Get More Followers On Twitter Faster!

Get More Followers On Twitter Faster!

You may be asking right now in your head, “How did so-and-so get twitter followers to his account?”

Why you’re asking that question correlates exactly to the headline that you just read:


Get more followers on Twitter!


In today’s world, everyone wants it faster.

Faster food, faster driving, faster work, everything faster!


As the topic of discussion here is about getting more followers on Twitter, it is safe to assume that all of us want to get twitter followers faster.

But not at the cost of quality and reputation!


That’s why I wanted to share my thoughts on this subject and to help advise those looking to expand their influence on Twitter.

These methods of gaining more followers are absolutely safe from non-quality actions that will haunt your efforts on Twitter.


Read and learn how to get more followers on Twitter, faster!


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Be Active on Twitter


A fundamental rule in all of social media, no matter what it is, is your activity status.

Twitter or not.

As Facebook rolled with its new edgerank algorithm to moderate the quality aspect of the website, don’t be surprised that Twitter rolls around with its own similar “measuring stick” for the same thing.

The best step to be prepared to this is to be active on it from the start and have an active “lifestyle” of a true Twitter user.

A Twitter user that will get more followers on Twitter!

Put yourself in the shoes of an “interested” follower of yours and tell yourself this: “Why would I want to follow this quite tweeter, almost as if he’s dead!”

An active tweeter should have several things going for him in order to get twitter followers:

One: The background image must be of his own and have a purpose in its design.

What I did for mine is design a background that encourages new followers to sign up for my free eBook about traffic. Have a purpose in the design.

For example, encourage your new followers to sign up with their email for updates or have them follow other social sites that you are active on.

Same goes for the header image. Give them an “arrow” that focuses their attention to the follow button for one of the best converting profiles.


Two: Your Twitter profile should be full of recent tweets that you just shared with your followers.

Have a profile that is full of relevant tweets and all of those that have been tweeted just after they see them.

This will prove to your new followers that you love to inform your followers and you own an “active” Twitter profile.


Use ManageFlitter


ManageFlitter has been such a great help for me to get more followers on Twitter and continues to accrue even more followers as I write this!

If I were to say the best tool to use, overall, for your Twitter success, I would say ManageFlitter.

I love Mangaflitter so much and there is none around like it!

Here is how you can use it to get more followers on twitter:


Use the “Follow” feature to follow the right twitter users.

It is important to follow the right Tweeters in order to get a chance to gain him as the right follower in return.

In this part of ManageFlitter, I would choose 5 or so top Twitter users that you follow closely and follow “his” own followers.

Watch and see how his followers start following you back, as you followed them just prior.

You will get more follow backs since these followers are more in the following “mood”.


Use the “Search” feature to follow twitter users based exactly on your interest.

If you don’t feel like following someone else’s followers, then the search feature is the thing for you.

Refine your search and write some keywords in the Bio field.

If you are an Internet Marketer, then your job is to search for Twitter users that have that keyword in their Bio.

Using the Bio field is probably the best option to use along with many other fields that can be a great help to search for even more targeted Tweeters.


Manageflitter isn’t only used to get more followers on Twitter. It can be a tool that schedules your tweets, analyzes almost everything you want about your profile, and manages the people you follow.

Overall, it is one of the best Twitter tools on the internet!


Tweet Different Kinds of Tweets


Being successful on Twitter is just as hard as being successful with your blog or website.

As you add content to your blogs, your tweets that you tweet is the content addition you add to Twitter.

Adding all types of content to your blog is always going to yield better results than a blog that contains only text content.

Same goes with Twitter and the tweets that you add to your profile.

Tweet as many different types of tweets that will keep your followers interested.

Keeping their interest up will increase your chances of getting those retweets that any Twitter user “prizes”.

The more retweets that happen, the more you are going to get more followers on Twitter.

Here are several types of tweets that will increase interest in your followers every time:


Pictured Tweets

Quoted Tweets

Questioned Tweets

Informational Tweets (Helpful Tweets with three or more sentences)

Planned ReTweets (Using Buffer)

Connection’s Posts Tweets (Your Connection’s Articles, Tweeted by you)


Create Engagement & Add Follow “actions” to your Articles


Before I explain to you guys what Follow “actions” are, let’s talk about engagement taking over the social media world as I speak to you.


