Top 10 Problems That Plague New Bloggers.

Top 10 Problems That Plague New Bloggers.

Yes, Yes, Yes!

These are some problems that plague even myself, a beginner. I struggle with most of them on a daily basis, whether all of them at once (Yes, this can happen), or some of them at a time. I am being completely honest with you guys. If I were lying, then how can I boast on not having problems? I have come up with a list of the 10 most difficult problems I face with this new blog, and having to overcome them every time they seem to say Hi.

top 10 blog problems

These problems don’t just come and go, but like I said in the article’s headline, a plague.

A plague that comes without warning, causing damage to the beginners’ fresh mind. Damage that destroys a beginner’s will that he just gives up!

But with a plague comes a cure.

Curing the beginner’s plague in blogging can be slowly cured by reading and fortifying your mind with the right article like this one and others like this. Great post by Allie! :)

Hence, I mentioned “slowly”.

Don’t expect to be a tough spartan after reading a few articles. Just like training a few times and facing a top MMA fighter like Dominick Cruz or Georges St-Pierre.

You’ll lose. Period.

But with patience and training over a period of time, you will cure this nasty plague and defeat it. It doesn’t sound simple, but it’s possible. The article talks about 10 of them, but really, they’re a lot of more. So, Lets train!

1. Not Having Enough Time

Tick, Tick, Tick….. That’s what I can hear from the nearest clock while sitting here at my laptop.

no time in blogging

Over a certain period of time, I don’t hear this, since it starts to be repetitive. But as soon I came to write this point about not having time, thinking about certain things to write, I heard the ticks. I was like that is time! Things we do with time, is like those ticks you hear from your clock. You’ll do things no matter what they are.

How about doing things for a goal? Sounds good, right?

What’s nice about the good part is that it becomes repetition that you like. Repetition that passes by without thinking. Let’s be honest here, time has always been there, no matter. All 24 hours! It all depends what you did during those hours. I don’t have time. I have to make time. Then I have time. The solution is don’t waste any time, and structure your day in order to fit in a session that helps you reach your goal. Simple. Not anything complicated such as taking so and so “thing” to make your brain think faster.

2. Your Patience Is Not There

I raise my hand. This is a real doozy. The younger you are and the less experienced as well, having patience is a whattttt????

A grain a patience was not found in me and sometimes it is missing even now. In fact, patience goes hand in hand with time.If you have no time, then you have patience. If you “have” time, then your impatient.  Getting on what I am implying? For me, some days feel like they take forever to end. And to feel that way, I needed some sort of impatience. Right? Same for the other way around. I usually think of great things accomplished in my lifetime. Not anything ancient with the exception of the quote….

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

To get to that point, success, would be a living hell.

If you feel this way, good!

It means your patience, which is inside of everybody’s body, is being tested. No matter how small the situation is. Just fight with your mind, and feed your mind with fuels, such as quotes, to give the mind some support. This “patience” is a big mountain to conquer, and sure not easy to do. I talked about patience like this in this article.

3. Expecting Results That Are Not Possible

What if I told you that I came up with 500 subscribers last week!

I know for a well established blog, this an expectation that can be expected. But for bloggers just beginning, forget it! Not even in dreams. Let results speak for themselves.

If you worked your ass off, then expecting just above what you expected last time is a safe way to do it.

Otherwise you’re on a scary road to failure. Taking baby steps to one goal and the next, is a million little results put together for success.

4. You, Not Being Humble

A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.  ~Benjamin Franklin

In other words, a proud blogger will make only a small following. Sure, proud of other things you’ve accomplished is fine,  but to come off the bat and say this and that about yourself in blogging, is a sure way to discourage others. Doing just that shouldn’t be the purpose of your blog.

Face it, the majority visiting your blog are beginners, finding a way to do something. And a blog should be a place of learning and encouraging for a person who is attempting at starting something new

5. Writing And Not Having Your Voice And Opinion

The blogosphere has grown large in the last decade. It wasn’t how it was 4 years ago. A lot has changed. The number of blogs has increased significantly. Being able to stick out now, is a crucial thing. Don’t be the next random, not-so-fun blog out there with the millions.

writing opinion

Put some life into it, and create your blog on the way you are living your life and experiences you’ve had. No matter what circumstance you are, there are thousands of people out there with the same passion and kind of life your living. Writing a good article in today’s world has to contain your voice in order to be just that good. Give it a shot, and success will be slightly easier to see :).

6. Not Being Consistent

Every time you add something to your blog such as a new article or just converted a visitor to visit your blog again, you have set down a new layer.

Don’t just erode your new layer without added something important over that current layer.Without doing anything, your step forward will just result in two steps backwards. People are looking for one reason to stay.

Is this Blog Alive?

That’s one thing I ask myself when I visit a new blog. If it’s dead, that blog stinks! Imagine your visitors thinking this or me visiting your site with this conclusion after visiting your blog. If you’re consistent, then you don’t see this kind of results. For those that don’t keep up, try next time to keep up with the layers. It will help you in the long run!

