I Asked These Big Bloggers A Question About Traffic: What Did They Answer?

I Asked These Big Bloggers A Question About Traffic: What Did They Answer?


1stwebdesigner traffic

traffic how

famousbloggers.net traffic

traffic how

youngprepro traffic


kikolani.com traffic

built traffic

Today, you are finally going to find the answer to your question.


I have contacted all the bloggers from above and asked them a specific question on how the traffic they got at the beginning and how they built their traffic up, based on their practices.


Francisco of iBlogZone.com and Tim Soulo of BloggerJet.com will answer the question about traffic as well!


So stay tuned and see their techniques unfold below!



My question to Mr. Dainis:  As a top blogger now, what were you’re main ways and techniques of traffic building at the beginning of 1stwebdesigner.com, and how you were able to build your traffic on those?”

Dainis of 1stwebdesigner.com

Dainis: When I started, almost 4 years ago, tools I used were a bit different. Back then Twitter was just starting to gain huge traction, Facebook wasn’t there yet, Digg was owning news place and StumbleUpon was an awesome source of traffic. That being said, some things have been changed, some things not.
  • For every new blog StumbleUpon will be goldmine! It’s super easy to get starting traffic there, get few friends there and cross-promote each others content for a lot of traction. If you don’t have any friends, then just search for users in the same niche, write them a message, propose exchange and start building your network! No limitations there!
  • Always do link building in good way. Since 1stwebdesigner is in design niche, in starting days I submitted EACH article to 40-50 news sites in design field. It’s very important that you don’t just use blog networks or automated softwares, but focus on quality and targeted sites, which offer change to submit links.
  • Commenting on other blogs. This technique can be time consuming, but that’s what I did in starting days – each day I put myself a goal to write 10-15 valuable comments on other blogs. It helped a lot to set some good relationships and also when other bloggers were making their roundups, they included 1WD posts there too. Why? Because they knew me!
  • Targeted commenting technique – worked like charm in early days! Right after you write an article, search on google or news sites for related articles. Leave valuable comment to their article and in the end mention your article as great further,related reading! Not all blogs will accept links in comments, but I remember how I commented on related new post and got almost 200 visits from it and more throughout the month. Very important to be one of the first commenters and of course valuable comment to get more chance to be approved with link included.
  • Guest writing – super powerful, but I’ll let Onibalusi go in depth there, since I know he’s interview here too!
Use these techniques on daily basis and you’ll start seeing serious traffic! I got 40,000 monthly uniques in the first month by doing this!
Thank you Mr. Dainis for your complete and astounding answer! I do believe you got incredible results from those practices and even got it up 40,000 visitors in the first month! Now that is results my friends! If you are looking for those kinds of numbers, then reread his techniques and sure enough get the exact same results with hard work put in. Dainis is a good friend of mine, and has helped get started in the online world. To top it all off, he knows what he is talking about since his blog is one of the top blogs in the web design niche. And that niche is so competitive! It really is. He is so good at what he does that he has able to propel his sick blog to top of that niche and get huge respect for it. I want to say a job well done, Dainis, and I hope for more success to you in the future!



My question to Tim Soulo:  As a top blogger now, what were you’re main ways and techniques of traffic building at the beginning of bloggerjet.com, and how you were able to build your traffic on those?”