Engagement isn’t only tweeting other articles you found around the internet or retweeting your connection’s article.

Yes, it does increase “awareness” from the peer, but only tweeting and adding tweets to your twitter account does not provide enough payments of full engagement.

The ultimate engagement “feature” of Twitter is, I think, the “@” you see all around.
I encourage all Twitter users to use the feature much more often and create as much conversation as you can with it.

Conversation and conversing with your peers is the “golden” activity of engagement. Not very many do this type of engagement and the key that social media stands upon.


Now about that Follow “action” you are thinking about, is a message to your blog visitors that you need them to follow you on Twitter.

It would be nice to give your blog visitors a chance for them to follow you on Twitter and help get more followers on Twitter.

Add a Follow “action” to your article like this:

get twitter followers


See your followers increase according to the amount of traffic you are currently getting.


Create Connections & Friends on Twitter


If you have made connections or friends on Twitter, you have no problem getting retweets from these guys!

If you started a conversation before with another tweeter or if you have had more conversations with a specific person, then you might notice your friend tweeting/retweeting your stuff.

I know this since it happens to me all the time!

I once asked an influential tweeter with many followers if he could tweet out my newest article from the blog, and he gladly was willing to tweet it out to his followers.

Since then I and he have been gladly sharing each other’s content without asking each other to do so.

I mean, He has awesome tweets that I love to retweet anyways and a perfect example for me to learn from.

Now, a small connection has been created with him and I have other small connections that are gladly retweeting my stuff.


The four-step process of gaining a new connection!

Find, share, connect, and keep sharing. 



Use JustRetweet


Along our journey to accrue as many new followers to our Twitter account, we might find ourselves being demotivated due to the slow results that we least want to expect.

Not your fault since you may be following exactly my advice that I bestow in this article. It might not exactly work for you, exactly.

justretweet increases twitter followersWhat you may need is a boost in your working efforts.

A boost that will get you quality followers, just like that.

Recommended to get this boost is the use of JustRetweet.

JustRetweet gathers a whole group of similar tweeters and they will retweet your tweets for a payment in credits.

No worries, JustRetweet users won’t retweet you low quality retweets that won’t yield awesome results.

JustRetweet is a platform intended for the quality sharing of tweets that you add to the platform.


Based on a credit system, you can easily use your funds to get more followers on Twitter.

Some of us have more money on our side, which is always a positive element in your quest to get twitter followers.

Money or not, JustRetweet will get you more traffic and more of what we want right now, followers.


Create a Twitter Sharing Group


Create a twitter group that will have each member retweeting your specific link.

Like I said before, the more retweets you receive, the more eyes you will get to your profile.

Those eyes that are lain on your profile, some of those will be turned into your newest followers.


Gather a group of interested people that are well active on Twitter everyday.

Be notified that not all high influential people on Twitter are going to be willing to join your little sharing group.

That is why you message and gather those Twitter users that have similar intentions as you and are similar in how much you rank on Twitter, ranking via the amount of followers and tweets.

Create a social, caring community using this small group and expand to other social media sites for more results.


Use Triberr


As you create your new article on your blog and publish it, you see a large number in the tweet counter on your article right after you publish.

That is wonderful view to have and you know in your mind that because of that large number, the followers will roll in as well.

I didn’t have this happen to me from what I described above.


But as of recently, I am starting to see higher numbers in my Twitter counter just as soon as I publish a new article on Internet Dreams.

It’s because of my decision to join targeted tribes on Triberr.

Triberr is a really huge community of bloggers that gather together in tribes to share each other’s content that they just published on their own blogs.

Included in the sharing are many tweets that they are tweeting to their own profiles.

Get your content known on Twitter and get twitter followers in the process as well, by joining Triberr.

If you don’t have a blog setup yet, my friend Ehsan has the perfect guide for you: Starting a Blog.


Follow relevant and active Tweeters


You need to be very active on Twitter in order to get more followers on Twitter.

On your part, you have to be active.

No questions; as well as others that want to gain more followers from it.

If you are doing exactly what is being recommended in order to be considered “active”; if you are the only one doing it by yourself, don’t expect to see a large number of new followers for your account.

