The Ultimate Guide On 50 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website!

The Ultimate Guide On 50 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website!

This is your only stop on the internet where you will find such a large, detailed guide to increase traffic to your website!

I have not yet seen a guide where it lists so many effective traffic generation techniques, never mind a detailed explanation of each one!


Many, many methods in this traffic guide are quality methods that will increase traffic to your website and ones I even use!


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increase traffic to your website


Since is it a very long article, let’s not take up more time from what is really important today.


1. Guest Blogging

To get the most “bang for your buck” type of results for traffic is to invest in work that will bring in traffic directly and in the future by SEO.

This is Guest Blogging.

Write the best shit you can and link back to some of your best articles on your blog through the guest article.

You are working smartly since you are getting direct traffic and building the best type of links for your traffic through Google.


2. Long Tail Keywords

SEO for the beginner or even the intermediate “aged” site is all about how to rank for those long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords have many more words to itself and usually contains a “main” keyword in there.

Increase traffic to your website for free by targeting long tail keywords.

It is completely free to use long tail keywords if you haven’t noticed already.

Sign up for the free eBook: “How to get Blog Traffic” where I explain exactly how to find and rank for these types of keywords.


3. Have a Better Blog Design

This technique doesn’t directly bring in your traffic but it is just as important as it would.

Great design of a website will improve your website traffic overall.


Great design has a much more impressive look to the visitor, thus increasing your chances of retaining that visitor to help you bring in more traffic.

If you own a blog, here are the best themes around that I have used for Internet Dreams.


4. Create Targeted Social Media Engagement

Again, this doesn’t directly increase traffic to your website.

But it definitely increases the “chances” of increasing traffic to your website through social media.

More engagement of social media equals more amounts of increased traffic back to your website.

Grab my free eBook where I explain how to create the best engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

The top 4.


5. Join a Social Group

Contact and message 5 or 7 bloggers in your niche and present them the “awesome” idea of sharing each other’s content via their own social profiles.

If are able to gather that many interested bloggers, expect a very good boost in social media traffic.

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend joining a small group of sharers in order to see a boost in your traffic and improve your website  traffic.

This is still talked about in the eBook.


6. Build Higher Quality Links

No more are the links that can be built from anywhere and expect to get your article “ranked” high.

Google has grown much fussier with what kinds of links a webmaster creates.

Quality is the “key” in the SEO world and Google’s main agent of change in all the updates in the SEO world.

Guest blogging, blog commenting, contextual links, natural links, and so on is going increase your website traffic for free from Google.


7. Join Triberr

Right when you hit the publish button on your blog to your next blog post, you should be expecting right away a good number of Tweets and shares onto Facebook.

But you’re not!

But I am here to fix that for you.


Join Triberr, where many other similar bloggers are willing to Tweet and share to many other social media sites, your newest piece of content right away!

Just join a few quality tribes there and contribute your share of sharing.


8. Use more Hashtags

Hashtags are really underrated, especially as it was in my book.

But boy was I wrong since I really became serious in using them religiously in 2013!

Twitter and Google+ both use hashtags and your part in this is to capture the most “trendiest” hashtags for your increase of traffic to your website.

For future use, save (capture) the best hashtags in a simple text file on your computer for easy use.


9. Write an eBook

This is one of those techniques to increase traffic to your website that no one really wants to do.

Atleast it was for me.

I know this for a fact since I did create my first eBook and now have seen the large amount of hard work that goes into one!

I was hesitant in creating a eBook and now realize I should have created one earlier.

EBooks are one of the best ways to gather emails which in turn, improves your website traffic.




10. Pinterestify your Article and its Images!

I best you have never heard of this before. Especially for increasing website traffic!

This is only found on Internet Dreams!

Pinterestifying your article means you have the perfect call to action for every image to be pinned to Pinterest!