tim soulo bloggerjet traffic

Tim: Thanks for having me, Samuel. But I’m not going to talk about “the beginning of BloggerJET” as I was disclosing every single step right on the blog, so people can read the full story if they want.
Instead I want to share what I’ve learned about blogging in the last two years from launching a few blogs for my clients. There are only three rules in fact.
Rule#1: Start from building relationships.
Before you even decide on the name of your own blog you should build some solid relationships with other bloggers in your niche. I’m not going to dive into details here, since there are tons of posts on how to build relationships. I just want to stress on the benefits:
  • other bloggers might mentor you from the very start and help you out with every single step you take;
  • they will give a huge boost to your content, since they already have a loyal following;
  • they might even contribute some top-notch content to your blog if
  • you’re lucky enough.
Rule #2: Get “Epic” or die trying.
What’s the worst thing a person can say about the post you’ve just published? Think of it for a minute…
To me, the worst thing ever that can be said about my writing – “Nice post.”
“Nice post” is a post that no one cares about. The web is full of “nice posts”. In fact, every post you write is “nice” – since most of the people are simply too polite to tell you that they really don’t care.
You either make them care and blow them away with how awesome, outstanding, epic, brilliant, one-of-a-kind your post is or don’t hit that “Publish” button at all.
I mean it. Don’t publish a post that is “nice” – no one cares.
Rule #3: Help others.
What can you do to help other bloggers? Offer quality guest posts, link to them, tweet their posts, leave valuable comments, be there whenever they need something. This will eventually lead to a reciprocal reaction. You get what you give, you know?
And I’m not talking about fawning to top bloggers only – you should help everyone who deserves it. Every A-list blogger was no one once.
These are my rules, hope this helps :)
Thank you Tim for your answer! I love how you said to form relationships as the first point in your answer. I am very well trying to do that exactly and have formed some nice relationships with other bloggers and recently have partnered up with a hard-working friend and getting massive results. Always try to get those top-notch people to join you on your quest. Get rich or die trying! Love the metaphor you used from 50 Cent. No better way to put it in that saying  and add that “epic” post to your blog. Keep up the good work on bloggerjet, and I am a big fan! :)



My question to Onibalusi:  As a top blogger now, what were you’re main ways and techniques of traffic building at the beginning of youngprepro.com, and how you were able to build your traffic on those?”

onibalusi of youngprepro.com

Onibalusi: When I first started as a blogger, the two main techniques I focused on to grow my blog traffic was guest blogging and blog commenting. 

I tried as much as possible to be the first to comment on other blogs, and I also wrote a great deal of guest posts. Over time, I decided to focus only on guest blogging…and I have never looked back.

My blog traffic was mostly built by guest blogging on big blogs, and by capturing the traffic as subscribers by directing visitors to my landing page. Once subscribed, I send regular updates of my blog posts to my subscribers, and things pick up from there.

Thank you Onibalusi for your “to-the-point” answer! We all have either read an article of yours on your blog or must have definitely read one of your articles on another blog you guest posted for. Your articles are very common among many blogs since you are the pro of guest posting. You have been able to harness the power of guest posting and have shown excellent results from it. Guest posting is one the top ways of getting yourself known and getting “big” in any niche. You have done that my friend, and have shared how you have done that with us through your answer.  Best regards to your future and hope big success for you!



My question to Francisco:  As a top blogger now, what were you’re main ways and techniques of traffic building at the beginning of iblogzone.com, and how you were able to build your traffic on those?”

ditestco of iblogzone.com

Francisco: Not sure about top blogger, but I do have my share of readers… Since inception, the one thing that I focused on was to provide good articles for my readers.

I avoided all the “sales” pitch and concentrated on giving advice about the topics I was confortable with. My main technique in the beginning was most definitely using SEO. Over time, and with the introduction of social channels, I started to create relationships and build my own “community”. Commenting, sharing other bloggers posts, interviews, etc. were the only traffic techniques that I used in the beginning. Obviously, that has changed now as there are many ways to get traffic, using different techniques. Best advice I can give is to create quality content, provide a good user experience in your site and build relation ships.

Thank you Francisco for your answer! SEO is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, and one of the most hated by some. SEO has a huge learning curve to it, but keep learning it and put it into practice. So many people have tried and say they failed at it just because they just thought basic knowledge is all they needed and expected huge traffic from the search engines. It does not work like that and do not let that thinking affect you.
It is important to have a very good social presence as well and jump to the social signals that you see from the social sites. An excellent way is to track them is with an excellent plugin like Social Metrics Pro. That plugin will help you harness the social signals to your dashboard and I highly recommend it.
This is my first time talking with you and hope to form a better connection continuing down the road. Keep up your good work!



My question to Hesham:  As a top blogger now, what were you’re main ways and techniques of traffic building at the beginning of famousbloggers.net, and how you were able to build your traffic on those?”

heshman of famousbloggers.net

Hesham: First of all, I don’t consider myself as a top blogger, so I really appreciate you take it this way, I still have a long way to go with my online business.

I have very basic ways to get traffic to my blog, the main source of traffic is Google search, it’s around 50% of the overall traffic I am getting, I do it by following simple on page SEO techniques by following ScribeSEO plugin recommendations, which worked really well for me over the past years.

