Are They Using Social Media For Business?

Are They Using Social Media For Business?

Business needs to expand to wherever are those customers. In the real world, you would actually produce ads in the paper that goes to the ends of figuring out where they are. You’re customers are your high priority and pleasing them is a business goal forever in the business world.

social media

Businesses always are assessing to provide better services and getting the word out. Business that have the best word-of-mouth tends to be above the competition of the other competing competitors. That’s how it rolls in the real, virtual world, but on the online world this can even be exactly the same.

What has been placed for this medium between the sites and the social world is what I am going to talk about in this article. Social media has quickly risen to that vacancy. Now everything is possibility. To getting in contact with millions of people or setting up possibilities for them to visit your website.

The question is, are they using social media for business? To me it looks like it and they are using the advantages quite well. The real question is, are you using social media for your site? Lets see!

Before I go on and show you examples on how they’re doing it, let’s get to the discussion on what is behind the philosophy of it. I am getting these two ideas in my mind. Everybody on social media is looking to be entertained somehow. And before you tell me this is not possible with strictly business, I will tell you this.

Is it much more fun to see an animated learning experience or that dull and boring professor that seems to have been lacking sleep for days. I know. The animated part is always getting people to choose him.  That same way goes in the social media world. Information is now possible to learn using the other methodology that make it more interesting .

 The businesses connect on the level of a person’s feelings!

People somehow are not enamored with companies. Companies are just a building with many offices in it! Blah! What they do is provide a case where a person can somehow connect with them. Let’s take skittles for a second. People seem to enjoy candy no matter what mood they are in! Now that’s a connection!

It can work with any type of business, no matter what. Always providing some kind of relationship with the public audience on the social world can immensely benefit your business.

Businesses always provide the best material!

Providing your best information for your clients(people) is what stems them to be the best in the industry! There is a trick to it. Material that has uniqueness and eye-appealing things in it, doe the best.

Every material has been built up with some sort of experiment to it. Don’t just come out and say it. Create some excitement beforehand with some samples that they share and spread before her initial one comes out!

Talk is talk! Let see some real world examples that has stood the test of the current time with social media.

First one up the company skittles. The candies that I love so much! I will only be using the social site facebook for this demonstration of this article, but it goes along for all the social media sites out there.

social media

The image above us is what I wanted to show your guys. Interaction. That is what going on. They are not only pitching sales down people’s throats, but making them feel that they are important. You can also say that the page is alive with interaction.

 social media

Not hard to understand this one. All that this image is showing is basically what the previous image is all about. Showing interaction but with images. Images are a fine way to get your fans attention and get them involved.

social media business

Why I am showing a singer for this article? On a business level, he is selling products to his fans. Any personal branding folks out there? I thought so. Good lessons here. Showing interest in his fans and posting about his journey in blogging is a smart strategy to use on the social media platform. Take a closer look at the image above. Learn!

Tha Conclusion

Are they really using social media for business? Take a closer look at the updates being added to a page on a social media site. Just pitching sales here and there and all the time, is not a smart strategy, but a failure that is waiting to happen along the way. Don’t take my word for it. Look at those businesses that are doing so well on the net. There is a trend among them.

I am not saying to be unprofessional and post images or statuses that will not point to the main offering of a company, but just think out of the box sometimes and take steps in a professional way that can enhance the use experience.

Thanks for reading, and please share! :)

Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Joe Boyle

    It’s a lot like the whole social media strategy Lady Gaga used a few weeks ago – she said she’d be silent until she got 1,000 shares (or +1s, I forget which). The tactic was genius – she got more popularity among her social networks for free!

    The Skittles example is a lot like what popular partners on Youtube do – they ask for thumbs up. Asking is, by far, one of the most powerful methods of pushing people to do things. People are, in many ways, extremely unmotivated and won’t act unless you give them a reason to. It’s that simple. Excellent post.

    • Samuel Pustea

      That is a very good tactic by her! She knows how to leverage her results.

      You’re right. A simple but effective way. Just ask.

      Thanks for your comment, Joe.

  2. Michael Belk

    Wow what some unique businesses. Asking if always a good method.

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