” colors. They are mostly used for the background and getting the primary color to stand out “more”

I found copyblogger as the prime example of using these colors. The site is designed so that the black is just the touch to the grey, which seems to take over.


The second example I found incorporates the grey and black combo with certain other secondary colors. It might seem that the purple or yellow are the primary colors, but they aren’t.

The grey and black are the primary with the secondary colors rounding out the design. This is a perfect example whether the “lighter” color does not take over the grey and black. Such, is a nice design.


Black shows the color of quality. Good quality should be the main goal of every blog. Black shows sophistication and confidence, while grey makes it much smoother since grey shows more of a depression quality. They both balance each other out.

Grey shows neutrality and the mood of slowing down which can take out the boldness of the black in the design.


Fourth Color:


pink website mood

Fifth Color:


website mood green

website mood green

website mood green

Sixth Color:


website mood yellow

website mood yellow

Seventh Color:


website color mood orange



All kinds of designs and colors that designers and blogger chose to display on their domain. This list should definitely help you get started on the right direction of your choosing of the right color for your blog or site.

These examples have a meaning behind each color and what the color gives out in return. Choose what best defines you and what your are offering through your blog.

Give out a color that will entice the visitor and set a good, psychological impression on his mind.


Peace and Succeed!

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  1. David Leonhardt

    Comparing them all side by side like this, the yellow is far too jarring. But I like the green.

    • Samuel Pustea

      I am not too fond of the yellow too. I enjoy green much more than yellow myself!

      Thanks for your comment David.

  2. Pavan

    Green one looks great to me :-)

  3. John Ernest

    The gray and black combination is the best I have seen so far. Also, I realized that most of the blogs I like are colored gray or black, or a combination of both. I could just see the sophistication and quality in each of them as is said in this post. Great post!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Right, grey and black is used a lot for colors and they do show the quality of a site. Great observation there John!

  4. Raaj Trambadia

    Amazing observations Sam! Mostly, the colors are more focused by companies which provide services. Cheers!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Raaj.

      Blogs and websites can also have a distinct color pattern that is effective.

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