This is how you do it:


1. Grab the Social Image Hover plugin to make the pinterest button appear authomatically over the image

social image hover


2. Create an image that “visually” appeals to the reader to “pin it to Pinterest”.


Here, you can use this image I have created for Internet Dreams. Use it for free on your own blog and save it onto your computer for as many times as you need it.

 pin it to pinterest by Internet Dreams


11. Google Plus Communities

If you are not getting enough traffic from Google+, please use and contribute to the communities on Google+.

Google+ communities are excellent sources of traffic to increase traffic to your website.

Make sure you don’t post into them without some sort of contribution or engagement you do for them, no matter how small.

Again, don’t forget to use the right hashtags when you are posting in the communities as well.


12. Gain more followers using ManageFlitter

manageflitter increase website traffic


Believe it or not, gaining followers on Twitter has resulted in many visits from Twitter for me.

Without the help of following the best targeted tweeters with Manageflitter, there wouldn’t be as much traffic from Twitter.

When I follow certain tweeters, some of them will follow back and be interested in my profile.

They will click through the link on my Twitter profile to check out my blog, Internet Dreams, and maybe subscribe to me via email.

ManageFlitter will help you make following easier and as targeted as you want it to be.


13. Strategic Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the oldest forms of traffic generation and one technique even the beginners know about right from the get go.

They do have knowledge that blog commenting can be used to increase website traffic for free.


Strategic commenting is best form of blog commenting and should be your way of commenting form now on.

Try to place your comment in the top 5 and see how the traffic comes in when you do so.


14. Create important Connections 

Important connections will get you traffic.

Those connections will help increase your traffic directly by directing some of their own traffic to your blog.

Be a great networker and you will receive more traffic from them via many  possible channels.


15. Interview a “Respectable” Person

You should be able to know how this point will help you get more traffic.

Sure, now that person knows you exists and you are working hard on your own blog.

But the most important part in all of this is the traffic that he will direct to your article because he was interviewed

Engage and interact with that person first, then email them mentioning the possibility of interviewing them on your own blog.


16. Write a “Controversial” Article

Controversy always draws attention.

If two people were fighting on the street and you were walking by, your head would be turned all the way towards them, all that time while you walk by.

We are humans and we are curious in that way.

Create controversy only if you are able to back it up and you are respectful of any person you are involving in the discussion.


17. Facebook

Facebook is the best social media site on this planet.

Increase traffic to your website by using the quality Facebook groups, building up your Facebook page likes, and creating engagement that you create on your wall and the Facebook page wall as well.

Images work really well and I try to add atleast three or so images to my profile and the Fanpage wall every day.

Add targeted people as friends and always message them with a message that positively encourages them to like your Facebook page.



facebook friend connection message


18. Twitter

I have shown you guys one of the unique ways to grab traffic from Twitter, and it was by following new people and getting them to visit your blog via your profile links.

In order to retain those followers, make sure your account is full of awesome, top tweets.

Tweet as often as you can without being way to frequent.

Engage with as many other tweeters and you may have them become a visitor to your blog!

The free Ebook on traffic has this part covered pretty well.




19. Write a large “List” Article

Write an article that sorta looks like this one you are reading.

You know what I decided to create this article?

Yes, that’s right! I did for the purpose of increasing my traffic!

Of course, I also wrote this article to help you guys out with your traffic and succeed out there on the internet!

Also, list posts tend to be shared more often and in turn you will receive more traffic back.


20. Focus only on Two or Three Methods

You might already know all of these methods of increasing traffic to your website!

But what boggles your mind is how you are still not getting enough traffic.

No worries, this is my latest predicament that I am facing with traffic, if I ever had one.

What has helped me is, pick three or so traffic methods and stick with those three no matter what.

Focusing on too many techniques is not always good for you.


21. Use JustRetweet

JustRetweet is an online platform where many other like-minded bloggers join this website to retweet each other’s tweets.

If you are still, to this point, looking for more traffic from Twitter, give JustRetweet a try.

justretweet increase website traffic


You can be on JustRetweet for free while you can earn credits by retweeting other tweets to your own Twitter account.

If you are looking to have only others retweet your stuff, then there is an option to buy credits and pay a retweeter with them.

Either or JustRetweet will always improve website traffic and the social “awareness” of your post.


