20 Ways to Get Traffic from Social Media

20 Ways to Get Traffic from Social Media

Still not getting the amount of traffic you’re looking for from social media?

Do you think social media is hard to use?

Friend, there is no need to worry about that! Social media is an excellent traffic source to use when you use the best techniques.

It’s not you, but the lack of knowledge of effective techniques that are available to see in this article.

Starting from here, you will see twenty effective ways (I use too) to pull in traffic from social media.


1. Every Social Media Platform is Unique

Every social media site is unique in how their audiences use the platform.

Facebook: Facebook is the largest of all the social media sites and you can be certain that all major audiences are present on there.

Twitter: Twitter allows a direct, fast-paced connection with every single Twitter user and a fast-paced content stream.

Google+: Similar to Facebook, Google+ is the second largest social media site and a huge gif-image fan community.

Pinterest: Entirely image driven with an audience highly interested in fashion, beauty, arts, food, and many others.

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2. Offer Exchange Sharing

Search for and connect with similar-interested people who have been working for about the same amount of time you have.

Here are some excellent locations to find relevant people:

Google+ Communities

Website Emailing

Facebook Friends

Google+ Followers


All major social media site you’re active on.

Always do something for them first. Engage with them first and create a small relationship with them first.

After a while of engaging with them, send them your own personal message. For example:


3. Stop Spamming with Boring Links!

Beginners and some people continue to wonder why they aren’t attracting traffic from their social media profiles.

Maybe it’s because they’re constantly updating their social profiles with only links. To make it worse, they’re only linking their own content.

Social media is a platform used to create meaningful connections and share meaningful content such as images, videos, articles, quotes, etc…

Stop spamming your own links over and over again. Use social media to connect and use a wide-range of content instead.


4. Promote your Content at High-Attention Times

You want to get the most out of social media? Share your content and your best stuff at the best time possible.

You wouldn’t want to tweet or share something at midnight when so many people aren’t on the social site, right?

To get started on optimizing your shares, I’ve suggested a few tools that will help you tremendously:


Analyzing Tools:




Scheduling tools:



Post Planner for Facebook


Schedule, Engage, and Analyze tools:

Sprout Social (free trial)


Hootsuite (free)



5. Social Image Hover


What do images on your blog have to do with social media? Good thing you asked.

It has everything to do with your social media presence. If you’re not living under a rock, images do exceedingly well on social media, especially Google+ and Pinterest.

Social Image Hover for WordPress is the perfect plugin to help your readers share the image to their social profiles easily.

Every image you add to your post, this plugin will display the options of sharing that image, along with the post’s title and description, to their social media profiles.

Example, please hover:

6. Use More Creative Images

Again, social media in today’s Internet world embrace the image-driven content. Newer social media sites are centered on this graphic platform such as Pinterest and Instagram.

For every article or post you publish, make the featured (first image) of your post as creative as possible.

What I mean by that is doesn’t use the same image that has been used millions of times over.

You will be using that exact featured image on social media, and you want to attract as many eyes onto your content.





Image company I use:

Stock Photos from 123RF 

7. Use Convincing call-to-actions on Content and Social Media

On 50% of your content, whether it is on social media or your blog, should include a call-to-action for whoever is reading it.

On Facebook, if you’re linking to your article, include in the status update words such as “new”, “click to continue reading”, or “Like”.

On twitter, including this “RT” within the tweet itself will increase your chances of getting retweets 70%!


Imagine if this creative call-to-action image were included in a Facebook page’s cover photo?


8. Cross-promote Page or Profiles

At high-peak social media traffic hours, include a status update encouraging your followers to follow you on the other social media site.

Sometimes you may have plenty of followers on a particular social media site and on another, you are lacking in followers.

Cross-promotion may help you even that out.

Here is an example of Hubspot encouraging their Twitter followers in a specific tweet to follow them on Google+:


9. Write Catchy but Common Headlines

Catchy headlines include catchy words. Include more words such as “More”, “Tricks”, “Facts”, “Why”, etc. in your post updates and in your social media updates.