7. Thinking For Yourself And Not Others

Like I mentioned before, your blog should be a learning resource for others and not a place to show off your skills. Showing off is for the later. Writing content that is readable to the other “guy” and not only understood by yourself. People will love you more when you help them solve a problem in the article or even answering a comment with your own solving comment.

Ask yourself questions on what problems you’ve had before and help other thousands of people having the same predicament.

8. Not Making Friends

Have you heard someone say, “It’s all about connections.” In some of the other industries, this is a must. In order to get to a high place and be the view of the other small blogs, making friends with the other “friend” bloggers is crucial. There are many ways to make friends.

I just shot an email to Onibalusi, the writer at YoungPrePro, saying how I liked his blog and let him know briefly that I just started a blog! Just that has opened a communication channel worth building. Commenting on similar sized blog in the niche is a very good way to build relationships.

Just this point can be a whole new discussion, and written about all of it in an article.

Just Be Friendly :)

friendly to other bloggers

9. Being Stubborn And Not Learning

This is a tough one for me to swallow. Learn.

Don’t be like, “Well, I learned this about 3 years ago, so I don’t think I need to know more.”

Chances are, the thing has slightly changed or updated. It might not mean much, but the win lies in the details. The details are those updates you see on the computer or an object in real life. Learn, Learn, Learn and don’t give up. I knew a person once who was stubborn on not learning the new way to succeed with that particular process. I will say the sad result. He Failed.

The Sad Truth!

blogger is stubborn

10. Not Trying Out New Things

This point goes right with the previous. When you learn something new, no matter how small, you put it into practice or use. See if it works, test it, tweak it. Do all the necessary things for it to work, your way. Not trying out new things can just like I said of that person,

A Fail!

I am not saying to completely change an idea or blog, but certain aspects of it can be very beneficial to your blog’s life. I know you will go out there and read about the new changes that have come out, and put them to use for you to succeed! ;)


These are some problems I have written about that face certain bloggers, like myself, way at the beginning. Being able to acknowledge these things before hand will protect you from the panic attack that comes with the meeting.

I hope these points have served as a preparation for what is to come, and for those that are currently fighting for their lives, giving them some encouragement to keep fighting. Share this with your friends and people you know, and give them the encouragement they need!

Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Michael Belk

    I hate to tell you but blogging is a learning process. In the words of Darren Rowse from a blog is like a muscle you have to use it or it will atrophy.

    • Samuel

      How did you know I am a bodybuilder as well? :) That is so true.
      I used that quote in the about page.

      You can see my pic on how I look. I practice what I preach, at least in fitness ;)

  2. Jason Scott

    Hi Samuel. At least you are not under the illusion that success is easy or instant. See your 10 reasons as challenges and they will strengthen rather than hinder you.

    Take it easy, J

    • Samuel

      Thanks for tha comment! You tha man :). Love the way you put it! Success ain’t easy, but with determination, it is possible.

  3. Jamie Northrup

    Time is the biggest issue for me, which also leads to inconsistency, but I think I’ve been doing better this year, I gotta keep truckin’ though :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      A biggie one, Jamie! Haha, I think you’re in the biggest boat that everyone is and me. And yes, keep truckin’ bro.

  4. David

    Sam, all very good points. Especially making friends and having your own voice.

    Blogger have a tremendous power to help each other – team work is great!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Making friends is a crucial step toward success. Don’t have it, you don’t get it! :) Bloggers should be friends with each other. Thanks for your comment, David.

  5. Abhi Balani

    #1: I don’t get much time now as compared to when I started blogging. But I’m happy with how much time I give to blogging.

    #2: Absolutely correct. Patience patience patience. There are lots of blogger friends I had, who left blogging because they didn’t have patience.

    #3: LOL

    #4: Yeah, I meet many out there who are not being humble to their readers and to new bloggers, even. But honestly, I’m not like that.

    #5: I’m working on it from a while and got good feedback. If one wants to see his name counted in top and good bloggers then he or she should must have his or her voice and perspective in their posts.

    #6: OK. I added this point in my guest post on BasicBlogTips where I wrote “10 reasons why I’ll not visit your again”. Here’s the link if you want to see:

    #7: I call it, blogging just for money. I blog, to help others.

    #8: If one is not making friends while blogging then why he or she is blogging? :?

    #9 & 10: Last problems might be there because they don’t want to blog, actually. May be, they are doing it for money.

    Don’t mind for the long comment. LOL!!! I did it because I really loved your article.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Not a problem, ma man! Thanks for your awesome insight! This comment is sure for the money! :D

      I won’t go over every point you wrote, but I sure read them all and agreed with everyone of em’.

      I thank you for reading! :)

      #3 made you laugh? lol

      I will visit that link and read your guest post article. :)

      • Abhi Balani

        Yeah, I did laugh.

