How to get more Google plus Traffic!

How to get more Google plus Traffic!

google plus traffic

Bloggers, as soon as they were getting more Google plus traffic, started to fall in love with Google+ because of the potential traffic that can be driven from there.


Google+ launched in June 2011 and at a growing rate, becoming very popular with the people.

It is also the fastest growing social networking platform. Entrepreneurs have started finding Google+ very interesting and feel that if they get more Google plus traffic, they can be successful in growing any type of business.


If you are a blogger and you still are not getting enough traffic to your blog, then it might be that you are not using Google+ to its fullest potential. To those in need to get more Google plus traffic, this article is your source of knowledge in getting more Google plus traffic, efficiently.

You can double the traffic you are getting to your site from Google plus by making use of these 12 Google plus traffic driving tips!



1. Create an impressive Google+ Profile and properly optimize it


The first step you will need to take in the right direction will be to create a Google+ profile. If you already have a Google+ profile (Most likely), you need to properly optimize it.

You can’t only create a personal profile on Google+, just for yourself!

Get a hold of yourself and start right away the process of creating a Google plus page for your website or business!

As you are optimizing your own profile as well as creating your Google plus page, try to provide complete information about yourself or your business on Google+.  Through the little text you add to your profiles, more and more people will get interested in connecting with you on Google+.


Your Google+ profile should contain a good image of yourself (important), a proper introduction, and thorough engagement (very important).

Thorough engagement simply means that you are spending enough time on Google plus, communicating with other users, and are sharing articles or statuses to your public profile on a consistent, but enjoyable basis.

If anything is missing to your Google+ profile right now, I recommend that you try to immediately fix the problems you see on your profile and do the necessary changes that were mentioned prior.


Here are some suggestions, after editing your profile to its fullest potential, to how to increase your influence and our expectation to get more Google plus traffic:

  • Notify your Twitter followers and Facebook friends that you now have a fully optimized Google plus profile or Google plus page. (For conversion purposes and to the fact that maybe some of them didn’t like your profile/page when it wasn’t fully optimized back then.)
  • Start adding suggested people to your Google+ circles.
  • Share some of your favorite blog posts and anything that is already shared on your Google plus home stream, immediately.


2. Publish content carefully and don’t spam your audience

Keep an eye on what you share on Google plus since there may be professional people like writers and bloggers connected with you who may not like what you’re sharing to your Google plus profiles. Let’s not make that the sole reason (There should never be a reason!) that they removed you from their circle!

Whenever you are publishing anything on your Google+ profile, you should make sure that you are sharing relevant content only.


Before publishing anything on your Google+ profile or page, ask yourself the question, “Would my friends enjoy or learn anything new from what I am about to share?”

Important tips to absorb for sharing content and links: 

  • Don’t ever try to spam your Google+ profile, as your reputation may decrease. Reputation plays a very big role on Google+ and much of what you accomplish on the Internet.
  • If you have wide-diverse audience, share content only to the portion where they will be glad to see it. By selecting the appropriate Google+ circles before publishing that specific piece, you will have a happy audience and in the meant time save your reputation on the Internet.



3. Share images and videos on Google+ to attract more followers

google plus share

These days, regular content may not be enough in attracting a bigger audience.

Smart users share some of the most interesting images and videos on Google+ to attract more people to follow them. If new people find your images and videos useful or enjoyable, they may connect with you and may also become a regular visitor to your blog.

Spy on some the top Google+ users who make use of videos to attract a bigger audience on Google+.


They do it for a reason!

Important tips on getting a larger following by sharing videos:

  • Share tutorials in which they teach your followers different things.
  • Share videos that are completely relevant to your audience.
  • Share the occasional “lol” gif or the hilarious video that is trending on Google plus.



4. Make use of the Hashtags for reaching a wider audience on Google+

Hashtags can play an important role if you want to reach more people on Google+.

As a Google plus user, you will always be finding ways to attract more followers to your profile. One of the ways to attract new followers to your profile is to make use of hashtags. (Examples: #blogging#socialmedia etc.)


By spending “more time” on Google plus, you will definitely learn how to use hashtags to reach a wider audience and increase your number of Google plus followers.
If you are new to using hashtags, you shouldn’t get worried. You can start having a look at how other people on Google+ are using hashtags.

Instead of jamming ten hashtags into a small space and giving your followers a “spammy” look, research the best two hashtags you can use and add them within the “description” of the share.


5. Hosting Hangouts – Create influence on Google+ by conducting engaging hangouts

google plus hangout

One of the best things about Google+ is their Google+ hangouts.

Already many users use the Google+ hangout feature to get connected with each other. If you are a blogger, you can host a hangout yourself where you have the possibility to share your tips on how you get traffic to your site or Google plus.


If new people regularly develop interest to join your Google+ hangouts just to learn few things from you, then you have a solid connection with your audience.

If you don’t want to host a hangout, you can become part of some other Google+ hangouts that others may be hosting. Regularly taking part in different hangouts may help you in getting connected with people who have the same interests.



6. Engage in Google Plus communities and share your content

Google+ communities are growing day by day and you can immediately join important and engaging Google+ communities.

Depending what your blog’s niche is, you will need to choose the most appropriate Google+ communities. Joining every single community or communities with a high number of members is never a smart strategy.

Find an appropriate community and check to see if there is some sort of engagement going on in the community.


Far too many people are spamming communities and at the same time not engaging with other members. Don’t be like that!


By sharing links in these types of Google+ communities, you increase the chances of receiving more traffic from Google plus and more followers to your Google plus profile!

If you’re short on time, asking some of your friends who write about the same topics as you, ask if they know some good Google plus communities.



7. Claim Google Authorship by linking your blog with your Google+ profile

Google Authorship matters a lot these days.


