Types Of Entrepreneurs. Which One Defines You?

Are you an Entrepreneur? Let me rephrase the question for you since you’re probably one just because you’re reading this article. What type of Entrepreneur are you? Which one defines you?

On the first hand, lets cut the confusion and agree what determines who is an entrepreneur from a source we can pretty much all agree from.


An entrepreneur is the owner of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and/or initiative. – Wikipedia


type of entrepreneur

Right.. A person who risks his all for an idea that he came up on his own. Money and hard work combined with patience and persistence that comes together for a skyscraper that everyone can see.

Not all entrepreneurs are coming from the same place.

They are definitely not going to have the same destination to where they want to go or grow all the same way like each other.


Some entrepreneurs have already been born into it through the family. Growing through the process, have already figured out many ups and downs. But this only doesn’t put any of them ahead. Through learning and practicing the art, they can just as likely achieve the level of success  of a an entrepreneur who is used to everything about it.


Take for example Bill Gates Jr. He himself was not born into an entrepreneurial family and everyone knows what he founded and built.

The study found no effect on students of having parents who were entrepreneurs.  - Are Entrepreneurs Born or Taught?

With entrepreneurial success comes a whole bunch of benefits that can be job security and setting a name for yourself.

What types are there?

To classify a bunch here and there and say you’re just that is absurd. We all have our reasons and they intermingle with all the other ones of well.

Many entrepreneurs have been either through a circumstance in their lifetime that initiated a change that motivated them to succeed.

Life situations. Many have become entrepreneurs to change from tough situations. This can be the most common type of entrepreneurs and where many, many come from.

Some entrepreneurs have this burning desire to be in charge of something large and or love the idea of growing from a zero to a ten. They can just be as creative with their ideas and these thoughts have to be put down into practice in order satisfy this “born” characteristic.

There have been attracted to the opportunity they have seen. These people have seen it and envisioned the opportunities placed before them. A study done by Cole was based on the fact of opportunity.


  • Motivation & Situations
  • Opportunities
  • Born Into
  • Creativity


Broad categories right above that stimulated the entrepreneur to take action. We could say those categories are what has started a person to achieve a great things in life. Those can definitely interlink with each other such as life situations with creativity.

But that is not what we’re going to be talking about. These categories get personal and have to be told by each person who wants discourse his experiences.

The “Risk” Taker

This type of entrepreneur is one who loves to bet and take risks. You can tell me that any entrepreneur is taking a  risk, but there is a difference between those who love to take it every time they need it and those who take once in while, while they come.

He doesn’t care that he loses what he “risked” and is quickly back to regaining what he lost.

To a certain extent, this is the core element of entrepreneurship. They are risking their time and effort into getting something done. Nothing wrong with that.

I would rather take a risk and back it up with my hard work and creativity. When you take risks, its like you really have to gain something from it. It becomes like a “have to” situation. I love them because it pushes me even more not to give up and go through with it. Take risks. They are good for you.

The “Determined” Entrepreneur

These entrepreneurs give it all they got, no matter what they lack. They might not have any resources to go forward, but always finds a way to make it through.

They might not be the brightest or most talented, but they have proven that it takes persistence and dedication to gain the success they want.

I believe many, many entrepreneurs fall under this category, and goes hand in hand with the point above. Risks.

The “Creative” Entrepreneur

The creative ones have been the most popular it seems. Entrepreneurs who have come up with “innovative” ideas that the public loves so much. These ideas they have worked on seems to be most cherished and “famous”.

They have thought out of the box and put to work something that the common man has not even envisioned.

The “Killer” Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs that have killed for money! Not! I was just checking if you’re with me. They have certain traits that resemble a killer. These entrepreneurs go into everything with full speed, but smartly.

Learning the art of entrepreneurship or learning exactly their skill in which they want to succeed. These people don’t run in blindly, but secretly learn the tricks and nicks of the art, and go at it with full determination.

The “Long and Safe” Entrepreneur

Not a bad one. Just a very long road on this one. Not every part of businesses is of fast growth. Some take much time, since that is part of the nature of it.

Some just follow this approach for the fullest life they can possess. Not all of their focus is on their business, and like to take in all of the other aspects of life.

They don’t mind the wait and seem “Ok” in what they will accomplish in a “safe” way.

