15 Ways To Build Links For SEO The Easy Way!

15 Ways To Build Links For SEO The Easy Way!

SEO is always such a large job to handle. It is really complicated and has its web tangled up in its own right.


Google owns the SEO world right now and they are in the lead for miles and miles! Its simplicity of the home page has sprung up its own culture within the Internet “woods”.

I use Google myself for the searches I suggest Google to search for.

Have you heard of “optimization” before? People writing articles suggesting to “optimize” your site for better search results. All it means is edit and edit for Google to search your site easier and give Google directly the message about your blog.

Recommended article to read about Optimization:

famousbloggers.net SEO link

Press on Image

Simple. The theory is simple.

But that is only part of the equation of having success with Google and SEO.

The other part is links. Another term very much used in the SEO world, and the most heavily worked on. Before you go on and start blindly building links to your site with no knowledge, you will build a wall that will crumble when Google opens its eyes on you.

Google sends its “spider” bots and checks the links you build. They will check all of them and record only the ones that they “deem” worthy.

But no need to worry what kinds of links to build, just because you will see them displayed here in this article.

These links are all worthy of Google’s “notice”, and all should be built from relevant sources.


15. Press Releases

Have any news you would like for many to know? Press releases are any “news-worthy” piece of content that can be distributed across the media sphere according to about.com.

A press release can be a big announcement about a certain series or event taking place at your site such as a contest or a popular blogger’s guest post.

Use these to your advantage for certain items on your blog or event. Also brings much “awareness” from other bigger sites.


14. Top Pligg Sites

For those who don’t know what are pligg sites, pligg sites are Content Management Systems that help you create a type of social bookmarking site.

By those that have created them, each link can be added to these sites and could raise the ranks of that specific link to the front page based on the number of votes.

Similar to the site “Digg”. That is as close as you can get to a Pligg site.

Many sites are created of this type, and abused by them. Many spammers will take advantage of these sites, and cause them to be shut down.

But they’re some that are of extremely quality and should not be missed.









13. Outsourcing your link building

This type of link building is the most easy way. All you would have to do is find a willing person to freelance this task.

The benefits are written all over that “Outsourcing your link building”. You will have more time to focus on other more “important” tasks such as searching for “higher” quality sites.

Be careful who you pay to do this job. Many use spammy methods that Google does not like. So do your own research on his work and the exact methods he uses.


12. Forum “Sig”  links

Forum posting can be a way to get very good links. It takes time to answer and answer question after question on the forum.

But with everything, this should be an excellent way to gain the links you need and get the added bonus:

Targeted Traffic

Provide meaningful answers and you will be looking at a handful of quality links pointing to your blog.


11. Offer Freebies or “Samples”

This will get things rolling for your blog. People just love getting free stuff and will love to do what it takes to get the “freeness” back.

In order to use this method to get links, first write an enticing and purposeful article talking about the free prize.

Then explain to them what they have to accomplish in order to receive them. This is the perfect opportunity to let them links to that article.

Tell them to do this, and they will receive a part of the free “buzz”. You will in return receive more “buzz”, since you are getting very high-quality links back that are worth more than the invested money into the prize.


10. Host A “Linking-type” Contest

What I mean by that is have a contest that is geared to producing good, quality links.

Since the main objective in this articles is to build quality links, having them produced through a contest is a prime example of quality SEO.

Hosting a contest is not necessarily easy, but with good planning and getting it started at the beginning, you just have to sit back and watch the links grow in your bank.

In order to participate, have them do any linking to your site in ways such as a featured article about the contest or a simple link in an article.


9. Social Bookmarking on Top Sites

This type of linking can be regarded as spam to Google or any other search engine.

But, there is the right and methodical way of getting by without looking fishy to Google.

Bookmarking sites are sites where there is allowed any submission of links into your profile, and saved for later retrieval.

StumbleUpon and Delicious are the prime examples that come to mind. But, these links are not of same value of contest-generated links or guest posting. No.