Catchy headlines include large numbers too. Examples:

50 Ways to Tie Shoe Laces

25 Reasons you need to learn to Sow

60 British Phrases you haven’t heard yet


Catchy are headlines that include popular themes. Example:

50 Quotes that were said by Steve Jobs

10 Reasons why You won’t Succeed Faster than Usain Bolt

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10. Create YouTube Videos

Select the best type of camera you can afford and start filming your videos. If you own one, that is even better since you can started right away!

Here are some awesome video recorders:

Sony HDR-CX220/B High Definition

Samsung HMX-F80 Flash Memory

Your Smartphone Camera

Laptop “built-in” Camera


Purchase the best possible software available to edit your videos. Edit, produce, and publish your videos to YouTube. This is what I use:

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11


If you’re really interested in creating videos and want to succeed in pulling traffic from YouTube but want a plan to do so, this training course from James Wedmore’s Video Traffic Academy is the one for you!


11. Offer Targeted Incentives

Create a liking contest on your Facebook page and use the likes of that particular contest as votes. You will increase engagement on your Facebook page. Please follow the rules Facebook has put into place regarding contests.

On your blog or website, create a contest where they have to comment their opinion. Create another kind of contest where they have to follow you on your social media profiles in order to join.

For the prizes or incentives, offer a product that is directly related to your niche or what the topic is of your blog. Don’t use money.


12.  Use ManageFlitter


Manageflitter is the best Twitter management tool found on the Internet.

Manageflitter’s platform easily presents you the many ways to follow users on Twitter. Here is an example of the Follow area and the options on Manageflitter:


Manageflitter presents you another option/way to follow users on Twitter and have them follow you back. Search for targeted Twitter users through the “Account Search” of Manageflitter with many options to filter. For example:


What’s cool about owning Manageflitter is that you can always watch whoever you follow and see if they’ve returned the favor of following you back. Mange all the people you follow and easily unfollow whomever you like.


13. Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest is an excellent social media site to gather followers and pull in traffic from. One of the best features of Pinterest is the ability to be invited to Pinterest group boards.

You can easily identify Pinterest group boards by the icon in the top-right corner:


While you have just a few followers, Pinterest group boards have many followers to them thus increasing your probability of driving traffic from there. Never appear or intent to spam them!

Create connections with other Pinterest users and increase the chances of joining a group board.


14. Strategically place Social Media Sharing Buttons

The top area of each post is one of the two best places to include social sharing buttons.

This is because the social sharing buttons are within the first-view of the page load. If you have high social shares, the chance of each reader sharing your post is increased.




The floating bar with social sharing buttons is the second part of the best social placement. It is an excellent opportunity for the reader to share at all times he is on your article.

Digg Digg by Buffer


15. Create a Social Group

On the Internet or in success, the benefit of having connections will help you get the word out there, even on social media.

Collaborate with five or so people, very similar to what you do on Internet, and have them all agree to the plan of cross-promoting each other’s content to their own social profiles.

Assign each day of the week to each a specific member of the group and have each one of you share his chosen link or content.


16. Engage on Twitter

Use tweeting to connect with other Twitter users. When you connect with others, they might become interested in what you do and they might visit your website via your Twitter profile link.

What I like to do is Tweet to at least 5 new Twitter people a day. Comment on their tweet or send them a friendly hello tweet does the trick.

Twitter engagement tips and techniques:

  • Tweet to five new people a day
  • Tweet those people who retweet your tweets
  • Thank people for retweeting
  • Ask more question tweets.
  • Fill in the Blank Tweets
  • Include targeted Hashtags
  • Include more Image Tweets


17.  Engage in Google+ Communities

Google+ communities are filled with people who you can connect with and have a mutual sharing. Never spam communities with your links. Engage with the rest of statuses in there.

Here are some tips to grab traffic from Google+ Communities:

Ask questions that spark answers from the members:


Share some knowledge or tips:


If you’re looking to share your link, make sure it is the highest quality work and not the same kinds of content everyone has seen already. Make it extremely unique:


18. Social Profile Links

If you’re going to draw in traffic from social media, you’re going to have to optimize the way you present your links.