22. Google+

The best way to get traffic from Google+ is to add as many targeted users to your circles.

I usually make a list of users (in a plain text file) I follow and check back later to see if they added me back.

If not, they are unfollowed by me.

Again, share relevant information on your account such as images and important quotes as much as you can and have as many people on there share your statuses to their own profiles.

Engagement is key yet again!


23. Host a Contest

If you have sufficient funds to host a contest on your blog, it is one of the best traffic generation techniques in the book.

Contests are loved by people everywhere, no matter where it is. Online or Offline.

Have them opt into your email list or have them follow or like your social profiles.

Always convert the traffic that comes to your blog via the contest into some sort of follow either on your email list (recommended one) or on social media.


24. Write a “How To” Article

“How To” articles always stick well with your visitors and my visitors too.

A couple of my “How To” articles are ranking well in Google and bringing me everyday a decent amount of traffic from Google.

It seems that Google loves these types of articles as much as the people that read them!

My How To Write A Good Article is a prime example of a “How To” article.


25. Quality SEO

In this section of this how to increase traffic to your website article, we are not directly talking about long tail keywords since we have already briefly touched on it.

In general SEO that you do, remember to read and inform yourself with what quality methods Google loves.

Google, with all of its updates, is giving us the smaller guys a chance to rank higher in the search engine.

I personally recommend all of your SEO practices  be done manually with a bit of automation that will always keep “quality” in mind.

Today’s SEO is all about quality and “natural-looking” link building.


26. Pinterest

For Pinterest, I would encourage any person on there to Pin and Re-Pin as many “targeted” images as possible.

Create separate boards where you will be re-pinning other images from other Pinterest users while you have your own boards for your own pins.

Pinterest has its own SEO properties that will increase the “authority” of its links and pass over some SEO juice to your blog.


27. Write Longer Content

This article is a perfect example of how a piece of content can be really long.

Could be the longest on Internet Dreams!

If you target a long tail keyword and you increase the word length of the article, the chances that Google will rank your article at the number one spot are in your favor.

Even Neil Patel mentions in his informative article on this subject that longer pieces of his own content has generated more social shares and ranked higher than the short ones.

Now that is a perfect opportunity to improve website traffic!


28. Add your Article to Pligg sites

Pligg sites are sites where a user will vote on your piece of content, if they feel like it and are inclined to do so.

This is where your headlines has to “grab” their attention and the more votes you receive, the better chances of your article appearing in the top section.

Top pligg sites I personally use are bloginteract, blokube, bizsugar, and blogengage.


29. Use the Correct Plugins

Whether it be SEO plugins or Social Media plugins, having top wordpress plugins at your disposal is the key to building that large house!

Using the correct plugins will increase your traffic count just as it as done for me. I still think I don’t have enough tools to build the blog I want!

But eventually I will get the right amount I need.

Improve website traffic through these top plugins I use and recommend:







30. Do your On-Page SEO optimization correctly

I am going to mention here what I have mentioned in my free eBook: Don’t ever slack on this SEO practice! Ever!

For a while I was, till I was able to get SEOPressor.

Till then, I was doing it all manually and soon was tired of always doing it manually.

SEOPressor is so awesome, it’s like a personal assistant right next to you, recommending what needs to be done for on-page optimization!


31. Be more Personal in your Articles 

The style of many articles that I have read throughout this niche, and likely to happen in the others,  don’t contain one bit of personality in them.

Just watch the amount of sharing you see being done via the social buttons on those posts that have been written uniquely and some form of personal touch being added to it from that respective blogger.

Tell me which one will increase traffic to your website!


32. Have very Clear “Call to Actions” throughout the Article

Clear “Call to Actions” will motivate the reader to do some sharing on what they are reading.

The advice is common about the “Call to Action” being placed directly at the end of the article, it saying some sort of “Please share and spread the love on your Facebook, Twitter, and so on…”

What I recommend is placing it throughout the article while they are reading which will encourage them to share at an earlier point than share the article at the end of their reading.

Do you notice my “Call to Actions” throughout this article?