Twitter is a social media site where connections are made and connections that should benefit each other.

Following and becoming part of an active circle of friends is the key to getting more followers.

If you are solo, then Twitter won’t much help to you unfortunately.

Gaining new fans and followers is out of the question!

Follow and learn from active users; they will show you a way to get more followers on your twitter profile and get more fans for your website.


Sponsor a Contest


Again with this point, if you are looking to get more followers with the money you have, sponsoring a contest is probably the best ways to do so.

Find a relevant blogger who is looking to setup a contest and offer him a deal for you to become his sponsor.

Sponsoring a contest will put your blog’s name out there for those joining the contest, to see.

If you are going to sponsor one anytime soon, make it necessary that your Twitter profile link be displayed where the contest is being hosted.

With your Twitter link displayed right where the contest is held you will be getting the most needed exposure for your purpose: to get more followers on Twitter.


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  1. Aqib Shahzad

    All the tips mentioned for increasing twitter followers are highly effective and useful.Also we need to use # hastags in order to get more followers fast and easily.

    • Samuel Pustea

      These are so effective in gaining new followers Aqib!

      Yes, thanks for bringing that up.

      Use the right hashtags when you tweet certain things.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Mahaveer Verma

    To say the truth, I lag very behind when it comes to twitter :(

    So now I have started focusing on my twitter base and this post was a nice one to start with.

    Thanks for sharing your tips :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for saying the honest truth Mahaveer :)

      It is never too late to jump on board and gain success on it.

      I hope this post will set you off in the right direction!

      Thank you for your comment!

  3. Abhishek kumar jha

    Thanks for sharing, it was very helpfull,
    will really help to boost traffic fr.

    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re welcome.

      Boost traffic, boost followers – the techniques in this article will do just both!

      Thanks for stopping by on Internet Dreams!

  4. Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

    I’m with you on everything but Triberr. That seems to flit from one business model to the next and the results have been too inconsistent.

    • Samuel Pustea


      I have just started using Triberr so I can’t comment on its history or it’s past.

      But for now, they are performing well for me and that’s all I need.

      Thanks for your comment Roy!

  5. Lisa

    Samuel, all great tips. I love Triberr and when it’s down for maintenance I go to JustRetweet or if I need an extra push I go there too. I try to mix up my tweets too.
    I’ve yet to sponsor a contest, great idea. Something I will have to look into. Thanks for sharing that one and the great tips here.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Lisa!

      Triberr is the bomb and thanks for sharing your little strategy :)

      Justretweet is a service I need to still test and use. Not saying it doesn’t work, cause it does!

      Sponsoring a contest will get you followers!

      Plain and simple, just like that.

      Thanks for supporting Internet Dreams :D

  6. Martin

    It all sounds so great in the post but when you try to do it yourself it is not so easy as you might think) It is always a problem to me to believe that something can be so easy as it says in posts!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey Martin,

      Talking is just, plain talking. :)

      It isn’t easy, and all of these techniques only work when you decide to put work into them.

      That’s all.

      Thanks for supporting Internet Dreams and commenting!

  7. Joe Hart

    Hi Sam, I’ve been following one technique that has helped me gain around 100 new followers every month…I follow niche related news sites and try to predict what will trend soon…Then i try to post interesting links as well as quotes when the topic starts trending…This has worked for me…Triberr will be a great booster i guess…There are still a lot of techniques out there which we still need to explore.

  8. Nile

    I’ve done Triberr, JustRetweet, and a few other things. I am very active on Twitter… join in the second wave after the early Twitter adopters.

    My suggestion is to not game the system by joining follow trains or paying for them. I would recommend sites like Twellow to look up users in your relevant niches to follow, and then contact those you follow by engaging with them.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey Nile,

      Thanks for stopping by! Nice to see you’re active just as well as I am on Twitter.

      Agreed, that’s why I don’t follow those Twitter users who just use the social site to followback every user that follows them.

      Thanks for your suggestions and experience :)

      Have an awesome day!

  9. Prince Ramgarhia

    your sharing such a nice info and these are really nice tips thanx fro share..

  10. Kayla Language Tips

    I’m going to make a twitter account right now to try these out. :)

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