They do in fact help get your site indexed from a “do follow” social bookmarking site, because of the rapid indexing of that respective social bookmarking site.

Use that advantage for your new article.


8. Web 2.0 Links

A very powerful way to get your “high-quality” links under check for your blog if done the right way.

Just opening 20 accounts and putting “spinned” articles in them is definitely a white flag showing itself to Google.

In order to get the best benefit of this type of links, open a couple of accounts on two of your favorite Web 2.0 site.

Gradually add content to your profile and build your “authority” through that on the Web 2.0 Site.

Google registers these links as more “authority” since they rank really high in Google’s “eyes”.


7. Linking to others

Produce articles once in a while that links to as many as 20 at a time.

Linking to others is a way to get links in return. That way, you can contact the other owner of the article and let him know about it.

This way, he can maybe share the article and send you back traffic from his own. This also allows you to get in his range and possible doing the same to you.

He can write a same type of article and include yours in his next one. An example of an article I wrote is: 50 Social Media Articles You Haven’t Read Yet!


6. Link to other “WordPress” articles

Extremely similar to the example and point above.

You will be linking out from your own article. The article will have links. But not the same amount of links like the article above.

Linking exactly to a wordpress article is different. The owner of the blog will be notified of the incoming link in a form of a ping.

If your article is full of quality information, then he will allow that ping to go through and link to that article. Now, your link will show on the article, and you will have a link back to your article on your site.

Make sure his blog allows “do follow” links in return for your link to your blog, for SEO purposes of linking.


5. Article Marketing

One of the most powerful ways of getting links built to your site, along with the traffic you can receive.

Many people say its “dead”. Well, I say they are wrong. Majority of them are just doing it wrong and you shouldn’t listen to them one bit.

Provide excellent quality and the publishers won’t mind to add your content to their sites. Add your content to quality article directories, and watch the activity on them very closely.

This is where many fail. Plus, that is not the only way to do article marketing. Just submitting your article to article directories, is not article marketing at all!

Article marketing is a topic worth on its own! Look more carefully on how this method works.


4. Write Killer Articles

Write articles. Write articles that are killer in nature. What that means is, it captures the audience’s attention and it makes them share it, no matter what.

It is one of those methods that you don’t build directly the links, but others do it automatically. This makes it much more easier for you.

With sharing, it becomes bigger and it will be under the radars of those that will write an article, and might want to include your article in their article. That is where a killer article comes in.


3. Top “Lists”

“The Top 5 …..”

The formula to gain links through article writing.  Top lists are the “King” articles of gaining new links.

Top lists are packed with legit, helpful tips and are attracting many at a time.

Many times, it takes off with all kinds of sharing and eventually maybe building some links for your site.


2. Commenting

General commenting is great. That is all. Targeted commenting is what gets the job done, and helps you get those links.

Targeted commenting is done with strategy and research.

Comment on blogs that will get you results and get links that are “do follow”.

Commenting is the gateway to get a relationship down with the author of the article or just the owner.

It adds value, and make sure your comment does in fact does add value to the article that is presented.

I would look through the blog and find some its pages that are high in “page rank”. Add much value to that article, and you will in return get a link back that is of high value.

My friend, Onibalusi from youngprepro, has written an article on which blogs to comment on:

youngprepro.com SEO link

Click on Image

1. Guest posting on Popular Blogs

The best around for link building. You can’t get enough of this type of link building.

Google adores links that come form relevant sources, and the best way to get them back is to guest post on high-ranking blog.

You are able to build very high quality links and get in return much traffic.

Traffic that is highly targeted and will be much more likely to convert back on your blog.

Guest post at least once a week, and the results will speak for themselves. You can’t go wrong on producing guest posts to produce links in return.

The best sites to guest post for is answered through this awesome article.


Building links to your site is a long and tedious work. But it is a must. SEO optimization and link building is an art that is to be learned day by day.

I use all of these methods everyday, and so should you.

