Jon Acuff: The New York Times Bestselling Author on Internet Dreams

Jon Acuff: The New York Times Bestselling Author on Internet Dreams

Who we have today on Internet Dreams is a very special individual, author, speaker, and social media expert.


Yup, it’s Jon Acuff!

I want to personally thank him for taking some of his time to answer a few of my questions.

Before we move onto those questions, let me formally introduce him to you guys who might not have heard of him yet.


Hence the title of this post, the New York Times (and the Wall Street Journal) has recognized him as a successful Bestselling Author of four books.


Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters


His other three books:

Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job

Gazelles, Baby Steps and 37 Other Things Dave Ramsey Taught Me about Debt

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Not only becoming a successful author, prior to becoming an author he has worked with large brands such as Bose, Home Depot, etc..


He even works with Dave Ramsey and joined his team!


He currently lives Franklin, Tennessee with his wife Jenny and his two daughters.



His wife Jenny is about to release her own book called “How To Be Married To A Dreamer“.


Learn more about Jenny’s book.


I hope you guys have gotten an idea of who Jon is, ever so slightly.

He is an avid social media user and if you’re to follow him on there, please do at:


Jon Acuff – Facebook


Jon Acuff – Twitter


Jon Acuff – Instagram


Of course, he has his own blog and you can see it at:


In this post on Internet Dreams today, I’ve asked him my top three questions.

Again, it was very unselfish of him to step down to Internet Dreams and answer a few of them.

Thanks Jon!


I hope only success to you in 2014 and the upcoming years.

Continue to kick ass and show the world what it takes to achieve true success! 


Q: What is your secret on being discovered and featured on large media brands such as CNN, the New York Times, etc…?

I don’t really feel like it’s a secret. There’s not one special thing that I did, it was more that I didn’t stop. I’ve written millions of words online and it built up over time. 


You even wrote a book on this. I bet it must have helped many people pull out from their regular, boring job and put themselves into their dream job.

Q: Now, how do you juggle your regular job and work on your dream job simultaneously? How do you keep yourself from burning out during this process?

You make sure you leave time to rest. Rest is a key part of hustling. I think a lot of people forget this and end up getting burned out.


It took an unimaginable amount of work to even have your first sale, never mind become a “Bestselling author”!

Q: Based on your experience on writing books, what is your number one tip you can give us on writing a successful book?

Don’t wait to figure your voice out. The only way you find your voice as a writer is to write. Just keep writing.

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  1. MIchael Bely

    Hi Samuel,

    Thanks for the post.
    Behind Jon’s seemingly simple answers there is a lot of work he has done!

    Jon said he wrote millions of words online. If he means it literally, then it must be more than 500 articles that are 2,000 words each! And, say, if he can produce, say, 2 articles a week, then he must have spent more than 250 weeks on it which is more than 5 years of continuous work!

    However faulty my assumptions and calculation may be, it is still a fact, that one must work their butts off to get success.

    • Gary Starkman

      Maybe he’s just that hard a worker, or maybe I sense a hint of sarcasm… Either way he works really hard.

    • Samuel Pustea


      I’m not surprised he spent that much time working to get to his level.

      It takes years of hard work to gain that hard-earned success.

      Thanks for your comment today on Internet Dreams, Michael.

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