8 Ways Twitter Can Help You with SEO

8 Ways Twitter Can Help You with SEO

This guest post is by Emma Tomlinson of the Smart Traffic.

Forbes has a list of social networking superstars, wherein Rihanna is on top followed by Lady Gaga and Eminem (respectively).

twitter seo

As you can see, these individuals are all celebrities, so there is no doubt that they can amass billions of followers.

Other than them, politicians and other professionals are on several social media channels.

Even small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs, also SMBs—small to medium-sized businesses) and large businesses are marketing their offers on top platforms.

Given that, it goes to show that networking sites, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, are highly useful these days.

“How”, you may ask?

While each group (or demography) has its own purposes, the most common reasons include the following:


  • Self-expression
  • Promotion
  • Sharing

How about you, do you have social pages? If your answer is yes, which site/s are you a member with?

You probably have an account with several services. But if you are going to focus on two or three, make Twitter one of them.

If you are wondering why, let the following facts enlighten you.


Do you know that?


  • As of April 2012, it has approximately 500 million active members.
  • Around 100 million users log in their accounts at least once a day.
  • An estimated 20% of online marketers have closed deals and another 34% have come up with leads through it.
  • In average, there are around 340 million tweets in a day.
  • Approximately 84% of businesses use it as a marketing tool.
  • Around 40% of its members regularly look for products through it.


Now, these are not the only great things about Twitter. You have to know that your tweets may appear in search results, especially if you optimise them.

Hmm, does it mean then that you can use SEO along with your social media activities?

Of course, you can! With a collaboration of both, you can increase the chances of getting the attention of your target users.

So if you hope to obtain many followers to advertise your enterprise effectively or grow your network, check out these tips.


How do you combine Twitter and  optimization?


1. Consider branding

Whether your page is for personal or business use, make sure you choose the right username. Instead of going for a pseudonym, use your own name or company name. This way, your target audience can easily recognise you.

Where does SEO come in?

Your brand or name will come up in SERPs whenever some people use it in queries given you have applied proper optimisation (of course).


2. Provide complete information

If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, go ahead and create one. And while filling out the profile page, never forget these additional tips.


  • Never skip a section; make sure that each field contains full details.
  • Include relevant keywords, which may be your services or products (if you are an entrepreneur) or your interests (if you are not offering anything).
  • Ensure your address is correct and complete.

Now, if you have had your account for some time already, go over your profile to see if there are blank fields or missing details.


3. Connect to your website or blog

You can do this by placing your URL/s on a certain field (see image below).

twitter website


4. Tweet

This strategy comes with important pointers.


  • Don’t use up all 140 characters to enable the other users to say something whenever they retweet your post.
  • Find trending topics, especially those related to your niche (if you have an enterprise), and get an idea for your tweets from these.
  • Use hashtags (#) and keywords to join in or begin a conversation as well as categorise your posts.
  • Include links, which you can shorten using a URL shortening tool.
  • Mention other people through tags (@) to encourage them (discreetly) to cite you in their messages too.
  • Tweet regularly but don’t flood your followers’ streams with nonsense talk every few minutes. Leave an interval of 2-3 hours or limit your posts to three each day.


5. Connect to your other social pages

Many networking sites recommend you this, so take advantage of it. This way, your tweets will appear on these platforms; hence, increasing your visibility across various social media websites.


6. Interact

If you have retweets, respond to these to start a discussion. Eventually, you can gain the users’ trust and loyalty. As a result, you can increase social signals, which Google looks into to determine your site’s ranking.


7. Monitor your account

If you can use Webmaster and analytics tools to keep track of your website, you can use third-party applications to determine the success of your Twitter page. You can connect with other members, respond to their queries, automate your tweets, and share content (to name a few functions).

When you keep an eye on your account, you can come up with ways to improve it.


8. Stay active

Make it a point to log in at least once every day. If you can, do it several times daily to ensure that you are able to get back to the users who communicated with you. If you fail to access your page even for a day, you may lose one or more followers.


Final Idea

You are probably thinking what all these techniques have to do with SEO. Well, other than benefiting from the use of keywords and generating links, you can boost your Web visibility through social signals.

What do you think? Are you ready to practise these tips? If you do, you have to remember this—social networking is mostly about interaction, so never forget this.


Now, if you have more insights to add, feel free to let us know.


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Emma Tomlinson

Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic SEO consultancy company, which is based in Bristol and caters to clients from various countries worldwide.


  1. dukeo

    Hey Emma! You got it right, Interaction is absolutely essential for Twitter success!

    I confess that I still lack patience in that area but I’m consistently working on it. Hopefully, the situation will get better over time…

    • Emma

      Hi! Yes, it definitely is. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely get there.

      Thank you for dropping by to leave a comment!

  2. Kate Brown Wilson

    So true that using twitter is really a great source if advertisements, I have to admit many SEO use this to promote their own business.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Twitter is an excellent tool to promote your site.

      As well as using it for SEO.

      Thanks for your comment Kate!

    • Emma

      Yes, Twitter is definitely one of the social networking platforms that businesses can use for promotion.

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Suresh Khanal

    This is a WOW post. Complete information for anybody to start twitter.

    However I was looking for more of SEO aspect of Twitter. Yes, these tips are related to SEO of your blog but might be, I was looking more into it.

    • Emma

      Hello Suresh! Thank you!

      A combination of social media and SEO is about using keywords and adding links to your posts. It also involves interacting with other users to encourage social signals. It is through the incorporation of these two that you can achieve great results.

  4. Nishant Arora

    Great post…personalizing your twitter profile also helps in getting more followers and as a result soon your traffic from twitter also starts increasing..

    • Emma

      Hi Nishant! Thanks!

      Yes, I agree with the points you made. It really helps if you provide accurate information from the moment you create your account.

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment!

  5. Nishant Srivastava

    Best tips Thanks

  6. Enstine Muki@easyretweet.com

    Hey EMMA,
    Good to see your post here. You nailed it with the details. I use Twitter often and see results

    Kudos for this article

    • Emma

      Hi Enstine! Thank you! Your comment is well very much appreciated.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Enstine, she has done an excellent job on this article.

      Twitter can definitely help your ranking on posts.

      She has explained the idea thoroughly through this article.

  7. GamerDiehard

    Well said, twitter are Facebook is a good source of traffic, their likes and twits plays very vital role in ranking, Now days social media comes with so many benefits but I think if we properly optimize these social media sites it also takes too much of time.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Social sharing sites can help you with your page’s rank.

      You are right GamerDiehard.

    • Emma


      Thank you. And yes, Twitter and Facebook are good sources of traffic. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  8. wayne

    thanks for sharing the tips Emma,
    I dont use Twiiter yet but l will certainly re-evaluate my stategy after reading your comments


  9. Sarah Butland

    Twitter has never been my strong suit but I’ve been learning and thank you for these tips to make my tweeting more effective.

    Thanks for writing and reading,

    Sarah Butland

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for reading Sarah! :)

    • Emma

      Hi Sarah!

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and leave a comment!

  10. Matt Hayden

    Being consistently active on Twitter can help lift your profile a lot.

    I know this from personal experience. I found that if I was tweeting consistently about 20 times a day I would get at least 7 or 8 new good followers every day.

    I’ve slowed down a lot lately, and I only get a couple a day now on average.

    Basically, the more you tweet, the more you’re leaving to be found by others. Slow down and you’re a lot harder to find.

    • Samuel Pustea

      I noticed that too Matt!

      The more I tweeted and connected with others, the more I got followers.

      Great attention there!

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