Always make sure to have a link in the description:


Always include a link where a link is the default input:


If you’re really looking to convert the traffic as much as possible, those links should each be leading to a custom page that would welcome them from whatever social media site they came from.


19. Twitter Hashtags

A safe amount of hashtags to use within a tweet is one. I would advise to use at least one hashtag per tweet.


The most I would use is three per tweet. More than that just makes the tweet look cluttered.


Hashtags work best on Twitter since it was first started on there. Google+ automatically assigns hashtags that are relevant to your post.

Don’t get too overboard with these and also use them to find relevant content to engage with.


20. Triberr

This is a powerful platform to pull in traffic from social media, especially Twitter.

Here are some tips to succeed on Triberr:

  • Join as many tribes as you can as long as you have a connection with the Tribe owner.
  • Share content from there onto your social profiles in order to get noticed and get shared back.
  • Comment on as many posts as you in order to get more noticed.
  • Create your best content on a more consistent basis for more social media traffic.
  • Engage, engage, and engage!

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  1. Lisa

    Samuel, I LOVED this post! You have touched upon so many great points. You have inspired me to add my social share buttons above my posts as well as to under them.I don’t care for floating on the side as they interfere with mobile reading. I will be saving this one for other areas I can improve upon. Thank you and have a wonderful New Year Samuel.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thank you Lisa so much for your wonderful comment!

      That’s what I decided to do too, put my social sharing buttons at the top of my post.

      I am not a fan of the floating bar either.

      Have yourself a wonderful Happy New Year.

  2. Ryley Kade

    Great tips on getting traffic. I was looking for a good social sharing bar and that digg digg one is awesome! Thanks for sharing that.

    I love using Youtube to build traffic. I find it easy to make a quick short video with some useful information in it and give your own site a shout out. Of course it is important to also put your link to your site in the video description and have it in your youtube profile. One of the things that I need to work on video wise is the quality. Maybe make a nice intro and start editing them a little.

    I am currently starting to work on building a twitter following and start communicating more on there.

    Great post Samuel!!!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Glad to recommend Digg Digg to ya.

      YouTube is an excellent social media site to get traffic from. Great to see you working on that social site.

      Keep at it on Twitter too and sure enough you will get results on there.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. Shahzad Saeed

    Social Media Traffic is awesome. I get many from some social media groups I joined. Idea of sharing reciprocation works good so far for my blog.
    Flare is the best plugn I’ve ever came across. I think it is much better than diggdigg.
    Happy new year Samuel :)

    • Samuel Pustea


      Social media traffic is the bomb!

      Thanks for suggesting another cool plugin.

      Thank you so much for commenting on Internet Dreams today!

  4. Nirmala

    Hi Samuel,

    Helpful post for the bloggers to drive traffic from social media. I feel good that am following most of the ways which you’ve listed here to drive traffic. I know that am missing traffic from YouTube and Triberr, will try to get from these awesome sources.

    Even am not aware of many sources, I think that it is the right time to learn these stuffs. Thanks for writing this beneficial post and my special thanks to Lisa who’ve shared this post on her network.

    • Samuel Pustea


      Thank you for sharing to Google+!

      I can’t believe you’re not on Triberr yet. But that’s ok since you’re going to try it out ;)

      It is one of the best social traffic sources I use.

      Yes, I thank Lisa for sharing the post to her Google+ account as well!

      I hope only success to you in 2014!

      • Nirmala

        Am a member of triberr, but I am not getting traffic from it.

        Truly speaking, I don’t know how to use it effectively to drive traffic :(

      • Samuel Pustea

        Oh I see. I didn’t know, sorry for just assuming!

        What I would do is create connections on there with the people and keep sharing their stuff. They will take notice and then start sharing your stuff.

        Also, headlines are really important. Make creative ones and you should see more shares.

        Here this article will help: http://internetdreams.com/social-media/triberr

        Hope that helps a little!

