The Business Audible: Entrepreneurship Lessons From NFL Quarterbacks

The Business Audible: Entrepreneurship Lessons From NFL Quarterbacks

business entrepreneurs lessons from NFL quarterbacks


Driven by the desire to create their own success, entrepreneurs sacrifice time, energy and often money to start businesses.

There may be no position that carries more pressure than leader of a start-up, but success reaps great rewards.

NFL quarterbacks take on similar responsibility.

Slate magazine determined that quarterback was the most valuable position in football, and these oft-injured players undergo rigorous scrutiny throughout the season.

These three successful quarterbacks can inspire you to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Peyton Manning — A New Direction

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It’s third down with three to go as the Denver Broncos’ quarterback approaches the line of scrimmage. Peyton Manning is prepared to hand the ball off to the prolific running back four yards behind him, but something doesn’t look right.

The line of scrimmage is stacked, and the running back doesn’t have a chance.

Manning audibles, shouting to his teammates that a new play is in the works. He hikes the ball, looks left and throws a quick slant to his wide receiver: first down.

New opportunities present themselves every day. Are you willing to risk the comfort and leisure of your routine to produce long-term business success?

Small businesses faced with more losses and less demand can ignore the signs and hit a wall or, adversely, change direction and pursue better opportunities. It’s risky, and if it fails, you’ll be to blame.

But successful leaders will take the necessary risks to make their businesses thrive.


Robert Griffin III — The Modern Entrepreneur

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There’s a new breed of quarterbacks in the NFL, and Robert Griffin III is a leader among the pack. Smart, confident and equipped with a big arm, RGIII has the tools to pick apart defenses from the pocket.

This smooth passer would make a fine living as a conventional quarterback, but what makes Griffin special is what he does with his legs.

Blazing speed makes the Redskins quarterback an unstoppable force.

We’ve seen quarterbacks that can run and pass, but perhaps never one that could still be an NFL Pro Bowler doing one of the other.

In the same way, the modern entrepreneur is evolving into someone who can not only wear many hats, but wear each as if they were born to do so. When it’s time to interact with customers, give them your undivided attention.

When funding is necessary, push yourself to research loan options, small business credit cards and angel investments.

There may come a time when you no longer have your nose in every piece of business, but while you do, perform each task with excellence and your business will reap the benefits.


Russell Wilson — A Start-Up Story

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Coming into training camp, no one expected much from Russell Wilson.

The 5’11″ quarterback was undersized. Besides, his Seahawks had already signed veteran Matt Flynn to a $26 million contract. Wilson didn’t whine or look for excuses. Instead, he got to work and won the starting job in camp.

He led the Seahawks to a playoff berth and thrust himself into the conversation for rookie of the year.

You may be ill-equipped to handle a small-business challenge, but it’s up to you to overcome your weaknesses and find success. Perhaps you struggle with finances or lack communication skills.

The only way to get better is to acknowledge the difficulty, identify a solution, plan a course of action and get to your end zone.


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