Extremely Simple Ways To Generate Traffic, Fast!

The majority of websites in the Internet world  is run by traffic. My site is being visited by the traffic I produce and the traffic others make through social media, linking, and so on..

generate website traffic


It is important to have good knowledge about “traffic” and quite specifically “targeted traffic“. But that isn’t a problem since the very beginning is going to be mess of traffic and it is hard to sort things out. But over time, you will be able refine your traffic to be the specific “kind”.

Traffic is what makes you money and getting those new visitors to be daily visitors and readers. Bloggers coming onto the scene, just starting are going to ask the question, “How do I get traffic to my site?”. A very common question and one that has Google searching many, many times.

It is a dream to have massive traffic to a website and potentially being the “Internet Dream“.  There a number of massive techniques on the internet, but introductory of them will be discussed in the article.

Many “small” techniques can be done by one, but the established “amount” of it is really not worth it. This article has provided reliable, simple ways for those new in the industry and by those that need a boost on a post.

Communication is limitless to your traffic and it will grow based on how much unique content it is being presented in front of them and the design factor of your site or blog. This article presents to you “the traffic” on how to use simple, yet effective ways of traffic generation.



generate traffic


 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2012)



Beginners will be benefited by it greatly and should not hesitate to get fuller understanding of each method further on their own. Many website owners and bloggers, such as “myself”, used and are currently using the exact same methods of investing our time and knowledge in the field of online traffic.

It’s an art worth investing “looking” into and getting your system of generation into full effect every single day. It will most definitely fluctuate many times, but with continuous effort from the individual, it will slowly bee seen as the growth of the site’s traffic.

With that being said, here is an article worth reading and getting an “idea” about traffic generation like a pro.







Share On Social Media.


One of the most simple ways to get decent traffic from. Even if you don’t have a large following, don’t skip this part.

Social media is very important to get traffic from, since it is targeted and taking a huge part on the online world as of today and going into the future.


Even Google is looking into Social Media as a signal of their search engine traffic. More shares and links on a Social Media site signals it is important to Google and will rank it much better than those not shared much.

“The links that you build through social media, the references, the authority — all can have an impact in various ways on how you are ranked and listed even in ‘regular’ search results,” says Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, in an email interview. “Social media allows for people to provide more trusted signals.”


Two social media sites that have gotten this blog an amount of traffic has been:


Those two have been the best for quick traffic. Both sites can have friendships made and share exclusively fast with each other. Take advantage of their groups where you can share.

Another social site is:


Make sure tweet often from specific users and follow users that follow back. Simple stuff.

Other social sites according to eBiz:

Live Journal


 Commenting the Smart Way.


Another way to get fast traffic is through commenting. About the same way of getting traffic from social media. Both go through the content you write and by your “image” visibility.

There is a difference of getting some traffic and a whole lot!

Comment strategically. Have a RSS Reader on hand and see when posts are first published. Choose about five or ten blogs that receive good traffic, and try to be in the top 5 area of the comment section.

Always strive for that top comment!


Join Communities That Share.


Communities have many site owners and bloggers going into their site and sharing their content. This way, make sure to add yours since many bloggers are doing the same thing to get their word out.

It is simple to do and can receive some traffic from there depending on how much time you invest int he communities.

More time = More traffic.

But I advise to not spend too much time in a community since they’re more important things to work on to get your content out there.

Some examples of communities that you can join to get traffic:



Bookmarking on popular Social Sites.

StumbleUpon is the most popular along with Reddit.  They both get incredible traffic everyday and probably been heard by you before.

What works on these two is content that is viral and currently trending. I have seen this countless times with others and myself. Those that say it many times, believe them.

What else works is content or an article that solves a problem. Evergreen content does so well as well. It has to be written very well with your own unique style to it.

According to eBiz,  these are sites that can be benefited from:



Asking for other site owners or bloggers to share.


A simple yet such an effective way of getting traffic back to your site or blog. Get in contact of others and don’t think that you are the only one out there.

They are probably on any social site, get in contact and start a conversation with them. Connect and ask them to share your post once in a while. They will gladly help you.

Also do the same in return for them to continue what they do.


They could be hanging out in the communities mentioned before, and there is an opportunity for them to share.


 Add “Eye-Appealing” Images to you Article.


Believe it or not, images have a huge impact on how they perceive things.

Add nice Images to your posts. Actually, always add “the best” images to your posts.

I have had many clicks and shares to some articles that I have added sexy and awesome pictures to. It has a psychological impact on the reader’s brain.


Host A Contest.