  5. Dan Erickson

    Great insights, Samuel. But is there a way to do all of these things without spending huge amounts of time? I’m a teacher, a writer, and a single dad, and spending a few hours a day on social media just won’t work for me.

    • Samuel Pustea


      Excellent question and glad you asked. That’s true, we might not have all the time in the world to do every single of these.

      What I usually recommend is at least try every one of them and see what works for you and what brings you the most results in. I would stick to a couple of them and build upon those two. Remember, view this post as a post with options you can choose from and not as a whole package.

      A few hours a day on social media is something! Don’t think that’s enough. Just be consistent with those hours and you will build results from there. Hope that helps you a little.

      Thank you so much for commenting and visiting Internet Dreams today!

  6. Karleen

    Samuel, great stuff here! I’ll have to re-read it all a few times.

    I’ve never quite understood the whole hashtag thing, mainly because I haven’t used Twitter as much as I should, but am going to try to get more involved in that and figure out the importance of hashtags!

    Also, I don’t know a lot about google+ so I’ll be reading the article you linked to about 4 ways to get followers on google+.
    I also think I might change my social sharing buttons to the top instead of the floater thing. Not sure I like that sidebar floater, either.
    Thanks so much for this post! I’ll be bookmarking it to reference back to.

    • Samuel Pustea


      I want to first thank you so much for coming here and commenting on my article!

      The thing is with hashtags is you don’t have to have them in your tweets, but they won’t hurt either if they are in there.

      Google+ is great! If you want to succeed on Google+, that article is perfect for you to get started.

      Please, come back when you can and I hope only success for you in 2014!

  7. Sarah

    Thanks…while I can say I’m doing many of these things, this is an awesome article and I’ve learned a lot from it. I just started a new blog and am remembering how hard it is to grow. This is my homework for tonight. ;)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thank you so much for your awesome words Sarah!

      Starting afresh is always a difficult task but all that matters is if you keep pushing forward.

      Thanks for sharing and commenting on Internet Dreams today. :)

  8. Martha Preston

    I have never actually put much thought into the times in which people actually around to read my stuff I think I will use the links you provided to see what thats all about! And ManageFilter is new to me I hadnt heard of that before ! Thanks for this

    • Samuel Pustea

      Sure see what works for you, using those links.

      Manageflitter is the best Twitter management tool and it can also help you get more follower on there as well..

      I thank you for taking the time to visit Internet Dreams today!

  9. Rojish

    Great post Samuel, lots of useful information. I just want to mention a couple of tools. Floating social bar is a plugin I use in all of my websites, and I find it very effective. Followerwonk is another service I use. It helps me to find the optimal tweeting time, and it integrates well with Buffer.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for the suggestions Rojish!

      Thank you for also deciding to visit Internet Dreams and comment today.

  10. Keely

    Great article Samuel. What is the best time to share content? You said … “You wouldn’t want to tweet or share something at midnight when so many people aren’t on the social site, right?” Doesn’t that depend on where you are in the world!

    Your midnight might be my 3pm (Australia) – and I guess it depends on your audience – interesting to see what others think.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Nice catch!

      What I meant by that is the time in your timezone. It can be midnight on the East Coast, but on the West Coast, it’s still 9 (as an example here in the US).

      Nice to see readers from Australia on Internet Dreams.

      Thank you for your insightful comment and please come back! :)

  11. Joe Houghton

    I’ve bookmarked this site so I can come back to it…..So much information and so well written. I’m going to be following everything you guys put out

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thank you Joe!

      I always put 120% into my work and I am excited to see this kind of reaction from my readers, appreciate it!

      Thank you for commenting today.

  12. Rafaqat

    Luckily i got your site and have fetched the great info about social media marketing. I am aware and using some of the ways but most of them are not familiar…. But after reading,hope so I’ll be able to increase my social media activities as well as traffic.
    Thanks and keep on sharing

    • Samuel Pustea

      Not a problem there Rafaqat.

      You can grab any of these ways and make it work for you if you’re willing to put the work in.

      Thanks for the comment!

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