Top 6 Competitive Niches You Should Know About!

Top 6 Competitive Niches You Should Know About!

Niches, niches, niches……. The word most heard when your idea is born in your head to own and grow a site or blog. Your blog, which will exist in a certain niche, will provide meaningful content and help for that respective niche.



Every niche is fully saturated with blogs after blogs, or some niches that have a few that provide excellent quality. When you set out to create your blog, after you bought the theme and hosting, you will decide then and there to create your site based on the niche you decided.

To simplify the term “niche”, it simply means a subject or category of a specific product or idea. Nothing else. I won’t get into the technicalities of each niche, but overall, it means exactly how I wrote it.

So as you are looking and researching into this “niche” info, you’ll notice some niches have heavily filled ones with thousand of blogs and some that much fewer blogs, with less competition.

Every niche has its leaders and those few who are making a massive profit out of them.

It will probably be the first time you hear the word “competition”. Competition is not a hard word to understand. The more competition the niche or category has, the more sites are competing to rank in that “niche”.

This article will state the 6 most competitive “niches” you should know about, and decide whether to build a blog or site in them. Your choice.


Below are some “very” popular niches, based on searches and the content they each deliver. If you look over them, each are vital to everyday life.

  • Make Money Online
  • Social Media
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Web Design
  • Fitness


The Top 6 “Popular” Niches Ranked by Traffic and Demand!


6. Make Money Online


make money online niche searches


5. Social Media


social media competition


4. Web Design


web design competition


3. Fitness


fitness competition


2. Technology


technology competition


1. Health – The “Most” Searches Per Month!


health competition



 The Top 6 “Popular” Niches Ranked by True Competition!


6. Make Money Online


Domain Backlinks “combined” of Top 10 Results: 16,093,837 backlinks

Page Rank “combined” of Top 10 results: 28


5. Web Design


Domain Backlinks “combined” of Top 10 Results: 41,284,687 backlinks

Page Rank “combined” of Top 10 results: 55


4. Fitness “Niche”


Domain Backlinks “combined” of Top 10 Results: 55,413,756 backlinks

Page Rank “combined” of Top 10 results: 61


3. Social Media “Niche”


Domain Backlinks “combined” of Top 10 Results: 56,988,321 backlinks

Page Rank “combined” of Top 10 results: 61


2. Health “Niche”


Domain Backlinks “combined” of Top 10 Results: 130,544,623 backlinks

Page Rank “combined” of Top 10 results: 69


1. Technology “Niche” – The most competitive Niche of all!


Domain Backlinks “combined” of Top 10 Results: 164,468,831 backlinks

Page Rank “combined” of Top 10 results: 71


Recap of the Niches:


What I mean about true competition is, analyzing and researching fully the niche you want to join.

Just looking at this:



Don’t get scared by all this. Competition is a good thing. It means the niche is timeless, and will always have high demand.

These kinds of niches are called “evergreen” niches, just because you and people need them all of the time.

These examples are not the only niches around. These are the most popular and sought niches, and in this article, I was able to differentiate which one is the most competitive.

Please share what else niche you are working on, and please share the article on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Rahul kuntala

    Hey that’s a great insightful post mate. I’m glad that you made it with few stats.

    We need to build quality backlinks to rank for ‘targeted traffic’. It can’t be done in less time though, which can be possible only for those who are willing to work their butt off to create content and build backlinks for their sites for a specific period of time.

    Great going Samuel :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Stats help you out on the bright side! Well-done research needs to be done on this type of topic.

      Thanks for your added input and for reading Rahul :)

  2. Raaj Trambadia

    Nice research Sam. Would be helpful to the ones who are confused about starting a niche blog. Cheers

  3. Ishan

    I am a bit surprised to see web design there. I expected other five but web design was a surprise.

    Thanks for quality research and sharing this information with us.


    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for the reTweet!

      Yeah man. Web design is a very competitive niche with high demand.

      Thanks Ishan

  4. Sanjeev | Makewebworld

    Nice collection of stats, with the correct research and tools you can gain an advantage and can track your progress…Finding a nice niche is always a good start..

    • Samuel Pustea

      Of course. It is all about how “prepared” you are.

      Thanks for your time Sanjeev, plus leaving such an informative comment :)

  5. Shalu Sharma

    Indeed those topics are mega competitive. There are lot of articles, blogs and websites to choose from in all the niches mentioned. I am surprises that technology is more competitive than make money online. Just wondering if Blogging is a competitive niche or not?

    • Samuel Pustea

      Blogging is definitely a competitive niche, but I didn’t include it in this list since it is a very broad niche.

      Thanks for your comment Shalu.

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