New Year Contest! Winner Will Receive A Free Optinskin!

New Year Contest! Winner Will Receive A Free Optinskin!

win a free optinskin

I am excited to announce that Internet Dreams has just hit 1,000 likes on our Facebook page!

I can’t believe we have hit that number and all of this has happened because of you guys. Because of that, I want to offer a free OptinSkin through this contest.   Internet Dreams proudly uses OptinSkin, and is a firm believer in it. OptinSkin hash helped me gain more email subscribers and will continue to give me new emails!   This contest will run for 30 days (End: January 19, 2013), starting today, and one person will receive a free license for OptinSkin.     The 2 Steps To Join:

1. Add your email below!


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  This is the most important part. Make sure you add your email to the form above. The contest is based on the emails I receive.

2. Share this post

share   Tweet…. Like this post on Facebook… +1 on Google+…. & Pin on Pinterest…   Share through the sharing buttons at the top of the post! Make sure you share this post if you are looking to win!   Make sure you do those two steps and you will be good to go!  :) And one more thing:   thank you facebook likes contest

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Samuel Pustea

We are all looking to succeed online. It is the dream to build and own a very successful website. I am Samuel and I own Internet Dreams and blog here. Internet Dreams will teach you how to have that success with your site. If you are looking how to optimize and improve your site or blog, Internet Dreams will have content just for that. Blogging, social media, SEO, traffic generation, and much more! Internet Dreams covers it all.


  1. Rahul Kuntala

    Congrats dude on getting your first 1k likes on FB. I’m pretty much close to that mark.

    I’m in btw! Have a great success with the contest :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Rahul!

      Nice to hear you are getting close to that as well :)

      Keep up the good work and thanks for joining the contest!

  2. Abhi Balani

    Hey Buddy..
    Congrats on 1K likes. I am a way too far from 1K likes. And I would love to use Opt In skin. Wish me good luck. :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Abhi

      Keep up the work and you will see the results soon enough!

      I hope you do well in the contest ;)

  3. shafeeq

    i will wait for January 19, 2013, because i want that….so i dedicate my tweets,likes and pins for you….

    • Samuel Pustea

      Sure, everyone wants and loves Optinskin!

      Thanks for your participation man :)

  4. Sumon Selim

    All the steps are done!

  5. Jason Mathes

    Count me in as well – this plugin looks awesome – wish me luck!

  6. Enstine Muki

    Congrats on the 1k reach Sam.
    2013 sounds better with the contest. I’m in ;)

  7. Sai Kumar

    Hi, Congrats on getting 1k Facebook Fans. Done the above two steps and i am in. Thanks for the Giveaway!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Sai!

      Doing the two steps from above ensures you are in my friend.

  8. himanshu

    Great and very useful giveaway for any bloggers…thanks for proving us such a good gift …

    • Samuel Pustea

      This giveaway is one the best on the internet!

      OptinSkin is one the best plugins out there!

  9. Shathyan Raja

    Hi Samuel,

    First of all I would like to Congratulate you for getting you 1k likes.

    And I have done the mentioned things to get the step ahead of winning the contest. Count me inn…

    Thank You

  10. Darrell Madore

    I’m in, thanks.

  11. Yogesh

    First of all congrats for 1k likes and thanks for this giveaway.
    I really required this plugin to increase subscribers to my blog and I hope to get..

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Yogesh!

      This plugin will help you increase your subscribers and everyone would love a piece :)

  12. Yogesh Mandge

    congratulations Brother For Getting 1K likes, Lets Hope to Win, All The Things Asked Above Are Done.

  13. Syed Danial

    I am quite late Congratx for 1183 Likes ;) and count me in for giveaway :)

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