7 Apps that will Help Manage your Blog from your Smartphone

7 Apps that will Help Manage your Blog from your Smartphone

This is a Guest Post by Mike Swan of markupcloud.

Note: These are only Android apps. 

Android has been gradually invading every space that is even remotely linked to the digital realm. When it comes to blogging, the invasion is altogether relevant and stronger.

Bloggers keep fishing for tools that would make it convenient for them to manage their blogs. In an age where almost everyone seems to be giving in to the App effect, bloggers will vouch for the fact of having access to certain tools that will help them manage their blog by means of their smartphones. An interface that will help bloggers manage their blog from their smartphone is a great asset.

Android apps have been developed by developers for this specific purpose. There is a huge array of such apps for the taking, each having its unique set of features and capabilities:


Blogger App


While this may or may not be the most popular blogging platform out there, in terms of sheer numbers, there are a million bloggers out there running their blog on the Blogger platform.

The Blogger app is tailored for those looking to manage their site with utmost effortlessness. The Blogger application makes it a breeze to edit and update blog posts right from your smartphone.

You can also keep an eye on your blog’s performance by viewing the stats of the blog that have been featured into the app.


Dictionary.com App


If you’re struggling to zero in on the exact meaning of the word that you ran across from a person saying the word or seeing it from a specific place, dictionary.com is the app that you’re going to need.

Containing an elaborative dictionary, this app is perfect for bloggers who have an affinity of using highbrow words, maybe even looking up some of these fancy words in the dictionary to know them better. For those who don’t have English as their native language, this app proves to be a great help.


Google AdSense App



Google made sure they created a reasonable presence in the app market.

Since adsense is still largely used by the online world, this app made it to the list in this post. The Google Adsense app will facilitate the evaluation of your site’s adsense earnings generated throughout the day based on the performance of your website.


WordPress App


What is arguably the best Content Management System?

If we see the sheer volume of bloggers and website owners use it, how can the WordPress app be missing from the marketplace and this post?

With such a huge number of bloggers using this platform for their websites, it is imperative that they are provided a smartphone app that lets them manage their blog from their fingertips at all times and from anywhere.

The WordPress app has many of the same functionalities and features as it would have if it were in the backend (administration) of the website, logged in from a laptop or desktop computer.

It will allow you to edit any piece of content (draft or published) right from your own smartphone, plus along with other features such as checking your stats, comments, and uploading different kinds of media to your website (photos/videos).


Writer App


There is no set amount of bloggers who complain how they find it incredibly hard to write anything more than a standard “Wat’s up” text message on their Smartphones.

Writer is an app tailored for authors/writers who wish to have a writing environment that won’t make them struggle while they are typing. Using this app, it becomes easier for the writer to focus on his writing.


Photo Editor App


Understanding that getting the job done on your blog using a Smartphone can become an arduous task. This becomes especially true when you’re trying to manage and include the images into your post, all using just a Smartphone with a small screen.

Using the Photo Editor app, the task becomes much simpler to handle your images on your Smartphone. This tool will help you seamlessly add images to your blog’s posts and edit all of your stored images on your Smartphone.


  • Adjust color, add effects, rotate, crop, resize, frame, clone, and draw on your photos
  • Curves interface that allows fine-tuning of colors
  •  Drawing mode, adding text or images
  • Easy rotation, crop or resize of photos
  • Perspective, red-eye, and backlight corrections
  • Easily edit with the touch and pinch-to-zoom interface
  • Use photos from your gallery and camera
  • Save images in JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF. Flexible control of JPEG quality.
  •  View, edit, or delete EXIF data
  • Save your final result to your gallery, as wallpaper, or on your SD card
  • Share photos via e-mail, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Ad-free option is available (Settings -> Purchase Items)


Tumblr App


You’ve been probably hearing how social media is affecting online marketing. While most of that is true, a majority of writers find it hard to use social media on their Smartphones to promote their blog.

The Tumblr app is for bloggers who want to create a presence on social media, including Tumblr. Tumblr is a widely-popular blogging platform where a huge audience is waiting to be targeted by your work.

Make it easier to use Tumblr for your promotional needs using this app on your Smartphone.



It is absolutely necessary today to optimize your blog for social media. Doing so means you’re maximizing your reach on social media and reaching more of your targeted audience on there.

Using these suggested apps on your Smartphone, you will have an easier time working on your blog, writing, social media, other work, etc…

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Mike Swan

Mike is a blogger by mood and web designer by profession. He gives ideas to convert Wordpress template from PSD and loves to share his thoughts on social media. You can log in to his web to get various other HTML to Wordpress conversion services.


  1. Lisa

    Hi Mike, I had not heard of the dictionary app. I love the WordPress app though I don’t recommend doing a blog post from it. Once I started to and I thought I had saved as a draft but ended up publishing. Yikes! But it’s great to respond to comments with, spam them or approve them if need be.

  2. Gary Starkman

    Out of all the apps here the most useful for me is the photo editer. I use it all the time.

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