50 Ways to Drive Traffic to a Website

50 Ways to Drive Traffic to a Website


I am excited to announce the release of my first e-guide!


In the last few days, I’ve been diligently working hard in creating this free guide for you guys.

This guide is all about driving traffic to a website.

This guide is the ultimate guide on traffic, not found anywhere else on the Internet!

Not a pitiful ten, not a low twenty, nor a limited thirty-five.


Fifty, 50!

The Ultimate Guide: 50 Ways to Drive Traffic to a Website

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Samuel Pustea

We are all looking to succeed online. It is the dream to build and own a very successful website. I am Samuel and I own Internet Dreams and blog here. Internet Dreams will teach you how to have that success with your site. If you are looking how to optimize and improve your site or blog, Internet Dreams will have content just for that. Blogging, social media, SEO, traffic generation, and much more! Internet Dreams covers it all.


  1. TechJunk

    Hey Nice all of them Samuel and I enjoyed all of them they worth time!

  2. Faizan Vahevaria

    I already have subscribed to your site,
    how can I download this?

    • Samuel Pustea

      Faizan, no problem we can fix this. Did you receive the email from me with the link to it?

      I would check my inbox for the email. If you don’t see, I will send it directly to you again.

  3. Donna Merrill

    Hi Samuel,

    Congratulations are in order here. 50 Ways to drive traffic to your website is awesome!

    Many blessings to you and your new product.


    • Samuel Pustea

      Thank you Donna!

      I hope only the best to you and your work.

      Thanks for coming around to Internet Dreams. :)

  4. Maneesha Malhotra

    Hi Samuel Pustea, Thanks for this post but Samuel don’t you think. These are to much way (50). I have already seen many ways to increase traffic but 50 ways to increase traffic. This is really bad idea. You must share top 5 and top 10 best ways to increase traffic.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Maneesha, it actually isn’t.

      I didn’t in no way shape of form hint that you have to use every single one of them.

      Why not use some of these 50 ways to create your own top 5 or 10?

      I hope you get the idea now. Thanks for your comment and visit!

  5. Melissa

    I already see a few things I can implement fairly quickly. Thank you for this ebook!

  6. Mohit Rajwani

    These were really some quick tips which can help us to get a decent traffic on our new blog.

    Thanks a lot..!!

  7. Haroon

    Many thankx for such a nice book. I was looking for this kind of book to get idea for blog traffic.

  8. Suraj

    That’s really great article you have mentioned about. After this Google Panda Saga, its been really difficult to raise traffic for websites. This post helped me a lot.

  9. Gary Starkman

    There is a lot of buzz going on about driving traffic to ones site. This guide really came with many useful tips. Thanks for sharing.

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