What Online Entrepreneurs of 2012 Should Look For!

What Online Entrepreneurs of 2012 Should Look For!

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This article will be about the year 2012. 2012 has been and is continuing to contribute to the hectic rise of influence on the Internet. Nothing new here since it has been doing that in the last part of the decade and this one.


Every year has always contained the “online entrepreneur” and many just failing with what they thought was an “Online Entrepreneur“.

About 2012, no, I won’t talk about who won what championship or the latest trend in fashion that you just noticed around the block.

This article is for online entrepreneurs that are looking to succeed online. They picked up the challenge of going for the journey, and they need to pick up the “trends” of the online world.

Why this is important is because without these “signals” or “trends”, you can try all your life to make something work and fail in the end.

It is like trying to promote a “train” when “airplanes” are really the new way to travel around the globe.

Right here below, are some things that I have pointed out which can help any person adjust based on the what is taking rise. Success can be easier to attain by following these trends on the Internet.



1. The Graphic Storm!



The internet is starting to be more of a virtual world. The internet is no more just plain text and boring fonts. We still have that of course, but not alone.

Users of the Internet have found ideas and items online with well-orchestrated graphics to be the ultimate decision on if they like it or not.

So make sure to add a little more time into how you item or even article looks with the images. Just add more images, since “they” are liking it more.




2. Save People Money.

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Just like the rest of the world, the internet requires money in order to function properly.

The world relies on the internet fo many things and are willing to pay for it to keep functioning.

With the latest side of the world economy, people are a little short on cash. So for more engagement and visibility, anything with saving money in any part of the internet is greatly accepted.

Show them saving tips, cheaper ways to shop, cheaper things to add to their sites, or even any excellent item they might need such as wordpress plugins.


3. Creative Ideas Are Best.

Everybody has seen everything on the Internet. Many fall in the trap of claiming they have new idea and a secret they want to make cash on you.

They’re no secrets on the web!

Creative ideas that have been implemented on the net with hard work, have paid off and are being enjoyed by the masses.

An example of a very creative idea on the internet is Pinterest. It has been picked up by many users that have taken advantage of a new way to share on the internet. Thus, they like this “idea”

Always think of a better and more worth-it idea to your next endeavor on the internet.


4. Connection Between Popular Culture.

When was the last time you enjoyed something on the internet. You’re probably laughing right now at that question. I mean, come on.

So, why not take advantage of that. I last enjoyed a post when it made a connection with the “taking-off” and “boarding” aspect of an airplane. Very interesting!

Maybe that wasn’t a popular reference or movie, but you get what the meaning is. More interaction with the everyday world works too. Just don’t be boring.


5. Connect More Personally.

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The sales pitch crap is already down the drain. Especially sales pitches that are lying to you and poorly made.

Connection is key to gain trust since users are more apt to buy when they know it is recommended by a trust-worthy seller.

Make connections with other bloggers. That is what has made them succeed online. This article shows the proof that some big bloggers used this method in their strategies.


6. The Love Affair With Social Media

Ohh, don’t forget about social media. This definitely is not new thing around, but it has been the most consistent trend. It is so good that it is continuing to rise with each year.

Don’t forget to use it, and use social media to connect with others, referencing point number 5.

One article I recommend reading for social media to further illustrate this point is: Granny’s 50 Tips on Social Media, #Pinterest, Twitter & Content Marketing!


The Summary of what has been said:


These are not all of them. Absolutely not. I believe these are the most prominent that I have identified for the online entrepreneur.

Any online entrepreneur can fully understand this article more by looking around for the best evidence. It is there.


Keep an eye open. Things are constantly changing as we speak. New standards are set and as we live, things are always going to change.

All we can do is accept these changes and use them to our advantage. All of these points are valid to our eyes, that they’re not hard to identify right now.

Otherwise you’re behind somehow on what is really going on, which I doubt.

Thanks for reading. Please share!

Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Hannah Hamilton

    The internet is ever changing. What online entrepreneurs should look for this year, will not be the same things to look for next year. Like what you said, accept the changes. The key to online entrepreneurship is adaptability.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Changing for the better cause will make you open your eyes more and see success better.

      Thanks for reading Hannah.

  2. Kundan Bhardwaj

    I admire bloggers, successful bloggers inspire me and I also see myself as a successful blogger 1 year from now.

    • Samuel Pustea

      It takes time Kundan!

      Time frames shouldn’t be put for success, except for accomplishing goals along the way!

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