I can boast and write about these methods with confidence based on many people’s results and my own research on each of these.

These techniques are all approved by Google, go and use them without fear. Building links will always be that secretive and hard thing to do, said by those that are lazy to do them.

But in truth, these techniques are the most simple and basic link building around. Simple gets you results that are complex.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I will be sure to answer them.


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Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Thiet ke logo

    Thanks for the tips, all the above mentioned ways are familiar with me except Web 2.0 Links. I am not familiar with this method

    • Samuel Pustea

      Well, go up and do a search on Google about Web 2.0 properties.

      There will popup some very good sources to learn from. Thanks for your comment Thiet.

  2. Rizwan Sultan

    Hey Samuel

    You mentioned very good techniques overhere but I think guest post , comments and Forum posting are most powerful techniques that work after Penguin Updates.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Actually all of the points from above work post-Panda. They are all safe and Google-loving methods to build links.

      What you mentioned is I think the best ones and the most used link building around. Definitely recommend them.

      Thanks for your comment Rizwan.

  3. Lynn Brown

    Fantastic info, Samuel! In particular, I like the following ideas: “guest posting,” “linking-type contest” & “linking to others (WP or otherwise).” Your article is jam-packed with great advice for newbies to more advanced users. I’m definitely saving this one for future reference/ideas!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Lynn. I wanted to pack this article with link building methods that are safe and won’t be looking for trouble from (Google) :)

      Thanks for your added input.

  4. Pavan

    awesome post mate. I am trying few of these ways right away.

  5. Carol Lynn

    Good stuff and nice and “white hat”. Sounds like stuff that shouldn’t throw anyone into a panic next time Google does another P-update. I’m checking out your list of “Pligg” sites – new term to me! And I’ve heard of some but not all. Thanks for adding to my list!

    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re welcome Carol. Be sure to check out those “Pligg” sites.

      They will help you with some linking and maybe getting some traffic back.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Ganet Soekarno

    Your points in number 1, I have tried to do before, but have not had a major impact for my blog because the blog linking to my site has a low Pagerank.
    But, thanks for great posting..

    • Samuel Pustea

      Ok, then try to aim next time for some higher “ranked and PR” blogs that are looking for your awesome article.

      Guest posting is one of the best linking methods out there.

  7. Kymeshia Morris

    Great information on SEO! I really enjoyed the WordPress Blog link advice!

  8. Dennis O'Brien

    I just use fiverr.com and have somebody post links to forums with PR4. Saves me time. Rinse and repeat monthly.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Does it work? Forum posting is one way to gain links.

      I am just wondering if the gig is using natural methods or a software.

  9. Kris Olin

    Nice posts, Samuel!

    You just need to make sure that you are not creating a competitor to your original posts in searches. This happens so very easily if you don’t modify your Meta Titles and Descriptions.

    Also I have heard that article marketing is now considered duplicate information, so I would not spend time there until the matter is cleared.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Well my friend, I think you are a bit misinformed. Article “scamming” is dead, but not article marketing.

      A major difference between the two. Not everybody is doing article marketing correctly. That is why it gets such a bad “rep”.

      Just adding a single article to an article directory, does not do the job. Anyways, appreciate your time to visit and comment.

  10. Shamelle

    Guest posting has been been the biggest success factor for me. The blog post I wrote for problogger brought an avalanche of traffic!

    Given the fact that Google is penalizing many areas in SEO efforts to rank high, I would be very careful to whom I outsource the link building.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Right? It works. Guest posting I think is the best way to gain links. Plus the fact you are gaining new traffic that is very targeted.

      Killing two birds with one stone!

      Sure, got to choose a legit outsource builder for your links. Spot on Shamelle.

  11. sandeep kumar

    Hi Samuel….
    Another great article bro…..

    I like your idea of listing the item from bottom to top…..
    You have mentioned really valid points to generate backlink (natural backlinks)…..

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Sandeep. Appreciate your complements and your comment.