33. Yahoo answers

Scoop up as many questions as you can relating to what you are writing about on your blog, and help those people who are asking them.

Be as helpful as possible and be prepared to answer them with a link to an article on your blog that would continue to help them moving forward.

You will increase website traffic for free from Yahoo Answers, even if it won’t be much from there.

But remember, they are high quality leads and some big  traffic to capture on your blog!


34. Squidoo

Traffic can be directed back to your website via the many Squidoo lenses on Squidoo itself.

Squidoo lenses can have a positive effect on your SEO rankings and help get you better rankings just because the links that are linking back to your articles are more “Authorative” to Google.

Create engaging Squidoo lenses and spend minimal time in creating them just because it is more important to create content for your own blog.

But don’t forget about Squidoo either in your spare time!


35. Stumbleupon

Again, if you are looking to improve website traffic on your own blog, engaging on certain social media sites is the only way in order to grow traffic from Social Media.

Stumble your way through Stumbleupon and like certain pages you feel that need to be liked throughout the time you spend online.

Through the social group you have joined or created, boost each other’s follower count by following each other’s Stumbleupon account and have each other like each other’s own articles.

Stumbleupon, I heard, isn’t like it was in the past, but it isn’t dead yet either. Use it!




36. Forum Posting

The more you post in a forum the more you are going to get noticed in that forum.

Always add a link in the signature back to your blog for anyone who has taken notice and decided to learn more about what you know.

Keep consistently posting in that specific forum and the links that point back to your blog are important for your blog’s rankings in Google.


37. Sponsor a Contest

Sponsoring a contest is an opportunity to increase traffic to your website by adding your banner or link of your blog to the contest’s main page located anywhere outside of your website.

This will jump start the traffic to that day drastically!

Also for the amount of time the contest is live.

Your best bet with this method is to capture the traffic directly as subscribers via a landing page on your blog.

Capturing them as social fans somewhere on social media is also a wise choice.


38. Solo Ads

Capturing emails is like capturing the traffic that came to your blog and making sure they come again as traffic in the future.

Create a high-converting landing page on your blog and have the majority of new traffic stop by there.

Solo ads help increase your subscriber count and the traffic to your website.

First, research thoroughly the nature of solo ads and then test each solo ad at a lower risk.


39. Gain more “Authority” Links

Authority links can be gained from guest blogging on those “popular” blogs.

Gaining web links from more “established” sites on the internet is also a recommended option.

If your articles can be mentioned and linked to, from higher respected sources, then Google will be more favorable in their rankings of your website.


40. Article Swapping 

Article swapping is very similar to guest blogging but there is a little tweak to this one.

Guest blogging is giving away your only article while article swapping is receiving another article in return from the host.

Article swapping has a little more benefits than guest blogging but it happens much, much less often.


41. Create YouTube Videos

If you are an internet marketer, there should not exist, “I don’t have any videos on YouTube!” coming from your mouth.

Even if you “suck” being on camera or just hate doing videos, you should still create them no matter what.

Overtime, you will find them much easier to do and create.

Ask a person who has had succeeded on YouTube and they will tell you the same words I said.


42. Facebook Ads

Advertising will always increase traffic to your website, no matter what. You just need the right amount of funds.

Advertising your Facebook page for likes is the best way to utilize these ads to your advantage.

Gaining more likes on your Facebook page may result in getting even more likes which in turn helps get traffic to your website from there.


43. Submit your RSS feed to RSS Directories

Submitting your Blog’s RSS feed to RSS directories is offering many other blogs the possibility of publishing the same article on their own blog.

I recommend to increase traffic to your website by signing up to a few quality RSS directories and submitting your blog’s RSS feed on there.

Here is a perfect list of RSS directories for you to refer to.


44. Build an Email list

Offer a free eBook or new article updates to a new reader via the sign up box from Optin Skin.

Building an email list is a requirement of every internet entrepreneur and the more content you give away, the better chances he has to receive more emails.

Your own email list is like your own traffic source, no matter what happens with your rankings or on your blog.


