3 of My Marketing Tips for 2013

3 of My Marketing Tips for 2013

There is nothing worse one can do on the computer than browse to the crappiest site you have ever seen!

It could be the design is so out of date; or maybe the content was so bad it was made out of literal crap!


I have to admit.

In the past I was trying to create articles the average way. Articles that were just too boring and didn’t impress anyone.

I was making too many “common” posts that many other bloggers were producing. I desperately needed to show the real “me” through my articles.


Because of that, it became an improvement.

Along with the SEO and social media aspect of my marketing, I garnered enough experience and knowledge to improve the way I use them for my marketing.


To succeed in this ever-changing world and online, there are always improvements to be made; improvements to the marketing one endeavors to work on.


Here are my three marketing tips to improve upon!

2013 marketing tips

It is all about you and your “story”

With so many blogs going live everyday, it is a tough competitive world out there.

With brand and companies jumping on the blogging bandwagon, this is increasingly true.


The way you write and present your article is a part of you and what you are.

This is crucial since it is one of the very first times your visitors see who you are.


Here are a few steps to take in order to improve your overall appearance and personality:


1.Your articles must contain experience and be unique

I notice many articles don’t have the word “my” in the titles of articles.

Plainly, I just don’t see other words in the titles that would hint one’s experience to be included within the article.


Creating unique titles (ex. “My way of doing something..” or “How I got this and that..”) is an encouraging influence for that guy who browses through everything fast.

He might pop in and give you his attention for a minute.


 2. Answer comments and thank them graciously

Comments are what bring life to your blog.

Embrace them since they are the engaged visitor who took the time to comment. Responding to a comment and saying “Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my article.” will leave a strong impression, again, for the engage visitor (commentator).


3. Guest marketing your business/website via very-high quality guest posting

Guest posting is as strong as ever folks! Just for the lazy spammer, guest posting is waste of time for him.

Amid all the rumors and what ‘Google” even says, guest posting is just as effective as it has been from the start.


One just has to experience the true nature of guest posting and how it should be used “correctly”.


Rule number one, guest posting is 100% the best of what you create.

No more lazy, scrapped words put together in the form of an article.

Rule number two, guest posting isn’t entirely for links but mostly to get your name out there. (This is the most important of them all!)

Remember, you’re trying to attract new readers for your blog and get more followers.


SEO is becoming more strategy now

What does this mean exactly?

Well, I will shortly explain about this right now.

Gone are the days when you could do little research, create a short article on the keyword, create a ton of links, and be on the first page of Google in a matter of weeks.

Even optimizing every article you write and “hoping” to rank high for a keyword you “thought” you researched enough for.

No no no no…


Today, SEO is about quality and you creating a strong strategy to rank a single “article” high on Google.

You need to “be sure” that you looked and researched a single keyword thoroughly.

You need to be confident about your research and your likelihood of ranking high for that keyword.


Using proper and non-spammy SEO, build the highest quality links to that specific article via high quality guest posting, forum engagement, and inbounding links from other related websites.


Stay tuned to this blog since I will be revealing the correct way to research and create a strategy to get traffic from Google.

Do you still guest post?

On what sites have you guest posted for?  


Social Media is about consistency

Social media is a powerful medium you should be using to bring other attention to yourself.

Did you catch that?

I said “yourself“.


I see far too many people who think they are “promoting” their website on social media.

They think all the promotion should be directed to their site not knowing they aren’t going to grow much on social media.


First of all, promotion on social media needs to be as unique as possible; second of all, social media is creating human connection, not connection with a non-living things such as a company or brand.


So ask yourself this? What would my followers like to see in their state of mind? Information is excellent. It really is!

But too much of it looks like promotion for yourself and those on social media aren’t always looking for content/info.


Be more “human” in your promotion and understand your audience’s mindset before you consider promoting another article.


On which social media site are you the most active on? Facebook? Twitter? or Google+?

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Samuel Pustea

We are all looking to succeed online. It is the dream to build and own a very successful website. I am Samuel and I own Internet Dreams and blog here. Internet Dreams will teach you how to have that success with your site. If you are looking how to optimize and improve your site or blog, Internet Dreams will have content just for that. Blogging, social media, SEO, traffic generation, and much more! Internet Dreams covers it all.


  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Samuel,

    Super tips buddy!

    Tell your story. Nobody can tell your story like you. Nobody. Because nobody experienced your story like you did.

    I explain my rise from broke, just about penniless – OK 4 pennies ;) – security officer to current world traveling blogger. I live a dream internet lifestyle because I gained comfort in telling my story.

    Right now I am taking in a gorgeous sight in Kathmandu, Nepal. Blue skies, towering mountains and of course the Himalayas are not too far away. How did this happen? I explained that it was not always like this, that I failed my way to this spot.

    Be human. Share your failures. Be even more human. Readers and customers can connect with humans so much more easily than some perfect god (lowercase “g” ;), and this connection happens easily if you will tell your story.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Samuel!


    • Samuel Pustea

      The most important work you do on the Internet is your story and how you present it.

      Nice to see you agree with me!

      That must be a beautiful spot from where you’re looking from! I wish I could see that live! :)

      I thank you for stopping by again and commenting on my article Ryan.

      Take care! – Sam

  2. Aadi

    Hello Samuel,
    Thanks for sharing.
    Excellent Article. It helped a newbie like me a lot.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Jane

    Stories make instant connection with the readers. And marketing with story becomes so seamless! I’ve had many experiences with instantly being sold on stories. So if something gets me, it should also work the same way for my readers too!

    And I’m so happy with the recent SEO changes. Webmasters no longer have to pressurize themselves in creating a crappy piece of content around a keyword, go about building links, manipulate the search and get on top. Now value is valued more than anything and that makes the job of genuine bloggers much easier :)

    Thanks for sharing these working marketing tips :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Stories will get me hooked too Jane!

      Especially if it a video and reenacted. :)

      SEO for the average blogger is getting so much better. Those complaining are the ones that aren’t willing to use the “quality” ways.

      Thanks for the visit and comment.

  4. Reginald

    Hey mate!

    Same here! Totally able to relate to it.

    Before this, I was blogging very simple and direct. This means that no images nothing.

    Traffic wasn’t good and I decided to give up…more than once.

    Nowadays, I tend to be more open to images etc and that, seriously increases my traffic multiple times.

    Thanks for aharing buddy!


    • Samuel Pustea

      Yes, never give up Reginald!

      Include more images and you will see more results man. :)

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Susan Velez

    Hi Samuel,

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I totally agree with you that sharing your story helps. I love reading about people’s story on how they worked their way to success.

    Who really wants to read things about how easy it is and they did no work. Not me.

    These are definitely some great tips that will help anyone improve their marketing techniques. Thanks for sharing, have a great day.

    • Samuel Pustea


      Storytelling is definitely on the rise and the new form of content creation. It is important that you include that in your posts.

      Thank you for your time here on Internet Dreams!

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