“Can I Make Money Blogging?” Review by Internet Dreams

“Can I Make Money Blogging?” Review by Internet Dreams


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Blogging starts out for many as just a hobby that they enjoy doing.

They are writers that are looking to share their writing to others through the internet.

As they grow their fan base and readers, they soon realize they have a following that they can nurture and recommend all kinds of products.

Jane Sheeba of ProBloggingSuccess writes about how this is all possible through the work you do on your blog.

The name of the e-book that Jane has written is called “Can I Really Make Money Blogging?“.

But, things have changed and Jane quickly points out the new ways to stand out in any niche you decide to go in.


Things are not as they were years before, heck just a couple of years ago.

Jane does an excellent job explaining what steps you need to take for your blog for every stage and how to follow through with the best methods that work on the internet today.

She has a successful blog on her own and has the experience to write to you guys through this book that I am reviewing today on Internet Dreams.


Trust me on this – blogging has a true potential to help you build an online business. It is not about just making some quick bucks and not be remembered by anyone. With blogging, you can build a brand, authority and expertise around yourself; you can build a solid business. So stay with me – Jane Sheeba


Chapter 1 review

“How Starting A Blog Is Different These Days And What You Should Know”


Just like I wrote in the introduction, blogging today is much different than it was 5 – 10 years ago.

Jane points this out very clearly in this chapter and how to view your journey much differently.

She explains how the “Money-making” niche has become what it has today and explains the ins and outs of how it became the way it is today.

This chapter sets up the right mindset to have for the blogging game for today and the rest of the book.


Chapter 2 review

“Can I Fake It Until I Make It?”


This chapter is mostly aimed at those bloggers that write about blogging, web hosting, SEO etc…

Even for those other bloggers in other niches, it is alright to catch those fake bloggers that are teaching blogging in their own “Unique” way but actually lying to you about everything they have copied from another place on the internet.

Jane says from this chapter:

The point is – they have not yet made it. So how can they teach someone else to do it? This is ridiculous.


Chapter 3 review

“Build a model that CONVERTS!”


Blogging is a business and your blog should have a business model that it follows.

A large part that makes up most of this chapter is the “Unique Selling Proposition” aspect of an online business.

Jane says it makes up an important part of your business and shows you how to define it till it becomes sharp as a diamond.

This chapter is one of the most impressive chapters in the book and how she was able to intertwine the amazing content you write for your blog which can improve your business and “USP”, is amazing.


Chapter 4 review

“The WORKING income model (via blogging)”


This is the money chapter!

If you are looking to make some money through blogging, then this chapter is for you. All of them actually!

Jane explains the most effective way to sell other people’s products and even recommends creating your own product which can be the ultimate selling proposition that makes up most of your income.


Chapter 5 review

“List building”


List building needs to be done by every blog.

Jane will tell you that a list is a very important asset of an online business and how you should use it as a professional business as well.

Some key points the chapter hits on:

  • You must provide value.
  • Start building an email list
  • A working strategy to build email list FAST
  • Guest blogging
  • Landing pages
  • Don’t be shy
  • How to make money with your list?
  • Sending emails to your list
  • Unsubscribes?


Chapter 6 review

“Make Money Blogging Roundup”


And the last chapter is just as important as the other chapters are to the book.

Jane wants you to take action with your blog and she recommends some amazing resources.

Resources that I totally approve of myself and ones that will take your blog to the next level…


Conclusion of the Review


Jane knows what she is preaching about since she walks the talk with her blog.

This e-book has all the only information you need that will help you succeed online.

I have a copy of it and have read every single page that she has written in it.

Internet Dreams gladly recommends Can I Really Make Money Blogging? and has gladly reviewed it for you guys that are highly interested in it.


So go make some money baby!!


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Samuel Pustea

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  1. Salman Ahmad

    Very Nice Review Samual !
    Thanks for Sharing

  2. Ravi @ Technology Blog

    Thanks for the steps you mentioned .. And explaining the most important one “List Building”

    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re welcome Ravi!

      List Building is very important to a blogger and Jane has done a fine job explaining it :)

  3. Naser

    Thanks for the detailed review of the book Samuel. What is the price at which that book is being sold?

  4. mohit

    Making money through internet was not so easy earlier and would be not easy now and in the future also.Blogging requires a lot of patient,time and our interest also.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yes indeed Mohit!

      Hard work and cleverness will always work no matter what!

  5. qadar

    Good review and I will take a look on the book. Thanks.

  6. Daily dollar

    I think i can make money blogging thanks for the info… dailymoney.tk

  7. Robin

    i always say that money blogging is not meant for every one. still people who have that passion to make money can learn a lot and push themselves forward and make some money online :)

    nice tips you have covered here as chapters.


    • Samuel Pustea

      Passion needs to be to the max in order to make money online!

      So True!

      Thanks for the comment and visit Robin!

  8. andrew d

    Seems like a great book, but it needs to be read right away before blogging changes.

    • Samuel Pustea

      It is a great book Andrew!

      Blogging doesn’t change overnight though. :)

  9. shafeeq

    Thanks for the detailed review ..i wish to buy that ebook.
    what is price? any promo code is available?

    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re welcome!

      The price is $9.99 which isn’t bad at all.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any promo code available for you Shafeeq.


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