10 Huge Advantages Of Using Social Media!

Today, Internet Dream’s new article will be discussing about social media, and how it has helped Internet Dreams get bigger everyday. Internet Dreams is continuing to use the power of Social “awareness” on these Social Sites.


I have been able to attract the majority of traffic so far from social media, and it has been a great starting point to do so. Every new blog will need to first attract and mobilize the advantages of social media sites.

One of the advantages being the use of its traffic already on the sites. The ability to add connections on each site. And finally having to use it anytime you are in need of any two of the previous points.

With one mention of a social site, everyone knows the growth of it everyday. Pinterest. It is now officially the “third” largest social media site, surpassing even LinkedIn. It has been named,  “50 Best Websites of 2011″ according  to Time.com and its list.

Every social site’s trend right now has to be the visualization of the interface. The trend has been growing with Pinterest’s example as the prime interface. It has grown a trend in myself and have tried to put that style into practice here on Internet Dreams.

Social media in general has been a huge focal point of success on the internet since the “human” seems to find connection to each other a must-need aspect of life.

This article will list the top 10 advantages social sites offer. You, too, take advantage of the social site’s offers. Find out below, and get the “Advantages” identified! Please share!


1. Get Instant Traffic

With Facebook having over 845 million monthly active users according to jeffbullas.com and Pinterest with 10 million, it shows to prove that social media is one of the most accessed feature of the internet.

increase social media traffic

Why not take advantage of the traffic some of the social media sites receive?  It would be beneficial to your site to get that traffic and get your brand more “aware”.

Not all of that traffic is what you are going to need. Only a small portion of the numbers. The small portion that is high-targeted and what you are really looking to attract to your site.

What has worked for Internet Dreams and what social sites have done relatively well to produce traffic for Internet Dreams is:

LinkedIn: The most social traffic referred but less engaging than Facebook or Twitter.
Facebook: The second most traffic referred and the most engaging traffic. The Best Social Media Site!
StumbleUpon: The third most traffic referred and the least engaging traffic of all of them.
Twitter: The fourth most traffic referred and the second most engaging traffic, very close to Facebook.

That are some of the stats that is worth taking note. Of all of them, it is pretty obvious Facebook is the “King” and worth investing time into. It could be different for you, since you could be more engaging on Twitter.

It is all about what time you invest in a social site and based on that is the yielding return.


2. Talk And Connect With Your Peers

Your peers could be site owners or bloggers that have their content and they’re distributing it to the social masses. Social media has made it a possibility and a “must” to form relationships with your peers.

Connect and talk with them. That is one of the most important tasks for a beginner. Just saying, “Hi, how are you” is a killer opening to a connection. Also offer to let them know if you could share any content they may have.

Ask them personally to make sure they know you shared their content as they are more apt to respond with the same action.


3. Capture A Following!


following social media

Getting traffic from social media is one thing but to get them to like or follow you is another. Since social media traffic is known for traffic that comes and goes, it creates huge spikes then dwindles the next day.

Half the time you are looking to get traffic from a social visitor, try the other to get them to follow you. Asking is a start and providing unique content is also a start in getting them to sign up.


4. Get More Help To Share Your Content

Since social media is about connections and sharing what best interests them, posting your article there might interest them as well. They will look at it and what they see, might help you get started with sharing.

One way to get more shares form a piece of content is to involve your peers in it in some way and asking them to share it. The other is to contact your “legit” readers or followers you are in good connection with and ask them the same way as well.

5. It Is Free To Use

There is no cost involved and use them as much as you can. Set up a profile that looks worked on and has all of your current “information”.  Start following and making friends with as many as you can, and slowly refine your search.

social media free

It is free to share and use the features of the social site, such as meetings or groups. Be aware of the possibility of connecting with other “similar” people and sharing what you have to offer. Keep this strategy at a consistent basis. You’ll see the rewards.

6. A Huge Database Of Ideas

On the social sites, in some areas of it, there are many looking for answers to their problems. People are looking for solutions and one of the places they are looking is in social media where they might be following one of their teachers such as a blogger or mentor.

Problems = Ideas. You can also get ideas by looking at what is the trend out there and capturing some of that vibe. Look at other content and analyze for yourself what is getting hits on it. It isn’t hard to figure that out. Just look at the social signs such as comments or likes, retweets, etc…

Spying on your competition basically.

7. Social Media = Social Networking

social media networking

Absolutely the fundamental aspect of receiving success on Social Media. That could be possible as its other name. If you are not networking with others on these sites, and just pumping just your own content and hoping it gets recognized.

Nope. It isn’t.

The only way it would be is if your followers or close ones share and help you promote further. That is something I had to learn and didn’t think of it that way. So, contact your close connections and help each other out with sharing. That way, you will be able to reach further down the channels of social media.