      I wanted to provide legit Link Building Methods are very natural to the core.

  12. Lawrence Bergfeld

    This is brilliant because commenting on other peoples blogs and then commenting on yours leads to friendship.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  13. Ganet Soekarno

    By giving quality comments on other blogs that have the a similar theme, will give a very big impact on your site or blog. I’ve tried your second point of the article above, including the time I commented on your great blog .
    Thanx for the article, Samuel ..
    I will try all the points that you write in the above

  14. Traci Woodside

    Great article…saving it so I can go back and follow your instructions!

  15. Helena Bowers

    Great suggestions! I noticed a few that I’m not doing, or not doing enough of so will be adding those to my checklist this weekend. Thanks!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Good job :)

      Make a checklist with your goals and follow through.

      Thanks for the comment.

  16. Hilgard

    Samuel, I absolutely agree that Article Marketing is still very effectively and in my opinion the people who disagree are not doing it correctly. All my Article Marketing backlinks are picked up by Google. I have learned to igonre the people who shoots something down and then want to sell you something else in it’s place. Must congratulate you on a real informative blogpost. Thanks mate

    • Samuel Pustea

      Excellent comment by you, Hilgard.

      I am glad to see someone with an open mind about article marketing. Many people out there trying to keep these myths alive and sell you their product, exactly what you mentioned.

      Thanks for your complements and hope to see you around.

  17. cory J

    Hello Samuel. This post is really comprehensive and I know that it takes some time to compile all these pointers; but I think that it really paid off. I work for a SEO company and the tips that you mentioned above are really helpful. I think that practitioners should practice these ways to keep their rankings afloat. I think also that more than anything else, we should also make quality content.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for your added info and great to see you are using some of these techniques for your company. These are some of the best!

  18. Shalu Sharma

    You have provided the ultimate guide to getting great back links. Article marketing has worked well in the past, is it still relevant, I am not sure but its still considered a good way. Guest posting is getting a lot of attention these days on relevant blogs.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Shalu, article marketing is still as effective as before, especially post-Penguin.

      Don’t listen to the nay-sayers. They just want to sell you their products.

      Guest posting has been around for a long time, and it is starting to look more important.

      Thanks for your comment.

  19. PJS

    Excellent Article…. Now I think I should keep concentrate on writing guest blogs…. I haven’t submitted any guest blog yet…. Thanks for the tips…

  20. Vivek

    Best place to learn link building techniques. I think your post will help in this post penguin era.


    • Samuel Pustea

      It will surely help you in the post-penguin time :)

      Thanks for your visit Vivek!

  21. Krishna

    These were surely the best ways to create quality and quantity backlinks. Thank you for sharing this

  22. Imran

    I read your article up to bottom. At first I will give u thanks your good job. I will follow your instruction and try to use these appropriately. I also aspect some better update information from you in future. Thank a lot.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Sure thing, Imran.

      I will come up with case studies with more methods :)

  23. andrew d

    This is an amazing article on seo, maybe one of the best I’ve read. It does talk about the same link building techniques that everyone else writes about, but it went out of the box with some very creative ideas. My favorite is number 10, to host a contest, where people compete to build links for you.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Creativity and true results is what I breathe on the internet.

      So many blogs are pumping information that they really don’t know about and stuff they don’t follow!

      I do! I follow everything I write and say!

      Hosting a contest is the smartest way to gain a whole lot of traction in SEO.

      Thanks for the awesome comment Andrew.

  24. MAC Design Inc.

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information to bring some extra traffic.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yes Mac Design, these quality link building techniques will in fact bring you extra traffic when worked hard on!

  25. Kimberly R. Talley

    Hi! Mr Samuel..
    What will happen if I get too many new inbound links?

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hi Kimberly, thanks for your question.

      Nothing will really happen and that will never happen in SEO. :)

      Now if you have too many bad/spammy inbound links coming from awful places, then that is almost a never good thing.

      Thanks again for your question.

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