“BuzzBundle” Review by Internet Dreams

“BuzzBundle” Review by Internet Dreams

Social media has to be on one’s mind all of the time. I mean like constantly, especially if you own a website.

Facebook is the king of all, twitter is not far behind, and you can’t forget about Google+ either!

On all of those social sites, we would love to have followers and fans that appreciate what we each do on the internet.

But, we would also love to see all of our profiles at the same spot. Right?



We would love to see the reaction of our followers and new people who are just finding out about you.

Here is the best software for you to use and make that a possibility.


The name is BuzzBundle.



BuzzBundle will take your social media engagement to the next level!

I am serious. It is like having all of your social media influence all in one spot, right before your eyes.

BuzzBundle will help you create a social media empire that will have your eyes on every aspect of it.

Social media and your posts that are connected to BuzzBundle, will make a buzz no matter how small.

The most important part that you need to take is to make sure you see it and help nurture it to grow even more.

And not only social media is the targeted one.

BuzzBundle reaches out across the aisle and shows you other aspects of the “Buzz”.

Posts from other sites or blogs have been targeted through BuzzBundle.

Forums and Q & A sites such as Yahoo Answers are also included.

They are all targeted with your website’s keywords to your BuzzBundle dashboard, helping you see if others are talking about you and your blog.

BuzzBundle displays their linking to your articles or just plain mentions that person says.

With that short introduction said to you, let’s dive into the Pros and Cons of BuzzBundle.


Pros of “BuzzBundle”


Accessibility – BuzzBundle makes it easy to access all of your social media profiles and the ability to take action of commenting/posting to all of the activity you see.You can access the internet through their built-in browser and quickly access all of the social media accounts you can create through BuzzBundle.



Persona/Profile Feature – BuzzBundle has a nice system of creating persona’s that will be used to create unlimited amounts of social media profiles.



Simplicity of the Interface – BuzzBundle makes it so easy to set up a user on it, and the ability to see all of the “Buzz” with a click of a button. Each area such as social media activity etc…, are clearly defined and organized nicely within the dashboard for you to see everything going on.



Produced by an awesome Company – Link-Assistant.com is a top-notch developing company, and they have developed software that can really help you with your SEO needs. BuzzBundle is their newest release and yet again have produced an amazing software.


Cons of “BuzzBundle”


Needs to be much clearer on how to get more Social Activity – At first I was not getting much updates from the social world in the stream area and was wondering for a while why I am not getting more of them. I found out to make sure to add more sites, such as your profile links, at the beginning when you first setup a project. That did the trick.


Other sick features that you can’t miss!


There other key features you cannot miss out of this software.

The ability to “spy” on your competitor on how they are functioning in their social world makes it even better!



You can also now be able to send a message or statues directly to your profiles, all at once.



No need to waste time logging into each social media site and manually creating a status or tweet.

It all can be done in BuzzBundle!

Command amazing social media influence!


Why I should buy it?


Why you should buy it is really up to you.

But if you are lacking in growing your social media presence with your website, then you need to look at ways to change that.

Social media is so important, since SEO is getting tighter and tougher to rank in.

BuzzBundle will help save you time since you may be thinking, “Social media engagement takes so much time and it hasn’t gotten me too many results that I like.”

BuzzBundle can change that and help you achieve more desirable results that social media can offer.

Social media is so great to use and grow in!


Why Internet Dreams recommends it


Internet Dreams recommends this software because I want you to succeed online.

And to succeed online, social media needs to be constantly used in order to achieve that.

BuzzBundle will show you exactly who is interested in your services and see what others are looking for through the keywords you specify.

You can schedule your tweets or messages, with a nice functional calendar, so easily.

Internet Dreams relies so much on Social Media and I get so many new readers through it.

Internet Dreams does recommend BuzzBundle.


Conclusion to the “BuzzBundle” review


I hope you guys have seen the best of BuzzBundle and was sure to include the other side that needs a little improvement.

I have written with my personal opinions of BuzzBundle and recommend that you formulate some of your own.

My opinions are sincere since I will continue to use BuzzBundle as my tool. I love to stay ahead of my competition! I really do.

I want to thank the Link-Assistant.com team for allowing me to do a review of BuzzBundle and can’t wait for any new products they produce!


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  1. mohit

    Seems to be very interesting will surely go and get it one for me and will post my review after using it. :) ) :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Ok, sounds very good to me :)

      Hope you get great results with it Mohit!

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