4 Ways to get Followers on Google+

4 Ways to get Followers on Google+

What an interesting quote. Those were my very first thoughts when I first read those words by Guy Kawasaki. Why not read that again:

get followers google plus

I have always believed in building your following with as much quality as you can. But I am a very open minded individual and like to evaluate scenarios from “both sides of the fence”.

Since Guy Kawasaki isn’t just talking the talk here, he backs it up with action; he currently has 5 million followers on Google plus!

If you want to get as many followers as you possibly can and you are willing to put the hard work in, it’s possible.

I love the fact that he says that you need to be fun, interesting, and cool in order to have a rich experience on social media.

Social media is fast-paced monster and if you’re not keeping pace with your audience’s attention, you aren’t going to do so well.

Today’s content needs to be presented in a fun and imaginative way in order to leave a lasting impression.

I recently invested much of my time into Google plus and I’m having an awesome experience. Please don’t hesitate to add Internet Dreams on Google plus:

4 ways to get followers on googleplus

If you’re looking for ways or new ways to get followers for your profile, keep on reading below; I have written four ways to get followers as fast as possible.


Engage in the Google+ Communities

Google+ communities come in a whole range of sizes. Some are small and some communities have so many members in them. Why not take the opportunity to leave a good impression on the members of these communities? For my Google+ strategy of getting adds and followers, I engage with as many statuses and people as I can.

The members do take notice of my engagement; they also take not of my work on there too. Just by engaging in the communities, I have increased my followers for my Google+ page and received adds to my Google+ profile.

First-hand engagement is always done best by commentary. Whatever the status might contain, a comment to that status is “pure-form” engagement.

One of the best starts in engaging on Google+ Communities is commentating on statuses found in the communities.


test 2

Images are doing increasingly well on social media and Google+ is no different. Start creating engaging images that contain facts, tips, or quotes.


engagement images Google+

If the community allows it and you the chance to, give people a reason to comment on your status that you post in the community. Asking questions, giving out sounds advice, and helpful tips should be your main work in a certain community.


Share relevant Content & Statuses to your Profile

Sharing content is a big plus and an appreciated gesture on social media. When new followers who haven’t followed you yet, take a peek at your profile, they want to see this:

a continuous-updated profile that contains helpful statuses and content.

It gives a good impression on that new follower and on those you’ve shared content from.

If you’re interested in how to share relevant content and how to do it, I will explain several ways to do that. Let’s look at where we can locate content and share them to our profiles.

The best locations to look for content and to share/re-share on Google Plus:

Google+ Main Stream
Relevant Content in Google+ Communities
Content from Triberr
Content from our own Sites/Blogs
Content from Respected Blogs or Sources

When I re-share article links from my main stream or a community stream, I use a little trick.

I would like to grab the attention of the person who first shared the content; he might even be the original author of the content (a much better situation!)

Sometimes I would receive a thank you for the re-share. What’s nice about this little technique is you’re grabbing the attention of the initial sharer/author; now he knows who I am and I’m no longer a stranger to him anymore.

Right when you’re about to re-share, in the “Add a comment” box, type a “+ sign” before you type the name of the person who first shared it:

google plus reshare


Add or Follow individuals who follow back

Adding people to your circle/circles is a smart strategy to do if you’re looking to increase your count. Some do follow you back and your number of followers does increase.

What’s nice about the little process I created that involves this strategy is that I do not need to this everyday anymore. For about 3 or so months, I religiously followed this little process. Now, it seems like people are adding me automatically. It takes time, but it does accumulate on its own eventually.

I developed a little process of adding people on Google plus and seeing if they followed my back over a short period of time. The first step is add relevant people to your “Friend’s” circle or another circle of your choice; these added people would consist of members from a specific Google+ community you’re a member of.

After creating a text file on my computer, I would copy/past the exact name of their profile into a text file.

A screenshot of the text file:


As you can see, there are several bunches of names in this text file. Each bunch would represent a day. Each day I was adding about 8 to 10 people to my circle.

Now the way I would check to see if they followed back was to copy their name directly from this file and search for their profile via the search bar at the top of Google plus.

I would wait 3 or so days before I would check to see if they responded with a follow back. If they didn’t follow back, I would simply unfollow them. Each time I checked for a name, I would always erase the name from the text file and never see it again.

The little process itself is like a cycle of creation; a bunch of names is created every day and another bunch is erased the same day.


Add the “Add to circles” badge to your site/blog

I won’t explain the technical aspect of adding this badge to your blog since the part of this article would need an article of its own. The article would be a very long one!