        Do a favor, read the article linked below, too. It’s my first guest post with 300+ comments. It’s my very first blogging contest as well. I’d love to see you there.

        Thanks. :D Nice to meet you.

      • Samuel Pustea

        Anything, ma man! I will read that article as well.

        Nice to meet you too! Let’s keep in touch! :)

  6. Abhi Balani

    And I missed to appreciate your blog looks. I like these colors and styles.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Abhi!

      I liked this template too. I modified it to fit to what I was looking for.

      I am kinda a web designer too! :)

  7. Paul Salmon

    Those are some good points. I think #9 is an important one. Being stubborn to the point where you don’t learn is a guaranteed way of failing online – and in life for that matter.

    When you run a blog, it is important to continue to learn as the online world is constantly changing, and techniques that worked last year may not work this year.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Finally someone that agrees with me on that point! :D

      Thanks Paul! Appreciate your comment. If you don’t continue to learn, then just like me and you said, A Fail!

      Keep learning and put it to use.

  8. Lea

    I’m still trying to manage the time thing with writing. Especially when unexpected things come up. It’s crazy cause I’m usually good with that.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Aren’t we all trying to work on that. I am constantly trying to keep myself in check! Keep workin’ on this and you will succeed in this area.

      Thanks for your comment, Lea!

  9. Lenia

    Hey Samuel,
    I have experienced most of the problems that you mention here.
    There is one more thing that makes my life quite difficult as a blogger….it is Multitasking!
    It is crazy!
    see you!

  10. Samuel Pustea

    Sure Lenia, multitasking is a difficult situation to master, but with good planning, it is possible to overcome.

    Don’t worry about these problems! They’re just mere hindrances that will look very small in the end! :)

    Thanks for you comment!

  11. Dave Steffensmeier@residual income streams


    You covered 10 great points that resist new bloggers from blogging. My advice for them is to go for it. Most people are bad at the beginning. Soon they will learn from leaders like yourself and the content will get better.

    Keep up the good work!
    Dave Steffensmeier

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Dave!

      I am glad I was able to write an article that touches the trials at the beginning.

      The beginning is always the hardest because you’re just not used to it. But over time it becomes second nature.

      Thanks for your opinion!

  12. Kimberly Gauthier

    Samuel – this is a great post and so very true. One thing that I struggled with was creating my own voice and not copying all the other blogs that I found. If you look at the posts during my first year of blogging you’ll see that I was all over the place, because I had no idea what I was doing.

    The other thing I struggled with was patience; I wanted over night success. I was about to give up on a blog, because no one was commenting and then I received a couple emails from readers thanking me for starting the blog. Then I just started writing for them and everything else came through.

    Overnight success is possible. It depends on what you consider success. My third blog was a hit right away and I love it. But it was a hit after 2 years of failing and succeeding on my first two blogs.

    For me it took patience, time, consistency (great point, Samuel), and passion.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for your comment, Kimberly! :)

      Having your own voice and being yourself is the key to branding and being successful in blogging. You’re right!

      All the points you have touched in your comment is important to be worked on in order to get where you are looking to get to.

      When I talk about overnight success, I am referring to a level of success of the topest so-to-speak. You know, like making money by the bunches and getting a ton of people to read or even subscribe to anything. But I understand on what you’re referring to.

      I am glad you were able to understand many of the points in this article, and being to learn from them and getting a hit with your latest blog! :)

  13. Swamykant@Angry Birds Space Download

    New bloggers generally expects instant results which is is not possible in blogosphere..

    Nice post.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yup, agree. Results come only from hard-earned work.

      Thanks for your comment!

  14. John Ernest

    Well people not having enough time is rather absurd. There are 24 hours in a day and you say you don’t have enough time? It is not about having enough time, it is about having the right time management to complete your tasks. Great post by the way :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      I know right? Time management is key. Don’t be lazy and do the management with sheets and paper.

      Thanks John!

  15. Shitij

    Such a nice article written with so pure intentions and I have figured out that I was not trying out new things

  16. saad naeem @ seoallrounder

    great post samuel , everything put up together amazingly ! keep it up , I’ll make sure to come by again.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Saad! I worked hard on this one, and am very glad to see it be well-accepted :)

  17. Rahul kuntala

    First time visit to your blog. Great post with stylish crafting Samuel.

    I think above all problems can be get rid of with a powerful weapon i.e. having a mentor. At least having an experienced blogger in your surroundings which can make your blogging career better.

    BTW your blog design is outstanding. Loving it :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for the visit, Rahul.

      Learning form the pros is a guaranteed way to not fail online.

      I like the blog design myself :)

  18. John Ernest

    Time is really important for all of us. Not having enough time is the main problem for first time bloggers and the root of all this is not having the right time management. I like this post mainly because of the tips you provided about time management issues. It really does work great for me.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Time is really important and to see you get benefits from the time I talked about in the article, makes me happy John.

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