Started recently to customize my blog with more rich snippets, my best example is the Author hReview plugin, which is a free plugin I released it a few months ago at wordpress.org plugins directory, this plugin help me to get more conversion out of Google’s SERPs where my reviews are indexed, so basically it increases my traffic in a great way.

The only way of link building I follow is sponsoring blog contests, it’s a fantastic way to get notice and building links allover the blogosphere without having to pay for those links directly.

Seriously, I don’t do much to get traffic, I focus more on converting the traffic I am having now.

Thank you Hesham for your amazing answer! You have an amazing blog and to get advise from you is golden. I am glad to see a blogger having success with SEO and getting great results. If you have more than basic knowledge on this art, you can see success much faster! The ScribeSEO plugin is an excellent tool to use.
I will look at your plugin more and everybody else out there, Author hReview
I am hosting a contest myself right now, and am experiencing some insane benefits. You build links and raise social awareness just like that! Of course as you get a larger base, you can solely focus on conversion rates and tweaking your traffic just like you are doing now. :) I am one of those big fans of famousbloggers.net



My question to Kristi:  As a top blogger now, what were you’re main ways and techniques of traffic building at the beginning of kikolani.com, and how you were able to build your traffic on those?”

Kristi of kikolani.com

Kristi: When I first started out blogging, I found that the best way to drive traffic to Kikolani was to build relationships with other bloggers in the same niche through blog commenting.

Plus, any post I commented on I would also tweet, making sure that the blog owner / author’s username was in the tweet. It helped build relationships with people I knew would be interested in my content, and those bloggers would also link to my posts within theirs, leading to even more traffic and exposure. Anyone who wants more traffic and engagement on their blog, I suggest finding other bloggers who would be interested in their content and commenting on their blogs. Bloggers usually reciprocate.

Thank you Kristi for your answer! Building connections through commenting is such an easy and effective way of getting those relationships in your book. Keep sharing their content and sure enough they will notice and maybe even start to share yours. Just keep doing it. You have perfectly used that technique and you have built your blog, kikolani.com, to a respectable blog in the niche. Great job and keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing your techniques.


I want to thank all of the bloggers for giving up some of their time to answer the question. Your answers will help me and many more reading this article.

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Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Joe Boyle

    One of the really cool things about this series of interviews is that they all, in short, said the same thing! None of the methods were out-of-this-world, and none of them were too far in between. So why is it that some blogs or websites fail when using these techniques, while others succeed? Dedication.

    It’s pretty neat how the fact that something like 100,000 websites are created a day (that number could be off, I haven’t checked the statistics in a long while), yet only a couple of hundred will ever even be considered decent to the average reader. What sets the great websites apart from the horrid ones is the webmaster’s dedication to success. Great post!

    • Samuel Pustea

      I know right? I noticed that too as well, but thanks for pointing it out completely to me and the others.

      Just simple, basic methods that everyone can do but like you said, fail to do them.

      Many people start in something grand, have no idea what to do next for the next step. It is sad, and many are just plain lazy to learn the art of their endeavor.

      Dedication is key to success and that is how I roll with this site :)

  2. Mitch Mitchell

    Interesting piece, and as they said, when all is said and done it comes down to the relationships people are able to make with other bloggers. No one is an island, and thus talking to others, especially in other social media circles as well, can not only help drive traffic but protect you against updates from… well, you know who. :-)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Haha I know Mitch…

      Relationships are key to getting results and combining other methods to fully propel you to the level of success you want in life.

      Thanks for your addition to the post!

  3. Ted


    One of the traffic methods not often talked about is the one you used in this very post. You republished information from other more well known people in your niche so that you could kind of piggyback on their notoriety. Smart move on your part.

    • Samuel Pustea

      :D You got it!

      Simple but deadly.

      It puts your other results to shame!

      Thanks for your comment, Ted.

    • Angela Jordan

      I was going to say the same thing. It’s a great way to create a buzz around an article and get those “top bloggers” to send their readers to your blog!

      • Samuel Pustea

        The buzz is what gets you the results. And that is what everyone needs for their site.

        Thanks for your comment, Angela.

  4. Justin Germino

    These are all some of the most respected peers I network with. And their advice is valuable to anyone trying to carve out a presence online.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Justin.

