Contest #1: Win Free Prizes!

The first contest being held at! Want to win something? Of course you do! So listen up…

I want to welcome you to the first contest being held!


Contests are the way to go to get good traffic to your blog and get the word out as I discussed in this article. So with that being said, before we dive into anything, please share the news about the contest with your friends. Let them know about this awesome site, Internet Dreams, and the contest begin held at this place.

I have partnered up with the great owner Enstine of and Faissal of for the contest. These wonderful people have offered some great prizes of their own into this contest.

I want to thank them for the offer and the prizes they will contribute. Please check out their sites as well, and get good understanding of what they are offering and doing.

But even before we announce the prizes and what two lucky winners will receive, lets me introduce to you briefly what all about…



Twitter has been used by many site owners and bloggers to promote their brand or site to the masses on the site.

Twitter can do you no wrong since you can receive good traffic and fans from it.

But you want the good advantage of Twitter? Right? So this is where easyretweet comes in. Easyretweet is a site where each user receives or gives credits based on their actions. These are the actions:


Adding your Messages


A user can retweet any message and he receives certain credits because of that. It is like a place where credits are sold and transferred from each user to another. You can post your retweet messages so that another user can see it and retweet to receive your credits. But it costs you for each user who retweets your message. But that can be adjusted to be any amount they receive.

Are you still struggling to get those tweets from your posts? Still not getting the traffic from twitter that you would like? No worries. Easyretweet will take care of that for you and get the retweets you are looking for these days.


To get more information on how exactly easyretweet works, visit the FAQ page on the site.


Everything depends on credits and there is no way to lose with this site. So with that being said, this contest is providing free credits to whomever is confident in winning it. So,


First Place Prize = 20,000 Credits
Second Place Prize = 5,500 Credits



For every “won” prize, there will be a bonus addition to each prize. The second edition will be a free e-book from called:

Facebook Marketing For Smart People

“Facebook marketing for smart people ebook covers all the topics that you need in order to get your Facebook marketing campaign ready and make it successful.”


So lets wrap it up with the final prizes.


1st Place Prize: 20,000 Credits + “Facebook Marketing For Smart People”(e-book)
2nd Place Prize: 5,500 Credits + “Facebook Marketing For Smart People”(e-book)


* I am offering the first five people who write a post on their own blog about this contest, 1,500 Credits that they can keep. So, anyone who promotes this contest with a post of their own and a link back to this page, gets the 1500 credits, regardless of they win a prize or not. So this anyone’s chance to win something guaranteed! The only requirement is to have a PR of 3 blog and if you don’t have that page rank, but have a very good following and good content, I might let you through with a post. But let me know beforehand so I can check your blog if you have don’t have a PR 3 blog.


*For anyone that has a PR3+ blog and you write an article about this contest, I will double the reward and give 3,000 Credits! Double right there! So the the first five people with PR3+ blogs to write an article wil receive each 3,000 Credits automatically!


First Five with Good Following or PageRank 3 Blog:

1st spot Taken

2nd spot Taken

3rd spot

4th spot

5th spot


First Five With PageRank 3+ Blog:

1st spot Taken

2nd spot

3rd spot

4th spot

5th spot


Contact me through the contact page, with your link to your article and let me check it out. If you pass, then you will get your free gift!


Have fun!

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Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Amit Shaw

    Wow I am in :) Any how i want to earn this point.

    • Enstine Muki

      Hey Amit, welcome and this is surely going to be a huge giveaway. Samuel is giving up to 1500 credits just for posting about the contest on your blog. Be fast and be among the first 10 ;)

      • Samuel Pustea

        Right.. I am offering credits to those that blog about the contest. Thanks for participating Amit!

  2. otobong

    I really need facebook likes and twitter followers. Well thanks for this

  3. Silvani BLOG

    This is really a nice offer for me, gonna seize this opportunity to make my site get more exposure using this credits bonus.

  4. Joseph

    I have done every steps, I just Hope I win this giveaway.

  5. Naser @ Tech Blazes

    I love easy retweet and would love to win the giveaway. Thanks Internet Dreams

  6. Suraj @Smartfatblogger

    I’m in…hopefully i’m lucky this time.

  7. Sumon @ WP Cypher

    Really loving the service of Easy Retweet! It would be great if I can earn some extra points from here… Thanks!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Ok Sally, you got it! Thanks for your participation with a post of your own.

  8. Sai Kumar

    Count me in :)

  9. J. Allen Matchmaking

    I’ll give it a shot! thanks for the info!!

  10. Sanjib Saha

    Well great opportunity. Is it still open? And how can i participate?

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yes man. It is still open till the end of the month. Please, take part :)

  11. Amit Shaw

    Now its Awesome. Superb :) I won 20,000 Credit and A Book :) Fantastic.
    Thanks Sam for this Giveaway Mate.
    Thank you so much.
    Cheers and Best of Luck.
    Will wait for next Giveaway ;)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Congrats bro! You won some amazing prizes.

      I am happy to reward them to you, for you to use for success :)

      Work hard Amit, and we will see about the next give away ;)

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