Interviewing Tom Ewer of LeavingWorkBehind!

Interviewing Tom Ewer of LeavingWorkBehind!

What we have here today for you guys is an interview that I conducted with Tom Ewer of LeavingWorkBehind.


interviewing tom ewer on internet dreams


I want to announce this is the first ever interview Internet Dreams has created and shared!

I am excited for this interview to go live on Internet Dreams!

The interview is written with questions that will inspire and help remodel your working ethic of your blog.

I kept in mind the beginners of course and questions that are very relevant to the state of blogging today.


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Start of the Interview!


Q: Looking on Problogger myself recently, your name popped up on “15 Bloggers to Watch in 2013”. I was like, “Damn he is getting known more and more!”

How does it feel to be listed on such a list as that and a blogger to be watched this year?


A: It’s a real honor. One of my posts got a mention in the 2012 edition and I thought for a moment that I had actually been featured, so it was great to actually see it happen this time around!

More than anything it’s a sign that I’m moving in the right direction – it’s great to get recognition from the likes of ProBlogger.



I want this interview to be as enjoyable as it seems without having to answer a gazzilion boring question in a row! So I made sure to really “think” out my questions and talk about relevant happenings in blogging today and what is going on around your blog, LeavingWorkBehind.



Q: Ok then, let’s jump into the first question I have for you or maybe I already asked you the first already! Whatever it is, here is the question.

When did you start your blog, LeavingWorkBehind, and how did it become an idea that you started to create and develop?


A: I started it in June 2011 and the idea was for it to act as an accountability journal for my efforts in quitting my job and building a successful online business. At the time I didn’t really have any thoughts beyond that – it has grown organically over time into what it is today.



Q: Since many beginners get into blogging every day, what is your best advice and your best warning to those that have just started their own journey? I really wanted to ask this question because it is the beginners who are the most in number and the most vulnerable, unfortunately.


A: That’s a great question and a real tough one to answer. My best advice would be to blog about something that excites you and my best warning would be to brace yourself for a long and steep learning curve. You need to blog about a passion because that its what will get you through the lean times until your blog starts to gain a bit of traction.




Q: As you worked on LeavingWorkBehind in the first year and you continued to move more away from being a beginner, what was the hardest obstacle to overcome and what was your strategy to get past it?


A: My biggest obstacle was making money, as it is for most people! I overcame it by being open-minded about the things that I tried to do. I eventually started making money as a freelance writer (and still do) but at the time I had no ambition to be one whatsoever. It was through sheer frustration more than anything else that I submitted a few pitches via an online job board but I’m glad that I did because that one small decision played a pivotal part in getting me to where I am now!




Q: What was the most exciting thing/event you laid your eyes on that made you want to scream your head off? Make us excited with your excitement you felt!


A: I presume you mean in my business…it would have to be the launch of my freelance writing guide. My aim was to make $3,000 total but my goals soon had to be readjusted as I made 80 sales within the three day pre-launch. The guide has now made in excess of $5,000 and continues to earn. Nothing beats passive income!



Q: What are some of your goals you are looking to reach this year with LeavingWorkBehind?  Of course, goals that are not private and ones that are reachable!


A: My overriding goal is to diversify and increase my passive income streams. I have a couple of blogs in the work as well my information product, Amazon eBooks and affiliate income from LWB.

I have an eye on $100,000 income gross in 2013 but that is more of a dream than a goal. Still, it’s not out of the question!



Q: Let’s pop this fun question in the midst and make this more entertaining.

What is your favorite genre of music and which artist are you a crazed fan of?


A: I have a very eclectic taste in music and don’t really have a favorite genre, nor do I have favorite artists. A few favorites are Foo Fighters, Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, Bombay Bicycle Club and Rodrigo y Gabriela.



Q: As blogging is changing by the year, so is SEO. I believe the most talked about topic from last year to this year in the blogging and SEO industry is the big changes in SEO Google is putting out.

What are some of your thoughts on this and what do you think the future of SEO is looking like?


A: The future of SEO is looking natural. I believe in a holistic approach to SEO in that everything you do (social media, blogging, outreach, guest posting, etc) combines not only to benefit you in terms of search engine rankings but also through other ways (direct traffic, brand exposure, etc). The less we worry about SEO and the more we worry about getting our content in front of people through other means, the more our rankings are likely to increase.



Q: Out of all that makes up blogging, which part of the work (SEO, engagement, traffic, social media profiles, etc…) is the hardest to accomplish and grow?


A: Getting traffic, without a shadow of a doubt. With traffic you can do anything – even if you have shitty content. You can have the greatest content in the world but if you don’t have an audience it’s irrelevant. Getting traffic is the key more than anything else.



Q: As I ask the last question of this interview, Tom, I am one of your followers on twitter. Not a surprise!

Everyone reading this interview should follow Tom too!

I really see you engage very much on that social media site and I am sure you have shared some of your experiences and knowledge on your blog about this.

What can you tell us in short here is the best strategy to increase our influence and follower base on twitter?


A: Read this post: It’s all there!



Q: Great! I want to thank you Tom for giving us some of your precious time to answer my questions posed to you!

I want to congratulate you for your hard work on LeavingWorkBehind, hope only the best for you, and continue to climb that ladder of success!

I would love that you give us the last thoughts! Would you be so kind to?


A: Persist and embrace the process. You can achieve almost anything if you break it down into steps and persist. It really is that simple when you boil it down to the basics.


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  1. Eric Pangburn


    This is a very nice interview and enjoyed reading through it. I liked his open and honest best advice and biggest warning.

    That’s very fair and probably honest in sharing that!

    Thanks for the great interview!


    • Samuel Pustea

      Yes sir!

      I wanted him to give his honest opinion on certain topics in the industry.

      He is always honest and doesn’t mind sharing his secrets of success :)

      Thanks for the comment Eric!

  2. Evan

    1. The first pancake is тще a failure) First but great! Thanks for sharing. it is an inspiring example of human’s goals and achievements!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hi Evan,

      Not quite sure what you meant at the beginning of your comment.

      But, Tom is always an inspiration for bloggers out there and how he has taken his blog to the next level!

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