      Networking will get you results and you are networking with these folks too!

      Their advise is so valuable and they were willing to share their advise here in the article.

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Bill Harby

    Thanks Samuel for these great interviews!

  6. Meagan A Goodly

    I’m so inspired now! It is always helpful for me to learn from others & find out their backgrounds. Writing my own success story now! =)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Inspiration is what I wanted to show through this article. You picked up on that, and now you’re on your own quest for success!

  7. J. Allen Matchmaking

    Information galore! Thanks!

  8. Shamelle

    These are bloggers I admire and follow. Great to see them featured here talking about how they initially got traffic.

    If we compare most of them had different approaches to get to where they are today. Likewise, we should see which best way we can incorporate and follow through with action.

    • Samuel Pustea

      We all have our ways of getting to where we want, and we all should have a unique way of doing it.

      Just like the content creation we do on our blog, our strategy for traffic should be the same.

      Awesome point you brought up Shamelle. Thanks for reading.

  9. Felicia Gopaul

    Wow, now this is what i call a valuable post. Thanks for putting them all together and sharing to us. I got a handful of tips right here. Believe this is not just a “nice” post. :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      This is an awesome post, as I can say :)

      The tips here are golden and you have cashed them right here in this article.

  10. Pavan Somu

    Loved the article. Thanks for sharing the experiences of successful bloggers.

  11. Caleb

    One thing you’ll notice in common is using blog commenting to initially build up traffic and I honestly cannot think of too many other ways to get the ball rolling. Then as your blog commenting builds up guest posting opportunities become more viable.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Blog commenting is such a good way to get traffic and recognition.

      You are right about that, and the bloggers from above have used commenting in their strategy.

      Thanks for your comment, Caleb.

  12. Brock

    Hey Samuel,

    I personally think that building relationships is the fastest and best way to build traffic.

    Stumbleupon, digg, and reddit may drive traffic, but with incredibly high bounce rates. The traffic isn’t very target and therefore isn’t very valuable.

    I think just being a presence online, building relationships, and helping people out while creating great content will get you there eventually!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Her Brock,

      Building relationships and getting the traffic through that is indeed a fast way.

      Even with those sites you mentioned, they have to be targeted and it is possible to do that. Just got to find a way though.

      Keep it up with your comment here and you can get somewhere man.

  13. Ehsan

    I agree with Kristi, I do same as she answered you. Commenting on other blogs isn’t enough to make relationship if we don’t share the article in which we left a comment.

    In order to build a better relationship with other Bloggers in our niche we must share their articles on our social media profiles than those Blogger will be likely share our articles to theirs.

    Thanks for the post Samuel.

  14. Samuel Pustea

    Sharing will be noticed. You are right about that, Ehsan.

    Everything you said makes total sense. Thanks for reading.

  15. Mairaj Pirzada

    That’s A Nice Post, but I have very less time so unfortunately Cannot Read it!

  16. Charles Daniels

    Very cool read. Seems like across the board the advice is to get out there and be involved in the community. Nice that the guys who have gotten ahead in the industry are willing to mentor those coming up now.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yeah, that is nice of them to answer a simple question from me, and give some advise to others.

      Thanks for your comment, Charles.

  17. Luis

    Great set of interviews. Took a few notes and interesting to see that no one used social media alot.

    Maybe because for some of them it didn’t exist (dainis) but I think at least Twitter should be one of main focus.

    • Samuel Pustea

      It depends. If they found something else better for them and they got results from it, they built more results from it.

      Good observation Luis.

  18. Raaj Trambadia

    Sam, great to see you interview these gems in the blogosphere! Was it a voice conversation or email?

    • Samuel Pustea

      With that many bloggers, it was through email. Plus, it was only a question. Just enough through email to answer the question.

      Thanks Raaj

  19. visit website

    Yes! Finally someone writes about seo.

  20. Samuel Pustea

    Of course!

    SEO is just as important :)

  21. andrew d

    Thanks Samuel for this “nice post” haha.Some super helpful things from this post…Scribeseo plugin, Seo metrics pro,tweeting post comments, blog contest, and help others.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Tho post is super helpful!

      I mean we got some tips from the pros!

      Thanks for the comment Andrew.

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