Please Do Insult Me!

Please Do Insult Me!

This guest post is by Joe Boyle of the Website Begin.

You, most likely, are very fond of compliments and hate to be insulted – the very thought of somebody not liking the work you created just tears you apart.

That’s a natural reaction, right?

While looking over my Facebook stream (as I do every morning), I found something that made me feel a bit angered – a group with a description of “We will delete hate”.

Reality check time – being afraid of hate is stupidity in its core.

The “hate” that you receive is something that you should value – it’s giving you a lesson that you would normally have to pay for.

Don’t understand what I mean? Let me continue to dwell on the subject.


My Design Launch – Inspired by Negativity

For the last two months [or so], I’ve been building and tinkering with my brand new redesign – it’s beautiful, if I do say so myself (I don’t really have to, though – a lot of people agree).

It’s been a journey of constant work, but it has been worth it – you can view the design here (#SSP?).

I received a lot of compliments for the design – of the 40 or so people who saw it pre-launch, nearly every single response was positive. I did, however, get a few responses like;

“It’s a beautiful design, but the colours just don’t match. It really throws everything off.”

About a month into the build, I got that response. The second part of the statement meant a lot more than the first, though – I took it to my team and we created a brand new set of colours for it. Nearly eight [on and off] hours later, we had a new scheme.

The point is, if it weren’t for that one response with a negative push – the flaw in the design – it probably never would have gotten changed.

Instead of being insulted and telling them to eat dirt, I changed it – everybody benefited.


Reacting to Negative Blog Comments

If you’ve ever spent five minutes on a Youtube video of any calibre, you’ve most likely found some negative comments.

Whether it’s talking about the bad quality of the video, the horrid audio, or even the bad content – they’re all still negative.

I find it interesting, though, that these comments are often marked as spam. I wouldn’t call them spam. They’re not spam by a long-shot – they’re inspiration.

Why is it that the producers of videos take these comments as spam instead of a motivational factor to improve their content?

If I received a thousand comments on each blog post I wrote telling me that my style of writing sucked, I’d change it – who wouldn’t?

I have found that a number of bloggers take the same approach – instead of replying to a hateful comment, they just flat-out delete it. It is almost as if they think that so long it is deleted it is out of reason. It’s not.

Instead of deleting negative comments, try embracing them. Build your future additions around them. Learn from them. Be grateful of them.

Whenever I get a hateful comment, I am sure to thank them for the comment, tell them it will be fixed, or rebut their statement if need-be.

It’s pretty simple.

Do You Accept Hate?

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Joe Boyle

Joe Boyle is a passionate blogger who is interested in web development and design, engineering, sports, politics, gaming, electronics, and changing the world.


  1. Samuel Pustea

    Excellent article Joe!

    It depends on what hate is.

    Some just hate because they don’t have what you have and it is in them to hate always.

    I would never listen to them.

    I would absolutely consider constructive criticism, and people who are based on experience.

    Just my thoughts man :)

  2. Vivek

    Yes I do accept hate, but then I respond them in the same ” beautiful ” tone.
    I love comments on my blog design, posts, but when someone tried to say ” hey I was not able to undestand any thing “, when that post already have more than 40 comments. Then I feel like throwing him out of this World.

  3. Robert Koenig

    I, too, have really bad reactions towards negativity and “hate.” However, I just remind myself that some people just don’t know how to be sincerely happy for other or how to be positive. The important thing is to not let negativity or “hate” get the best of you. Keep writing!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Don’t let it get the best of you!

      You can’t stop hate, so the best way is to deal with what is inside of you.

      Thanks for your comment Robert!

  4. Kate Brown Wilson

    I don’t know what to say but I think that hate cannot be removed in our life but the problem is many people are still doing it, spreading hate toward other.

    • Samuel Pustea

      You can’t stop hate and please do not try too!

      Thanks for your comment Kate.

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