45. Give away Freebies in the Article

People love freebies and I also love them too!

Offer freebies to your readers as long as they do their part in sharing that specific article.

Freebies that are not expensive to your pocket and ones that are really relevant in your specific niche are the best promotional freebies to use.

Plus, all the sharing they do will notify many of their own followers and they will come over to get their hands on it too.



46. Create an Event or Webinar

Since we talked about how important it is to build an email list for your blog, this method of increasing traffic to your website is also so important.

Webinars require a new interested person to sign up with their email in order to participate in the meeting.

This way, you are able to gather more emails to your list.

What’s nice about an event or webinar are the higher sign up rates that occur due to the closing of time that goes before the actual event.

People know that time is running out before the webinar starts, thus encouraging them to sign up right away before they forget.


47. Use Tumblr & Instagram

follow Internet Dreams on Instagram

Tumblr and Instagram have grow in number of users in the last few years, quite a bit.

It’s because images are well enjoyed on the internet and a very important element to be used in your social media engagement.

To improve your website’s traffic, grab a few awesome images and share them on Instagram or if you prefer, Tumblr.

If you need a little help leveraging Instagram in your favor, visit “How to Effectively Leverage Instagram in Your Marketing Efforts“.

48. Speed up your Website

Google loves fast-loading websites and tends to rank the faster ones higher than the slower ones.

To check your blog’s speed, visit pingdom.

Create a faster website, if it is slow, and expect better rankings for your website’s SEO.


49. Link to Other posts and Contact the Author

Every article you write, make it a habit to link to three or so other “related” articles in your niche.

After you do so, contact the author of that linked article and tell him you have linked to his article.

While you are right at it, tell him how wonderful his article is and how it is helping your own audience with supplemented information.

You may never know if he will link in return just because you linked first.

Here is an example of a post where I linked to many other articles and emailed all of those article authors about it:

50 Social Media Articles You Haven’t Read Yet!

linking to other articles example


50. Email bloggers, respectively, for their Help

Always consider to be respectful and considerate when you decide to increase traffic to your website using this method.

If you have created and published an important article on your own website, email certain bloggers and ask them for their opinion first.

After gaining some sort of initial trust, carefully ask him to share the article on his own personal social media profiles.

You have now used this method to increase traffic to your website for free, all through a simple email and a small offer to the other blogger.



You thought there are only 50 of them!

But nope, I accidentally added an extra method of traffic generation while writing this article.

Not wanting it to go to waste, you guys now have:


A Bonus!

51. Buy Banner Ads 

Banner advertising is only effective if the custom graphic grabs the attention of internet user and it is designed effectively.

Try to create some sort of flashy banner that solves a niche-related problem, and post that banner as an advertisement on a high-traffic blog.

BuySellAds is a perfect service to find the right blogs to advertise your banner.



Increase traffic to your website instantly and be amazed at what all of these traffic generation methods can do for you!

Let me know what you guys think about this awesome traffic guide in the comment section below!


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  1. Avi

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    • Samuel Pustea

      It is a long post Avi!

      All of these methods are going to really increasing your traffic.

      One just has to pick three of them and be willing to put in the hard work!

      Thanks for your comment bro. :D

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    Do you find Stumble gives you targeted traffic? Thanks!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hi Lisa,

      First off thank you so much for visiting and taking time to comment on my article.

      ManageFlitter is always there :)

      Whenever you get a chance, keep having a look at it and learn to use it to your advantage!

      BTW, JustRetweet is another awesome service to use.

  4. Gugulethu

    That is a really great post. I’ve tried Yahoo answers for a while but the traffic does not go to my blog even for the best answers and I’m a level 3 by the way.

    But writing an e-book will definitely bring in a lot of traffic to a website, everyone should try it. Forums and solo ads are also my other traffic generation methods and I highly recommend those.

    Many Thnx!!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey Gugulethi,

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      About Yahoo answers, not every method is going to work exactly the same for everyone and not everyone will see the same exact results.

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      Your content creation has to reveal your own experience in it and produced with the best quality.

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