The “Social” Entrepreneur

Helping others in what they need help in is such a great way to get recognized. This trait can be the universal trait among the points above. We all need to help each others. Social Entrepreneurs are some people who just love people.

They enjoy transforming many difficulties in the social world, as well as address the hardships of this world.


Conclusion For The Entrepreneurs!

Did you fall under one of those traits or categories. Try it! See which one you are. Maybe you fit into two of them. Three! Four..!

I know, it is absurd to put a person here and another there. We can’t all be put in boxes and say to be quiet in them. We can get out of a certain box and try another box that has what we need to succeed.

The best way to succeed is to be balanced by all of them, and have the killer approach. That category is I think the most important here.

But the quote by William sums up what we just talked about:

 I believe the attempt to answer the question “Who is an entrepreneur?,” which focuses on the traits and personality characteristics of entrepreneurs, will neither lead us to a definition of the entrepreneur nor help us to understand the phenomenon of entrepreneurship. -  William B. Gartner,  a leading authority on entrepreneurship

Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

    Yet another problem using Wikipedia. With this definition, those folks who fail to develop a profit or has their business close up show never were entrepreneurs? And, this definition you want me to accept would imply that a gambler, who risks money is an entrepreneur.
    And, using your definition, you must remove some of your classifications- since at least three fail that definition.
    I would venture that an entrepreneur is an individual, who alone or in concert with others, attempts to satisfy a perceived need in the market place and creates an enterprise to deliver that solution.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Maybe if they learned a thing or two about their environment or what they are getting into, then maybe they wouldn’t have failed. The learning process is what makes this entrepreneurship hard. That’s why many fail or maybe in simpler terms, “persistence failure”.

      There is a difference between being a “smart” gambler and a lousy one. I am in no way implying to go out and gamble, but the fact is “playing-it-safe” is not going to get you anywhere fast if you really want to make a difference, since you already know for sure you are.

      I don’t understand what you mean by “since at least three fail that definition”. I pointed out some entrepreneurial traits and they sure make sense.

      We do need some controversy over here, and we all have our unique thoughts. Thanks for your comment, Roy.

  2. Dan

    Nice post. I’m always a little bit uncomfortable with the term ‘Entrepreneur’ because I always find it hard to explain the difference between an entrepreneur and a small business person. I think I know the difference but it’s hard to explain.

    I think there’s also a group of people who want to build things like me but aren’t that good at the money making side. I’m not sure if you could call these people entrepreneurs if they aren’t particularly good at making money.

    • Samuel Pustea

      The difference between a entrepreneur and a small business owner is just a small gap. It depends what the business owner is working on or trying to get to.

      Money shouldn’t be the only main focus. Entrepreneurs can also be formed by the opportunities he see and he grows. So you should an entrepreneur if you want to grow and build your idea.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. George Sin

    Really nice article explaining the topic very efficiently.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks George. I wanted to explain it very well for many to understand.

  4. Felicia Gopaul

    It’s good to be defined as a “balanced” entrepreneur in all areas that you mentioned… and one that’s passionate at the same time, practical and realistic enough to spur into action his passions and make something valuable that will benefit the public..

    • Samuel Pustea

      Of course. Being balanced is such a good strategy to take.

      Love the info you added, Felicia. Come back and comment more! :)

  5. John Ernest

    I do believe I am one of the Social Entrepreneurs. I always think that people will come to believe what other people are saying if they have enough trust on that person. In terms of sales, social entrepreneurs will have friends who are more than willing to believe how good their products are, given that they have tested it out for themselves of course.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Good to know, John. Trust is key in the whole entrepreneurship “thing”.

      We all need to be social entrepreneurs, since human connection is the best seller.

  6. Tony Shays

    I think I possess some qualities of each of these types of entrepreneurs, but the determined entrepreneur be defines me.

    • Samuel Pustea

      That’s great! Determination will get you far places.

      Thanks for the comment, Tony.

  7. Shalu Sharma

    I would like to describe myself as the social one who likes to interact. But I suppose the best ones are those who are completely balanced, lets say all rounders.

    • Samuel Pustea

      All-rounders seem to do very well in this world. Wonderful to know that you are an entrepreneur as well!

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