Getting Google Authorship is one step in increasing your search rankings on Google and getting more traffic to your site.

You should immediately link your blog to your Google+ profile if you want to get Google Authorship. Bloggers who write guest posts on different blogs are now able to build good reputation since it can be directly seen in the organic search results on Google.


No matter where they guest post, their “image” will be more recognizable and your reputation will increase as this happens.
If you have any questions regarding linking your Google+ profile to your blog or want to know more about Google Authorship, visit this helpful article:

Google Authorship Markup: How to get your picture in search results.


8. Comment on other user posts or statuses on Google+

One of the best ways to get more people to add you back to their Google+ circles is to comment on their Google plus statuses.

When you comment, other people will notice your comments and they may add you to their circles immediately. Start commenting on statuses of others to reach a whole wider range of people.


Some Google plus users keep on growing their followers just by interacting with others. This is a smart technique that will generate more positive results for your Google plus marketing.


9. Categorize your Google+ circles

Google+ allows you to categorize your Google+ circles so that you can add different people to the right Google+ circles.


If you are looking to add people to your circles that have different interests at the same time, you should always add these people to the most appropriate Google+ circle.


By creating different Google+ circles, you will be able to connect with people having different interests, but at the same time not bothering them with un-targeted shares.



10. Check out Google+ profiles which have very large Google+ following

Have a look at some Google+ profiles of some of the top users and study their engagement patterns.

The way that top user is gathering many followers is the engagement pattern that he is following.


You can also look how closely these users, who have very large Google+ following, maintain their Google+ profile and how they interact with others.

You will not be able to get a massive following unless you learn how to properly use Google+ and know how to use all the features it offers.


It will take time to build large Google+ following that you desire.

But if you keep learning without stopping, it is definitely possible to gather that many followers and get Google plus traffic.



11. Be Consistent and never stop

Increasing the number of followers on Google+ is not easy at all. Never was.

It is definitely not 2 to 3 day job either!


In order to get a massive Google+ following, you need to be willing to follow these tips that I have written about.

Even if you don’t get a huge number of followers, at least make sure they are targeted and an engaging audience that is willing to respond.


Alongside motivation, convince yourself to spend at least an hour on Google plus and implement this information into the work you do on there.



12. Start believing that Google + can be a main source of traffic

A good social media influencer is a person who believes in the power of social media.

As a blogger, you will need to start believing that Google+ is a very powerful social networking site. If you don’t have belief in what you do, then how can you succeed with anything?


By believing in Google plus, you will start spending more time on the site and your level of determination will rise as you see traffic roll in from Google plus.

Keep the engagement high on Google plus and remember that with no engagement or connections, there is no success on social media!




Depending solely on Facebook and Twitter for getting social media traffic to your blog may not be right social media strategy for “you”.

 Since some bloggers and entrepreneurs are gaining so much from it, it would be a shame that everyone didn’t know how to do the same.


I don’t want that to happen so this is my action against it!

If you like these tips, connect with me on Google plus and see how I get Google plus traffic.


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  1. Ganesh Narayan Gupta

    Thanks Samuel Pustea for sharing this article. I am not using Google+ yet for my blog yet, but after reading your post I am going to work on it and hope this will help me in getting more traffic on my blog.

    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re welcome Ganesh!

      I want to help each one of you succeed on there just as I am.

      If you aren’t on Google plus yet, then now is the perfect time to get on there and succeed! :)

      Have an awesome day. :)

  2. Ti Roberts

    Very informative piece, Samuel.

    I’m not too sure of how much Google+ traffic I get. I doubt I get much as I hardly use the platform.

    However, I’m thinking of possibility getting more into Google+ for the purposes of networking and getting away from all the chatter and clutter on FB.

    I like your action steps. They’re very easy to follow and simple to implement. I’ll be sure to keep this piece in mind once I huncker down to get my G+ profile in order.

    I also be sure to share this post with my social network and on some other communities I’m apart of.


    • Samuel Pustea

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting on the piece Ti.

      You won’t regret getting into Google+ and networking on there.

      It seems a lot more professional than Facebook event though I am not knocking them out!

      True, you need to take it step by step and implement each area accordingly.

      I appreciate you sharing the post on social media. :)

      Have an awesome day!

  3. Maketta

    Hello Samuel,

    This is a very helpful blog post regarding Google+. I have a Google community that I need to get more traffic to. These tips will come in handy. Thanks for sharing!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thank you Maketta!

      These tips are meant to help and help you succeed as well!

      I hope it goes well for you!

  4. Valentine Belonwu

    I agree with you Tiroberts. I’m not also very active on Google plus and so, will not say anything about it for now although, I’ve heard many people saying good about it. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


    • Samuel Pustea

      Give it a try and see how it goes on Google plus.

      Glad to share it to Bizsugar.

      Thanks for the comment Valentine!

  5. Ikechi

    Your suggestions are great and on point. I love the flash pics. Nice concept.

    I want to say something about point 10. I think this is a great idea. However most people just add people to their profiles without any engagement.

    Google+ is still new and people are just trying to build their network. Maybe in the future, we will be able to see some engagement patterns.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Ikechi, the engagement is always there for one to do.

      If you don’t see any, you should go for it yourself!

      Thanks for the visit!

  6. Rudd

    Google+ is one of the platform that we still do not focus on as we’re now focus on our fans on FB and Twitter.

    Thanks for some great points you got there. Looks like we only do 2 or 3 out of them. Too bad.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Don’t spread yourself too thin.

      If you are seeing great success on Facebook and Twitter, don’t bother taking time away from that and moving to Google plus.

      Thank you so much for the comment Rudd!

  7. Haroon

    Great post. As a newbie i was looking for google plus tutorial for getting more traffic to my blog.

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