Has The New Facebook Timeline Helped? Find Out!

Has The New Facebook Timeline Helped? Find Out!

Facebook has always been one of the marketers favorite places to explore and market.

There is no need to backup that statement since you probable do the same, as well as myself. The number 800 million sounds very appetizing to those who want to profit and grow anything they want to.

Of course, not everyone of those 800 million will be of your target. But still, the pool is very large choose from. Plus, with the company growing larger and larger every year, it always finds an excuse to update certain aspects of their site. Which is not bad. Things need to be enhanced to a degree, that helps the common user.

facebook timeline helpful?

Even though this article I am writing is a little late on the new timeline, since it came out already, it is fine to see if this change benefited or not helped us in any way.

With sites such as Pinterest and now Facebook, it seems that images and more simple design is being the trend in 2011 and 2012.


With all the mobile and tablets coming to the market in the last few years, everything is touchscreen and elements of the design must be simple to access. Our fingers on the screen are big in a way.


In other words, the “beautification of the web” era is upon us.

Those words, taken from Mashable.

The timeline is based right how it sounds. Time. Every story or activity is organized based on the time you did that specific activity. Everything is a scrollable manner.

But I am not here to explain what it is, since it already came out and that you have experimented with it. This article just draws the analysis of its effect or usability.

There are both sides to this topic. Of course. Many things in life have two sides to them. I will provide both cases so first you can formulate your opinion, then state what I think in this article.

In any way, if I find something negative about it, I will come with a positive solution to it.

The First Side


I found this video that could help.

The first slide of the video says that Brands get a 65% increase engagement with the content. That is very good news. But let see what the person really does when he gets there.

A study done by EyeTrackShop on the timeline pages, saw where all the engagement went. The cover photo. I mean that is seen 100% of the time. Pretty obvious.

And that is exactly what is being viewed first by the user. It used to be the posted statues or content that the page posted. And if it super creative and catchy, by the study, expect them to view it the most on your page.

I don’t know about you, but it that what I really want my users to see the most. Especially the new ones.

Plus get this. After they have viewed the big cover photo, they have to get though the ads in the timeline and the buttons at the top after the cover photo. Leaving the content viewing last. I am not making this all up. You can convince yourself more of the study, if you would like.

Facebook Timeline cover photos get noticed first. However, study participants still spent a longer time looking at the Facebook Timeline profile photo than the cover photo.

Investigation done by EyeTrackShop

Personally, I do like that cover photo that facebook came up with. I tend to look more if it is really creative, but I do get to the content pretty fast. And its more engaging it seems. I firmly believe if your are well established and have a great fan base, get really creative for them.

But, if your still that small guy, building his fan base from the 0 and up, try to make it as simple as possible. That’s how it can make them more engaging, in a sense of that 65% increase facebook timelines gets.

Lets go to another point:

facebook timeline compliments

Since they like what they see, the compliments are coming. That’s a good thing. This goes hand in hand with what we talked about and that 65% statistic.

Posting relevant and engaging content to your page timeline is what this section is implying. Not only the cover photos, since not all of us like to just stare at the photo.

Don’t spam your pages with milestones and certain annoying updates. That won’t give you a good rep. And you’re looking to expand even more.

I see the new timeline has a even bigger opportunity to build relationships with your fans, since people feel more connected through photographs, not just words.

Take advantage of that. Be more engaging, and they will be engaging back.


Statistics are statistics. They can’t tell whether the mood is per person(Maybe), and tell what they are thinking. That’s up to you. Always try things that work. If something works very well, then hey, do that to the max.

If that cover photo helps you reach more awareness, then go ahead to use it to your advantage. If posting updates like this and that works for you very well, don’t stop.

I want this article as help for you to make the conclusion. That’s why I didn’t add what I thought in this article (I think I did add some). Just presenting facts. Maybe some suggestions, but don’t take them if they don’t help. I hope it does though.

At the end of the day, “Do whatever the **** you want!” :)

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Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Michael Belk

    Samuel I do not particularly care for the timeline. I rarely even notice it anymore.

  2. Zena Wehbe

    This article rings very true for me! I particularly like the timeline for the fan page of my company. I feel I can give a better first impression along with easily guide the members to important items to read. But on a personal note, I feel that the timeline can be intrusive in allowing people to easily browse through what you have said or done in the past- to me that’s a bit pointless and unnecessary. Thanks for posting a relevant article!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Hey, that is great that the new timeline has helped increase your fans of your company page.

      Like I mentioned in the article, whatever works for you, do it. On the other hand, I would also like for people to see my content more clearly and engage right away. But the timeline it seems, doesn’t have a problem with this.

      Thanks for your comment, Zena.

  3. Noelanikee

    Aloha Samuel, even if timeline been out for a few months, it’s nice to get some good reminders and update information to stay in the knowing.

    I use my timeline strictly for my fanpage and you know it has been attracting more likes to my page with comments. So I suppose it is a good positive change. Mahalo, Lani :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Another person who is happy about the change. That is good. I am glad it has attracted more likes to your page.

      Thanks for your comment, Noelanikee.

  4. Tho Huynh

    The Cover Photo can convey the main message of your marketing plan. To me, it’s a huge step from Facebook to make their site more attractive and useful for brands

    • Samuel Pustea

      It kind of sets your impression right away to your users with that cover photo. The cover photo has to be to the point though.

  5. Juan

    I don’t like timeline

    • Samuel Pustea

      Ok, the first in the comments to not like timeline.

      I don’t really like it either, but don’t despise it either.

  6. Juan

    i don’t know if i like timeline or not

  7. Sajith@buy domain name

    personally I don’t like Facebook timeline. I think it is bit annoying for me.

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