Not Quite an easy way, but with the right people who care about the results of a contest, this should be an easy and successful contest for you. Make sure to find willing and interested people to join you on one.

Hosting a contest is going to bring you good traffic. People love these contests and some just go crazy about them!

Host it with a joint of others so that they can drive some of their traffic as well. Give them a prize that has many wanting it and do some research that has the best prizes signing up the most people.

I know this works because I have talked to many bloggers that have said the benefits have been “outstanding!”. This site will be and is using contests as a way of promoting my brand.


Link to other Posts.


Each time you link to another article, the receiving end such as the website(blog) will receive a ping. This works only on a “WordPress” blog and no other else.

This isn’t a problem since WordPress is the most widespread blog platform used. Just link to a similar article and see the “other side” to check out your article.

If the other person likes what he sees, expect him to comment and maybe even “share” the article around, with his followers.

Linking to other relevant sources shows the connection to other respectable people. Readers take notes of this and will be more “likely” to share your article.


 Add Your article to Article Directories.


Yet another simple way to get you article in front of “targeted” audience. Each time you add a new article to an account of an Article Directory, you are establishing yourself as an authoritative author.

Just add a single article to the top 10 article directories and get them published on other sites.

Don’t add them just for SEO, since the links are not of High Value to Google. Just get them published on other blogs, and get the targeted traffic back to your site.


Write Killer Content.


Always strive to write killer content once a week. This article exactly is a piece of killer content, added to this wonderful site.

Killer content is bound to be shared by many and get those “clicks” to your bog or site. A killer headline and killer words form your brain is all you need for an article to take off in the lane of awesomeness!

I wrote an article specifically describing how to write one and will teach you to write one with no issues. This article is a killer!


Wrapping it up:


Use these tips to your advantage to gain the traffic you are looking for. You can get the traffic. The traffic was always there. You just need to know how to leverage sites and social sites to get them to visit your article and share it with others.

These are simple ways of getting traffic at the start of your blog and going on through the months ahead. Simple ways of getting simple traffic to your blog. Don’t expect to be a flood of them, but continue to build on these principles that can grow your traffic.

So share the article with your friends and help them get the simple traffic they need on their “site”.  Spread these words on paper on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Thank you for reading.

Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Danialde4

    Very Simple Way ^_^

  2. zolar

    most of the tips is to communicate with other. Like your tips. My traffic is static now and I need to do something

    • Samuel Pustea

      Communication will get you traffic. Communication with other “big” people will get you even more :)

  3. Joe Boyle

    Great post you’ve whipped up here. Moreover, the general idea is to create great content that people will adore. I’ve written articles that have pulled hundreds of visits from a single social network alone, and I’ve also written posts that have gotten ten visits from all of my social networks. It’s all about the quality of the content and what the visitors want. Once you can get that science down, you’re sitting pretty.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Love the strategy Joe. Quality content will get you far, and super content will make it big for you.

      You have experienced that with your content and I believe the results has been amazing.

      • Joe Boyle

        That’s the focus of the world, isn’t it? Quality?

      • Samuel Pustea

        Should be! :)

        Too much crap out there, Joe.

      • Joe Boyle

        People don’t seem to realize that content is more than just the traditional article on their own website, though. Videos are content. Comments are content. Guest posts are content. Even commercials are content. I think if the world could stop asking for quality and actually deliver it, progression may happen. It’s like those commercials (I don’t know if they play on television around you, but I see it daily) where there’s a person sampling two drinks, and the guy says the good tasting one is Geico. WHAT?!

        Put out content that makes sense and is of quality, and you’ve got your work cut out for you.

      • Samuel Pustea

        Haha, I know that commercial. Seen it. People just need to get their brains out of their buts and get content going. Can’t sit around and expect stuff to happen. All the content you mentioned is content! Create the content and see the results come in!

  4. Martha Giffen

    Nice list! Thanks!

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    Oh so nice. .thanks for the commening & article submission lists :-)

  6. LaTease Rikard

    Commenting is a great way to increase traffic and it builds backlinks which is great for SEO. Good graphics, I like the eye candy you presented, it goes good with the content!

    • Samuel Pustea


      I know right? I know this article will go viral and thought to add some pretty graphics to it.

      Attract more shares and likes.. :)

  7. Alicia

    Thanks for all the great tips!

  8. Gracie L.

    Great tips, Samuel. These tips look simple but actually you need time to get each done excellently. That’s why in SEO, there is no short cut way and it needs a lot of patience. But once you have established a large followership, everything will just fit in smoothly.