8. Increase Your Brand “Name”

Even “big” name companies that have existed prior to social media madness, have jumped on this medium to grow their business even more. According to eMarketer.com, 88% percent of marketers agree that social media has helped grow their brand “awareness”.

Even if you haven’t had your website exist before social media, now is the time to grow that name of your site into the brand that can be known by a wider mas, when grown. A smart strategy is to take a look at the big dogs and catch “some” of those tricks they use, cause they have more experience in the field.


9. Access A Huge Amount Of Info From One Place

access social media information

No more need to access each new blog by email or search endless amounts of time for new content. It is possible to connect entirely directly through social media to any blogger or site owner. Need to talk to someone with the right information? Use social media.

Every site should now have the site connect to the top 5 social sites on the web. All of the big names and lesser ones are having some sort of interaction with any one social media site.  Like to read what is new in the sphere? No problem. Social media has it covered. Every piece content I bet is being shared and accessed by many just through social media. Don’t miss out.


10. You’re Site Or Blog “Looks” Modern

Do you want top take advantage of all of the points above. What kind of question is that? Of course I do. Then make sure your blog or site as social media “friendly” as possible. If your blog will look like it, then the rest will come with the benefits from above.

Have your site have that Facebook badge, preferably on the sidebar somewhere, and have the possibility of connecting with you on the most prominent social networks you are on and engage the most. Don’t add too many, since most people will connect with three or less.


Recap Of The Ten Social Media Advantages


There you have it. The ten huge advantages listed here you can’t miss of social media engagement. It could also be the top ten advantages of using social media for your site.

No more excuses not to use social media like it is, and if you are using it, I am sure you are not using the full advantages of it. I was doing the same till I rediscovered, myself, on what the true meaning of social media is.

Work on each of these ten points, one at a time. These are meant to be working points and stepping-stones to the next level of your social media engagement.

Out of all these points, the true key to success on any social site is engagement and time. Time you spend on getting better on that specific social media site.

Please share this article on any social media site you enjoy. Thanks!


Peace and Succeed!

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Samuel Pustea

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  1. Felicia Gopaul

    A lot of people say Social Networking is a waste of time–not if you’re into marketing, it’s definitely not. I myself believe in the power of Social Media when it comes to internet marketing, it’s free, it’s engaging, it’s global. The moment we use its best potential to our advantage, anything can happen, and wasting time is not even one of them.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Right Felicia. It is not a waste of time when you do it right. Thanks for the added info.

  2. Simmeon

    Hi Samuel,

    The 10 advantages you state are really key to remember for bloggers. I guess it’s not the fact that they don’t know the benefits its more a case of them not really knowing how to fully reap the advantages the desire. Not enough people spent time networking with others that compliment their content or blog. They use social networks, but don’t really use them, if you understand what I’m saying.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yeah I do, completely.

      They might get some results which many do, but then they’re some “brighter” people who are reaping the full benefits.

      Thanks for your added info, Simmeon.

  3. John Ernest @ MIT Houston Texas IT Recruitment

    One thing that I learned online is that social media is not some kind of tool to make your content better. What social media does is to amplify your content’s visibility. So that means if you have good quality articles, it will spread faster and amplify your traffic. But if you have bad quality articles and you put it up on social media, you are only putting yourself to shame.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yup. In order to get your articles to be seen by many, they have to be of “top-notch” quality.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Shalu Sharma

    Social media is going to play a big role in the future. It allows one to reach thousands of people. Social media is a great way to get the word about. The power is phenomenal.

    • Samuel Pustea

      The power of Social Media is getting bigger and bigger with all the updates Google is throwing out.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Simmeon

        I even feel at a certain point, what we share with friends will be more relevant to what we search into Google.

        Friend recommendations could soon be as vital as search engines, and I say that because as time goes on we have a lots and lots of websites that pop up. So being relevant and trusting the source is going to be playing a huge factor.

      • Samuel Pustea


        Love the way you said it Simmeon. As the banks of sites starts to grow very large, friend recommendations will be a very vital part in the future.

  5. Gino Orlandi

    I miss the good old days of Digg and Stumbleupon. I remember front paging my old design blog several times. The traffic was so intense I could never keep my server up.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yup. They were good then and could be good even now when used the correct way.

      Thanks for you comment Gino.

  6. April Atkins @ I-Quest MuntinLupa Based IT Engineering

    Through social media, we bloggers and writers will be able to have a lot more ideas which is essential if we continually run into writer’s blocks. Thanks for the great tips!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Social media is one of the the ways to break that writer’s block.

      That is great you are using one of those advantages of social media. Good to know.

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