Are You Missing These 3 In Your Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Are You Missing These 3 In Your Facebook Marketing Strategy?

facebook marketing strategy


Facebook is the most used social media site on the internet.

This gives marketers and brands the opportunity to reach as many people as possible.

With the most users in the social media world, it would be ridiculous for an internet marketer not to engage and create certain strategies that will increase their own website’s image and brand awareness.


Brands have increased much of their revenue based on their interaction with their fans on Facebook.

They are smart in their marketing strategy and have taken it to the internet level.

For your own side, Facebook marketing your website can have a very large effect on your results that you create with your hard work on your website.

I want to give some tips that I have researched about and a few strategies to implement  onto your Facebook marketing that you are currently doing.


Gain Relationships with Key Players!


Most likely there have been people who have jumped much earlier than you onto the Facebook scene.

They joined the site and start promoting their own content.

Eventually they built their own Facebook audience and now enjoy the engagement they receive with it.


Creating connections all over social media is the bread and butter of what social media stands for.

Why not have some sort of relationship with those that have more experience than you and definitely more fans!

Here are some tips on to get started to gain the attention of the other person and initiate some sort of relationship.


The most basic function of Facebook and the most popular feature is to “like” all kinds of statuses.

According to Huffington Post, 26 percent of users “like” other content they see in their news feed.


Find a key player on Facebook that interests you, and start “liking” his statuses.

Make sure to constantly “like” in order to gain his attention, if you can.

Who knows, your relationship can grow and eventually your content can be shared to that user’s audience.

You have now marketed your content to the other user and his audience at the same time!


Facebook yet again rolled out with a new feature that takes care of finding you the right kind of users that are interested in the same interests as you are.

The Graph Search is now upon the Facebook world and visit the official Facebook page for more information about the Graph search.


Just as a side note if you are looking to increase your Facebook marketing, strategize to reach into your audience’s news feed.

The most engagement is done in the user’s news feed with 27% engagement done in that area.


Provide Visual Appeal Always!


As Facebook rolled out with a major update to its interface with its “timeline” feature, the ideas of the moving forward on Facebook was to get as visual as possible and get more images noticed.


The major feature of this “timeline” was the cover photo of a page or profile.

Brands have taken major steps in creating the best possible cover photo for their image which is a smart thing to do to keep up with the trend update.

In order to market effectively visual appeal, including the cover photo, have to be as visually entertaining and eye-catching as possible.


Here are two examples of amazing cover photos of some successful brands:


People Facebook Cover Photo



Smirnoff Facebook Cover



Creative Images Set-up as Statuses:


create status old spice


I would like to give some solutions to you guys in order to succeed in this aspect of Facebook marketing.


This article will give some of the best tips for you to create your best Cover photo:  6 Tips For A Stunning Cover Photo


If you are looking for someone else to design and create a Cover photo for you, I recommend a couple of places:



Mobile is the New Facebook!


Marketing research is never half done and constantly optimized for the best possible strategy.

Researching and finding the best possible ways to target as many people as possible is effective marketing.


The mobile industry has taken a strong hold on Facebook.

Half of the registered users are using it on their mobile phones!


The best possible way to keep in touch with the mobile users and help them not miss out of your created content is to create mobile optimized content that they can easily share and see on their phones according to Mashable.


Got the Strategic Tips?



They are so many strategic tips out there recommended by everyone and to list all of them in this article would be a very large book!

Never model your own marketing plan and strategies with the same marketer out there, exactly.

It will never work!

Give these a try to see more results on Facebook!


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  1. Evan

    Hmm. This post made me think that I really doing something wrong with Facebook. Have to refresh the skills. Thanks for the tips!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Maybe you weren’t doing stuff the wrong way but this article has helped you do something even better?

      I sure hope so since we all can learn to do something even better at it.

      Thanks for your comment Evan!

  2. Akos Fintor

    Hey Samuel,

    Haven’t been around here for a while.
    Well….Facebook is not for me as far as the business side of it goes.
    It’s too much “in your face”….:) I prefer Twitter for lead and traffic generation (marketing)
    Indeed, Facebook can be a mighty tool if you know what you’re doing.

    Keep ‘em coming!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey Akos,

      Nice to see you around again.

      Sure, Facebook can not always work well for a business and I can understand why.

      Twitter is such an excellent social site to use and I can see you are doing well with it :)

      I love Twitter too and using it everyday!

      Thanks for the comment man.

  3. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi Samuel,

    I found your post through Biz Sugar and tweeted your post.

    Thank you for those great tips. I think that visual appeal is very important indeed.

    If you think of it, the internet even though is full of written content is all about visual and looks.

    I’ve got to take your tips home with my facebook page.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hi Sylviane,

      Thanks for visiting from Biz Sugar :)

      If you create and work on the visual aspect of your internet business, things will go alright for you :)

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Marlo Malaluan

    Nice tips out there Samuel!.

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