    • Samuel Pustea

      True, but they shouldn’t take too much time. Just enough to get you the traffic you need, and not waste to much time on a specific way.

      SEO is definitely not a fast thing. Thanks for your comment Gracie.

  9. abhishek

    Its a very good post
    will surely follow these steps :)

  10. Felicia Gopaul

    I’m liking the tips samuel! simple, yet doable. Great idea on hosting a contest!

  11. Akos Fintor

    Hey Sam,

    Cool post,
    I actually just mad a video about what I do to generate traffic on an ongoing basis. I’ll be putting it in the next days.

    Thanks for the resources. Some of them I’ve never heard of :) …..well that’s how things are on the net!


    • Samuel Pustea

      OK great! I would love to see your ways as well..

      Yeah man. Discovering news ways to succeed is the best route anyone can go!

      Thanks for stopping Akos.

  12. Ammar Ali

    These are not simple ways. These are extremely simple and effective ways. ;)

    I am using social media to traffic traffic to my blog and it works perfect for me!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yeah man. Extremelyyyy simple!

      I love social media. Such a sick and effective way to get traffic :)

  13. John Ernest

    Actually I have read one blog that nothing simple is that easy. He used the works of a painter as an example. But doing away with that, you can look at it like this. Writers like us are often asked to shorten our posts and still expect us to put the same quality right? We have a really hard time making it concise by changing words and putting the right words. More over we have a hard time looking for the fluffs and only leave the necessary things. What if someone comes by that isn’t asked by their editor to cut down or trim his articles? And the same article is published word by word as is written by the writer the next day? If you ask that writer how he does it, he may only be saying one thing-practice. The same as these tips, you should not expect and almost immediate response of the traffic to your site just by following these tips. You have to practice these tips in every post until you get the hang of it, and you can do it at your best with the shortest amount of time. That in itself, is simplicity at its finest. What do you think?

    • Samuel Pustea

      This is what I think:

      I have just pointed out in this article, the ways you can get traffic as simple as possible. I am using my personal experience here. It shouldn’t be complicated even though some ways of generating traffic is somewhat complicated. I didn’t say you will get huge traffic, but simple traffic that will come instantly. I have done all of these ways, and have seen instant traffic myself. So I have experienced this simplicity.

      You are right about doing it over and over again. After doing it many times, you will see what works more than the other. And then use that certain method to leverage even more traffic that you are looking for. I think that is what you are getting to.

      I hope I am clear on what I said. :)

  14. Abdul Rehman Agha

    Hi Samuel,

    That’s a pretty neat list and I’m sure that it will prove to be beneficial for many people. I’ll probably try a thing or two from there today. It’s my first visit here, and I’ll most probably be visiting more often now. :)


    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey Abdul, thanks for visiting man! Please visit again and learn some newer techniques.

      This list will be beneficial to many who need more traffic to their blogs.

  15. Sanjay

    This one is definitely a killer article for beginners to start generating traffic. I have bookmarked this page on my browser so that I can implement the tips that I have missed.

    As said by Samuel, hosting a contest will be quite difficult for most of the non-professional bloggers. But, there are 9 other simple ways that can be done.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for bookmarking. Trust me, these techniques work and they have worked for me.

      Hosting a contest can be quite easy, but the hardest part is finding someone else to join.

      Thanks for reading

  16. Freddie Miranda

    He Sam,
    Thank you so much for the tips on getting traffic. I have started using some of them and will continue with the rest. I agree that following these ‘simple ways’ will have great results. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!
    With my best regards,

    • Samuel Pustea

      Your welcome Freddie. Keep doing these simple ways, over and over again.

      Soon you will see the results of the work put in. Thanks for your comment.

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    Thank you so much…

    • Samuel Pustea

      Pictures are great for SEO and especially for people!

      I would pictures all of the time in my posts!

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    hi i want to how to increase web traffic on my e-commerece website….i hv limited fund for any promotion and google adsence, plz guide me

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hi man, did you just read the article from above?

      That will help you with your question.

  21. andrew d

    I’m glad I took the the to read this post, because it shows that their is still more to learn. I never knew about the communities that share like biz sugar. I will have to look into these and see what they can do for me.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey, you found something new Andrew!

      Try those places out and get traffic from them.

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    • Samuel Pustea

      Nice to hear it was worth your time!

      Every article I write, I make sure it is the best I can write and worth every minute to my readers!

      Traffic is absolutely essential to every business, and if the traffic is very targeted:

      Woooo, that is purest form of marketing success!

      Thanks for your comment Ryan.

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    Thanks Samuel.

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