I will explain why it is important that one should add this kind of badge to the blog. Wpbeginner has an excellent tutorial on how to add this badge to your own WordPress blog.

Your content should be getting traffic. If it isn’t you need to see this article: Extremely Simple Ways To Generate Traffic, Fast!

One of the best ways to optimize your content’s traffic is direct them to this “badge”. One way for them to see this badge is adding it to the sidebar as well as to the article itself.


If your site generates high quality content, the visitors will be looking to follow you for more of the same thing.

This is an excellent scenario to happen for a person to get them to follow him on Google plus. With excellent content and more traffic generated, there are better chances of getting followers to your account via the badge on your site.

Take a look at Internet Dream’s badge located in the top sidebar and please don’t hesitate to follow me!

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Sam,

    We can have both; quality and quantity. The key is to engage patiently and provide value.

    Avoid chasing numbers.


    Thanks for sharing! I like your G Plus strategy from the screenshots shares ;)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Sure, why not.

      Chase both and that’s what I am trying to do. :)

      I believe in adding your own experience into the mix, so that’s why the screenshots.

      Thanks again for the comment Ryan!

  2. Reginald

    Hi Samuel,

    I got to agree with what Ryan said. Basically, the numbers are just something to show about. Personally, it is good to have good numbers but it doesn’t guarantee success.

    Here is where your tips come into play. Basically, you need to share and tag others more before they start following you.

    So yes, you nailed it and thanks for sharing!


    • Samuel Pustea

      I have to agree with him too. :)

      That’s a solid strategy to start with by tagging and sharing first.

      You nailed your comment too!

      Thanks for the visit Reginald.

  3. Cris Hay-Merchant

    Thanks for the thought – and the visual examples. Helpful and actionable:)

  4. Yogiraj mishra

    That’s really awesome article to get followers!

  5. Bashir Ahmed

    Hi Sam,

    Interesting post about Google+ followers. I’m very busy in these days that’s why I’m not an active member on Google+.

    So far I’ve joined G+ communities and I’ll surely follow your tips to get followers.

    I liked the tag tip, and interaction on Google+.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Bashir, thank your for your comment man. :)

      I myself would make some time available to get on Google plus.

      Interaction is key to success on Social Media.

  6. Chris Rodgers

    Great post Samuel! I am an SEO agency owner and am trying to get more involved in G+, this post helped me get started.

    I’ve joined some relevant G+ communities and plan on implementing some of you ideas.

    Thanks again!


    • Samuel Pustea

      Happy to see you are able to get something out of this article!

      Start interacting in those communities and you will get followers. :)

      Thanks for the comment Chris.

  7. TheWritersSocial

    Great article, I have been just starting up with a Google+ page and we have around 1300 followers. Not bad for 60 days, but I find it hard to understand if I should use my home page or my Google+ page all the time. Anyway I will be sharing your article on my website; I noticed some of your followers are members on my site as well. Good luck with your blog I wish you nothing but good fortune.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Nice! That is a great number to have in just 60 days. I hope they are all quality followers ;)

      I suggest using both page and profile to gain followers on Google plus, at least that’s what I do.

      Thank you so much for commenting and sharing this article on your site!

  8. Piyush Mathur

    Hi Sam,

    Great strategy for empowering your Googleplus profile! I’ve started making my G+ profile more active, and interacting with more people to help accelerate the process but there are many people who just don’t seem to follow back!

    I suppose its a long term process meeting the right people! :)


    • Samuel Pustea

      It takes time Piyush. Keep engaging and soon enough you will receive more followers!

      Thank you for spending some time on Internet Dreams. :)

  9. Nick

    There seems to be a general rule of thumb that the more you engage with this the more you get out of it. To me that sounds like a fine line. Too much and you become annoying to little and the results leave you wondering why you’re investing your time.
    Time – that’s the key to the whole thing. How much time should we spend doing this? Allotting myself a set amount each day and nothing more keeps this all in check.

    • Samuel Pustea


      I have to agree with what you said. Engagement on social media must be enough, but never too annoying either.

      Thanks for your time here. Appreciate it!

  10. Saurabh gupta

    First, i personally thanks to you to share such a great article. Google+ is very important tool to attract more traffic. We have to give some time to spend in google+. After reading your article, i really try to spend some time in google+. Thanks for sharing.

    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re welcome Saurabh!

      Google plus is definitely one of those sites to spend time on and engage.

      Thank you for your comment!

  11. sarah

    nice information . thanks it will help me

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